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Kim Zolciak to Judge

My Mother is an

Unfit Grandparent

10/19/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Zolciak's two young daughters have sworn under oath ... they DO NOT want to be forced to spend time with their grandmother ... claiming she's nothing but a disrespectful old lady.

The kids are responding to a lawsuit filed by Kim's mom Karen Zolciak -- who wanted the court to FORCE Kim to let her spend time with her granddaughters.

In her docs, Karen had claimed Kim cut her off from the kids back in 2011 ... simply because she used an off-limits indoor bathroom instead of a porta-potty at Kim's televised wedding to NFL player Kroy Biermann.

Now, Kim's kids -- Ariana and Brielle Zolciak (ages 11 & 15) -- have submitted sworn affidavits to the court ... in which they beg the judge to shut Grandma down, explaining, "We both love our grandparents, but due to their actions at the wedding of [Kim and Kroy] ... we have grown apart."

The girls say they have no real desire to see their grandparents ... and insist they have too much going on in their lives to be forced to hang with Granny for overnight visitations.

In the docs, the girls also fire back at Grandma's claims that Kim pushes them into the spotlight -- saying, "We do not live a crazy or abnormal life. We are not forced to appear on television with our mother."

The girls -- and Kim -- are asking the judge to throw out Karen's case. Kim also wants her mom to pay for her legal costs.

Gonna be a fun Thanksgiving.



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"...she [mother] used an off-limits indoor bathroom instead of a porta-potty'" Kim is one messed up bitch. This is the same pig that exposed her children to her escapades with a married man, THEN [as TMZ would childishly say] "banged" a guy and moved him into their house---and all of this was televised for all the world to witness. Despite how wholesome Kroy, her husband appears to be---he is as screwed up as she is because he exhibited the same disregards towards Kim's girls. The bitch swears worse than me... and that's really bad...NOW she wants to get a court order,poisoning her children minds, to restrict them from seeing their grandmother because she didn't want to use one of those disgusting porto-potty [let's hope there's more to that story, because that would really be nuts if it's not]. I'm not suggesting the grandparents are going to win any awards. Kilm father is a nutcase and loves nothing more than hearing himself ramble [about nothing]. The entire clan is trash. The real victims are the children... and it's already too late to intervene there.

733 days ago


I don't know what show that Kim woman is on but I know she's been "pregnant" and I think she's married to a man, but every time I see her I doubt that she was born female. She's quite masculine.

733 days ago


Unless grandma is awarded custody, there's NO SUCH THING as grandparent visitation RIGHTS. If you're a jerk, people wont want to hang out with you. If you raise a jerk, you probably wont get access to your grandkids.

733 days ago


Grandparents can sue for visitation if their child is still alive? I didn't know that. I don't really know, or care, what their beef is but Kim is the parent and she gets to decide who spends time with her kids. If she says "no" to her mom, then mom better accept it and start trying to change her mind without a lawsuit.

733 days ago


We only have 1 mother you know Kim.Besides it's not like you're mother of the year.I wish my mom was here today.One day you'll regret this and it'll all be in black and white to remind you.Wonder what your kids are going to have to say about you you TWIT!!!

733 days ago



You look like an AMAZONIAN TRIBAL WIFE. There is nothing sexy, endearing about you NOR your selfish little ugly pug daughters. All this because she used the house bathroom???? You are selfish, self driven, mirror obsessed b&&itch, dillusional. Someone like you should just throw the wigs out, that my dear, doesnt make you the least bit more attractive. You are disgusting on the inside and definitely disgusting on the outside.

733 days ago


Kim's resume includes having a long time affair with a married man that included taking her children on vacations with this man, him coming over for booty calls while her children were home all the while he was paying her bills and it goes on and on...But she feels her parents aren't a good influence HUH?

733 days ago


I'm not surprised at all, I commented on Bravoo about this. I could of saw this coming. Now first of all I believe Karma has come Kim's way since being w/ Kroy. Now this is just for the people that watch the show. Not for the people who just comment on anything w/o knowing the backstory. All the viewers see is oh Kroy is young, who the freak cares, young don't make you so great. Since she's been w/ Kroy she has lost her one of her best friends in Nene, they were friends since her little girl was actually little. Nene always told her to let that marry man go, & that he's not going to marry her. But this not about Nene. Since being w/ Kroy, who had never met a black person until he left his state. He didn't even know any black people at all. He knew they were black people, just never met any. Coincidentally, since being w/ Kroy she let her assistant/nanny/push over/slave/babysitter go, she fired her. This girl had been w/ her as long as her friendship w/ Nene, this girl went over and beyond what an assistant is required to do. NOw when she got w/ Kroy all of a sudden Sweetie Pie, her little lap dog had become a problem. This was the girl who her daughters would go too to talk about personal things instead of her, the same assistant who her daughters cried for instead of her when she was going on her little tour. All of a sudden Sweetie Pie was speaking to the daughters rudely and cursing them; none of which was ever seen on or behind the scenes at bravo. But it magically happened. Kroy got Kim wrapped around his fingers and is 100% controlling her and the dumb fool don't even see it b/c the dicck must be good. She had just met him and her kids were already calling him daddy. This after their previous "daddy" was a married man her mother was sleeping w/ for over 7 yrs. She rarely even speaks to any of her Atlanta cast members anymore since w/ Kroy. And now her mother has become such a problem. I want to know how long it will be until her 2 daughters from previous men will become a problem all of a sudden for him.

733 days ago


What the hell is this family thinking? CRAZY!!!! Kim needs to come off her HIGH horse she makes me SICK!!!!

733 days ago


I'm telling you Kroy is one of those controlling men that hides behind his smile. It's funny how since Kroy she has stopped dressing like she's selling herself and her reasoning behind that is I'm a mom now, but you weren't a mom before w/ your 2 daughters.

For yous wh watch the show, do you remember when Breella had said to Kim "you act like we never a family and didn't know to do anything before Kroy, we had fun before him" something to that effect she said b/c her mom was saying Oh if Kroy was here I could do this and if Kroy was here we would get to do this. She all of a sudden became handicapped when she got w/ Kroy, if Kroy was here I could turn the tv on, I could turn left.etc.

733 days ago


How sad that Kim could not allow her mother to use the bathroom inside her rented house. When she falls, Kim will need her mom. Kids are busy when they become teens but should be encouraged to she their grandparents. Kim is a vindictive foul-mouth woman and she should treat her mother with respect. Oh, Kim should pay for the lawyers since she is rich.

733 days ago


Kim and her mom clearly has issues. I recommend therapy for both ladies. It should have never came down to this. Truly sad.

733 days ago


Being a bitch to her own mom because she wanted to use the 'off limits' bathroom? Yeah sounds just like something that whack-job would do.
I'm with granny on this one

733 days ago


First - I think Kim is sending a bad message to her kids; one that will perhaps visit her when they have children and Kim is a weird and wacky over-drinking granny herself. Second - does anyone know anyone who took their mother to court over something as silly as using the wrong toilet. Kim's setting herself up for the same thing. The small win for us is that her show is no longer on!

733 days ago


How dare Mama Z? If my mother used my private toilet when a guest loo was provided, I'd cut her off for life. Kim right to have her tossed off the property.

733 days ago
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