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Lindsay Lohan


10/19/2012 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops just showed up at Lindsay Lohan's Beverly Hills home after Michael Lohan and others tried to stage an intervention to get Lindsay into treatment ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Lohan and several others showed up at Lindsay's house Friday afternoon ... believing she has fallen off the wagon ... and they believe that's why she has become a no-show for post-production work on her upcoming movie, "The Canyons."

We spoke to Michael outside Lindsay's place ... and he said his daughter is surrounding herself with "a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts."

Michael also claims Lindsay's entire team is on board with the intervention, though we cannot confirm that.

We're told Lindsay was at the house when Michael and team arrived, but someone claiming to be her boyfriend shooed them away.  The "boyfriend" told TMZ Lindsay was inside and any problems Lindsay has will not be solved by her father. 

Someone called the cops to report a trespassing call.  Cops are currently on scene.


4:35PM PT  Police have left Lindsay's house ... and so has Michael.


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I don't like Lindsay. Or her family. And I am really tired of reading about this alcoholic douchebag and the people related to him. The man is an alcoholic who was arrested after jumping out a balcony for violating a restraining order against his alcoholic girlfriend. They are all useless. It's worse than reality tv. barf.

733 days ago


I think she needs to get clean obviously, she will have to have strength to do her dads intervention.

733 days ago


All I can say is no one can help Lindsey. Lindsey is is the only one who can come to the point where she will face what she is doing to herself and move on from there. Her dad and mom need to be there to support her when she does. Personally, I believe she will never turn herself around and will dig her own grave. I hope she doesn't do that and gets straight.

733 days ago


Linsey is the only one Lindsey can help. When and if she ever comes to realize that, then there will be plenty of support for her to be successful when she turns her back on drinking and drugs. I hope she does.

733 days ago


I think Lindsay is an awesome woman. Sure she been having issues but if people would stop judging her and let her be she be alright. Daddy needs to let his lil gurl live.

733 days ago


The reason why this man gets stick for helping her is because he's always going to the press about it. Stop talking to the media and help her behind close doors maybe if he did that people would maybe belive him more. Also who ever thought Lohan was actually clean and sober in the first must of been really naive. She has not been clean and sober for years and Ive said it before she doesnt want help never has never will she enjoys the lifestyle shes living and I doubt anything is going to change that. Sorry to say but shes just beyond help now rehab is not helping her as shes been there more than 5 times andd shes still the same and shes not mentally ill so locking her up in a mental hospital wont help either. She can only help herself and she doesnt want to so there is nothing anyone can do. People like her are selfish and I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. She had a career loads of other young woman would dream off and she blew it all to do drugs. My sympathy goes to people that actually want help but cant afford a high class rehab centre.

733 days ago


Please oh Please listen to what I have to say to you. You very much need to get restraining orders for both your mom and dad for it is they who are both ruining your life. You need to take a serious look at those whom you think are your friends and weed them out as well, Contrary to all the negative publicity and the negative marks here and other places, which I am going to ignore and pay no no attention to as should you. These are not Christians who say the things they do. You are a remarkable talent and if you don't change your ways I fear you will follow the bad endings of many other great and talented stars and I REALLY don't want to see that happen to you. So come on gather yourself together and launch yourself into the super stardom that you are destined for!!! I don't expect to ever hear from you, but I do hope my word do you good!

733 days ago


Basket case

733 days ago


Why do people hire her? she is sick and we are tired of her!! no talent just move on to the next car crash.

733 days ago


I don't understand why people continue to hire her for movies if she's so unreliable. Don't hire her. She doesn't deserve it anyway.

733 days ago

and why is she still famous and getting jobs this whole family is a train wreck maybe she needs to stay away from her family

733 days ago


I'm a little confused here. Wasn't Michael Lohan just arrested this past summer for evading police at Kate Major's apartment? Didn't he jump out of a 2nd story window and hide in a palm tree? And didn't the police report state he had been drinking? I'm almost positive that was all reported here on TMZ.

Does anyone here think this is all a publicity stunt, orchestrated by Lilo's PR people to keep her name in the news?

733 days ago


Boy, that is one sad PATHETIC THING (Lohan)!!!

733 days ago

rovel soto    

why???why does she want all the negativity. you are what we create, and we the people created a monster.
we suck because we just can't leave her alone. and she suck for not getting her life in order. at one time she was refer as the next ann margret. she has to dump her current circle of leaches around her.
lindsay enough already........

733 days ago


Man people are just jealous of Lohan-young, hot rich, fun. People want that kind of life and don't want to admit it. At least she can say she kicked the daily grinds ass.

733 days ago
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