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Sam Lutfi

Pants On Fire

Over Britney Head-Shaving

10/19/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Sam Lutfi lies ... because we have video of the man going after Britney Spears' family in court ... saying THE OPPOSITE of what his lawyer claimed in court -- that Britney shaved her head while in a paranoid, drug-fueled state.

TMZ shot video of Lutfi back in 2010, and we asked him about the incident. Sam NEVER said anything about drugs. To the contrary, he told our photog he thought Britney shaving her head was "a cool thing ... somebody expressing their artistic side."

Lutfi went on ... "I think she was just expressing her independence and her freedom ... there's nothing wrong with Britney. She's awesome."

Was Sam lying to us and just protecting Britney ... or is he lying in court? Either way, he's lying about something.


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This guy is a maggot.

734 days ago

just because    

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734 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Oh, my God!!!
Brit has been surrounded by blood-sucking vermin for years, including her freakin' fam.
Never had a chance!

734 days ago

just because    

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734 days ago

just because    

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734 days ago


Of course he said at the time "it was a Cool thing", Freak had its agenda worked out. Guess what parasite? Plan didn't quite work for you did it?

734 days ago


Get serious. He wasn't going to tell TMZ the truth while he was working with her. The drug answer is absolutely plausible.

734 days ago


Well come on now guys, like he was gonna tell everyone she was on drugs then. I think this dude is s*** for sure, but I think he's right on about the drugs. However, just because he said one thing to the public, when he was working for her, and another thing in court now, does not make his first statement untrue. It would be perfectly reasonable to assume if you were on drugs and gettin' your ass into trouble, and someone who worked for you was asked about it, he'd like to keep his job, not get sued, and give another explanation for your behavior that had nothing to do with drugs.

734 days ago

TMZ Superfan    

Look, obviously this guy is shady, but, the thing is, just because he didn't say anything about drugs in 2010 doesn't mean he's lying now. People usually do lie to protect a celebrity when things are in the heat of the moment and then they tell the truth days, months or years later. Lufti may be a douchebag, but I believe him that Britney had some fun with drugs. I think it's pretty obvious.

734 days ago


That video does not mean a whole lot in a court of law especially when celebrities call papparazzi liers and they will say anything to get a story.

734 days ago


If TMZ thinks evrything a celebrity and their pr people say is true than Lindsay Lohan should never have been charged with a crime and all other celebrities that are charged with DUI and all other crimes are innocent. This video will never make it into the trial,

734 days ago


He said that in 2007 cus he didnt wanna lose his meal ticket.

734 days ago

just because    

harvey, imagine honey boo boo getting threatened by june that if she says the truth the octomom police witll come after y0u

734 days ago


Comments above, the video was recorded in 2010, after he had the restraining order issued against him and had been removed from Britney's life.

734 days ago

BB not bb    

Is he a Muslim or a Jew? Is a a drug dealer or a drug counselor? Is he a friend or a manager? Does he want to save Britney or ruin her image? Does he want to support Britney or take her money? Does he think he has a case, or is he just trying to annoy her family?

I can't figure this guy out. Maybe Britney couldn't either and it drove her nuts. Keven Fed said that she was on drugs also and that was his big secret that he was going to let out if she didn't do what he wanted.

So everyone is saying that she was on drugs. How is this even news? If he was on Adderall, he could have slipped some to her. That would make someone act hyper.

Who knows what is going on here? Was she trying to look cool or trying to hide drug evidence from Kevin? I think they have other ways for testing for drugs than just hair samples. I don't know if someone would go that far either unless they wanted to look different.

734 days ago
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