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Ex-Mafia Boss

'Jersey Shore' Guys Are

'Disgrace to the Italians'

10/18/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-Philadelphia mafia boss "Skinny Joey" Merlino -- who served 12 years in federal prison for racketeering -- says the guys from "Jersey Shore" are a big, fat "disgrace to the Italians" ... seriously.

Merlino -- who was released from the slammer last year -- was at LAX yesterday, where he was picked up from the airport by Howard Stern's favorite mob family member Johnny Fratto.

It's unclear why Joey is in L.A. -- but as Johnny drove off with Merlino riding shotgun, he picked an interesting song choice to bump in his car ... Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom."

FYI -- Merlino was rumored to have been a heavy gambler before he got locked up ... and when we asked if he had any advice for Harvey (who's been getting killed with his NFL picks) ... "Skinny Joey" had one solid piece of advice ... and it involves one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady.


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Who Knows    

So, an Italian who has done 12 years in the slammer is less disgraceful? Hell at least the crap the Jersey Shore guys do is LEGAL. Idiotic? yes, federal prison worthy? Not quite.

736 days ago


about time, TMZ, you have a story on real gangsters instead of those cheap wannabe gangsters- rappers!

736 days ago


This is interesting to me
because any Italian that
I've ever spoke to or know
is ashamed and embarrassed
of mobsters, that they are nothing
but drug dealing thugs,
and that they have a horrible
reputation in Italy
a bad reputation in Italy

736 days ago


While the TMZ interviewer sounded like a total dope during the interview, he's got giant cajones for even trying to talk to those guys - especially for two minutes!

736 days ago

I Was About To Say    

OT: @TMZ, tell the surfer dude to cut and WASH his hair, and the blonde girl to sit up straight in her hair and stop wearing shirts that look too small for her.

736 days ago

I Was About To Say    

in her CHAIR, lol typo

736 days ago


Yes he's right...they (Jersey Shore) make Italians look beyond tacky...I think what bothered me the most about the girls on jersey shore is why they were making money hand over fist (Ok, maybe not hand over fist but enough money) and why they continued to dress in such that made them look like they were purchasing garments from the kmart bargain bin from 2008....

I could never stand the fact that even after they all started making a bit of dough not a single one of them decided to change how out of date and tacky they looked. I guess it wouldn't be Jersey shore unless they looked out of date and tacky though.. but they could have chose to purchase nicer clothing for their 'off' days. Something that wasn't made of rhinestones, sequins, spandex, or tacky stupid tattoo looking patterns. They are just gross looking, and continue to be gross looking no matter how much money they have.

736 days ago


i love how they played philadelphia freedom.

736 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

The Jersey Shore girls are tougher than the guys. The guys are all just a bunch of want to bees. It's amazing how many stupid people actually watch this piss. I guess watching these losers can make someone feel better about there life. 💩💩💩

736 days ago


Skinny Joe is absolutely correct. I would much rather have Joe and his boys live next door, than those piggish, disgusting, drunken, drug addict, loud mouth obnoxious train wrecks from JS or those same people from all of the house wife skanks.

736 days ago


I myself being Italian, have to say that I partly agree with this Mob guy. He really should not pass judgement, first of all because of the business he's in. But on the other hand, these morons on this show act, look, talk, and are making good Italian people, such as myself look bad. Also the only ones who are real Italians are: Mike, Vinny, and Pauly D. and Sammie. Ronnie is half Italian and Puerto-Rican, Sam of course is all Italian, and Deena. J-WOWW is all IRISH, and Snooki is only part Italian, she was adopted and born in Chili. Anyhow whatever, they all are morons, and I'm glad this is the last season of this ridiculous idiotic show...ewwww

736 days ago


He's absolutely right. Jersey Shore is to Italians what the Boo Boo family is to Georgians. Even the lowest wanna be thug Italian is 10 times better than the Jersey Shore s***.

736 days ago


He's absolutely right. Jersey Shore is to Italians what the Boo Boo family is to Georgians. Even the lowest wanna be thug Italian is 10 times better than the Jersey Shore s***.

736 days ago


Wahahahahah!! & that was from a former mob guy. Gezzz if so many people hate the shore cast, why was the show so popular. I've only seen a few minutes of it, but someone was watching it.??

736 days ago


While I find J.S. a totally embarrassing show, the recently incarcerated individual makes an interesting comment. What is that saying about glass houses?

736 days ago
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