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Jerry Sandusky Victim #1

I Was

'Extremely Suicidal'

10/20/2012 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Aaron Fisher
, the first person to come forward and accuse Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse, says when no one believe his claims in the early going ... it lead him to attempt suicide "multiple times."

Speaking out for the first time last night on "20/20," Fisher said that he was bullied and picked on at school when people learned he had made the sexual abuse allegation against Sandusky.

Fisher described himself as "extremely suicidal" and said, "I thought maybe it'd be easier to take myself out of the equation."

Sandusky was sentenced earlier this month to 30-60 years years in prison following his conviction on 45 counts of abuse against Fisher and nine other boys.

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Survival of the fittest. I was molested by a cop friend of the family when I was eight. You know, it just happened. I got over it. I wish no harm for him nor me.

732 days ago

Rico Suavy    

Jerry never got a fair trial, he was framed. These victims teased him by wearing tight short gym shorts & asking him to play leap frog when they knew he couldn't jump high enough to get over them. They also played hide the soap with Jerry in the shower knowing it would get him in trouble.

732 days ago


it sickens me that society is such that 3 years were allowed to pass before this pedophile was even arrested. things like this is wat makes me such an extreme parent with my child.

732 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

I wonder if there is a special personality to such victims, if pedophiles seek out submissive and weakwilled children so they can control them. otherwise you would think it would come to a crashing halt very quickly

732 days ago


I don't buy the "attempted suicide several times" thing. At all. Attempt once, maybe. If you're serious...you get it done. You know?

And I'm sorry, but I'm with Survivor on this. Been there. LIFE is not about making sure everyone pays for the way we feel or what they've done.
Life is about making a great life for ourselves in spite of other people's actions.

I in no way condone abuse. No way at all. But this thing came out of the woodwork and exploded. Makes it look like anyone can accuse you of anything and if they get it into the press, you're done. I'm seriously not impressed with any part of this story or the way the 'victims' are now parading it around. Real victims of sexual abuse...don't want to relive it again. Much less go on talk shows and re-tell it.

732 days ago


I really feel for these victims. I hope that they can get through all this, very sad. I blame psu, jopa and their crazy fans. Psu's football program should be shut down forever. I really hate psu.

732 days ago


This was so upsetting to watch. We teach our kids to tell, he did and no one helped him.
Chris Cuomo is a horrible interviewer. He makes statements as to how the kid felt and ends it with a question mark. He should have let him say how he felt in his words not Cuomo's.

732 days ago


Poor kiddo. It's remarkable that he's come out of this as 'unscathed' as he has. Meaning that he's able to talk about it without just bursting into tears. It just infuriates me what he and his poor mother went through. It's disgusting how freaking FOOTBALL is so worshipped in this country. (But I agree that Chris Cuomo is the worst interviewer ever.) I wish him the best <3

732 days ago



732 days ago


Poor kid looks 40 years old. DIE SLOOOOOOOOOWWWWW YOU DEMON!!!!!!

732 days ago


Television loves to retraumatize victims of all kinds to simultaneously traumatize viewers and says its ok cause, by speaking out, they are courageous survivors who will heal and help rid the world of evil.

732 days ago


To #1 - you were molested 1 time. I think Aaron's situation is a whole lot different. He was continually stalked by that sick f*ck Sandusky and raped over and over again. I'm happy to see that sick mutha rot in prison. It is tragic every time a child is abused in ANY way and should never be tolerated. I am truly sorry you were molested but everyones situation is different and you should not assume anyone can just (get over it). You should shout your abusers name to the local and the state police and news media then get yourself a lawyer. If he did this to you he has probably done it to many others. As for Aaron, I wish him healing and a happy life. Wait until Sandusky dies and God gets him. He will wish he was never born.

732 days ago


All he needs is love, good counseling and to be surrounded by family and friends that love him and are a positive influence. It will take time, but he'll be fine. I wish him all the best and I wish hellfire and brimstone to Sandusky, the school district, the Principal and her ilk and most of the people/organizations in that horrid town.

732 days ago


I watched him last night, and before that I thought I understood what victims go through. I was wrong, this kid went through so much, and it's not over with, not by a long shot. By writing this book, he's taking something evil and turning it into good.

732 days ago


Aaron: The good news, you are a survivor. Please try to let this go now and enjoy your bountiful life ahead of you. He is being punished as he should be. You must live.

732 days ago
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