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Mitt Romney's Son

I Wanted to CLOCK

The Prez

10/18/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mitt Romney
's son, Tagg, says he had the urge to take a swing at President Obama when the Chief Exec called his dad a liar.

Tagg made his comment on a radio show, when asked how it felt to hear Obama accuse his father of fibbing.

As for why Tagg resisted ... his first reason -- lots of secret service around. Tagg went on to say ... accusations of lying are all part of the political process.

No word on what Sasha wanted to do to Mitt.


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Jay W.     

Can't we all just be civilized?

735 days ago


This circus can't be over soon enough.

735 days ago


I would have just LOVED to have this happen.

Not only would it have ruined his dad's run, but he would have gotten LIFE imprisonment. HAHAHA
Then we'd see how much of a "badass" he is when he's tossin' salad!

Apple does not fall too far from the tree, now does it?

OBAMA 2012'

735 days ago


Frankly, I wouldn't really want to entrust this kind of breed the nuclear launch button.

735 days ago


Punk Tagg would have gotten clocked in the mouth by the Prez too. The Romney's are lying bitches.

735 days ago


Typical When you are not intelligent enough to express yourself verbally, you turn to violence.

735 days ago


He should of.. I don't think I've ever seen a dirtier campaign ran than Obama's.. But I guess thats all you can do when you have no record to stand on. I'll vote for some one with a plan not a someone whos message is "hope."

Romney wins in a landslide. Hard working people are tired of being taxed to death and paying for dead beats food stamps!

735 days ago


Shup the **** up, you over-privileged white punk. "Liar" is tame compared to the words that could be legitimately used to describe what your father has done to people.

Go get a REAL job instead of making stupid, low-class comments like this...

735 days ago


He wouldn't have been alone.

735 days ago


The apple didn't fall from the tree I see. On a side note what baby books are they getting these names from? Tagg, trigger, Bristol

735 days ago


trash. they all pulling all stops to appeal to white voters.

735 days ago


kick his ass brah!

735 days ago


November can't get here fast enough so we can get this lying loser of a POS out of here. The guy can't tell the truth. He has been a miserable failure. The worst President this country has ever had including Carter. Let all the losers keep yelling about class warfare because that's all they have got. The President has said if you can't run on your record, then make the other candidate unelectable. This campaign from Odumba is a prime example.

735 days ago

Rude Boy    

Keep it classy, Tagg. The truth can be painful, huh?

735 days ago


So Dad talks over the President and tells him to wait, that his turn is coming, and sonny boy wants to punch out the president? Hmm, wonderful respect for the office of the President this family has. What happens if, God forbid, Romney gets elected and during a meeting with a foreign head of state, he tells him to be quiet and wait his turn? Yeah, that should go over well...

735 days ago
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