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Lindsay Lohan

My Dad is Full of It

I Don't Need Rehab

10/20/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is predictably pissed at her dad who tried to stage an intervention Friday, and she says she does NOT need rehab because she does NOT have a drug or alcohol problem ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Michael Lohan showed up at Lindsay's Bev Hills house with a posse that was planning to take her to a facility 100 miles away, but Lindsay wouldn't open the front door and called cops.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she is steadfast -- she has not relapsed and is not drinking or doing drugs.

Lindsay believes Michael is doing this because she has cut him off completely after he recorded their conversation in the middle of LiLo's blowout argument with Dina, and the recording ended up on TMZ.  She says Michael is feigning concern as a ploy to get back in her good graces.

Lindsay says she's more resolved than ever to keep daddy L out of her life.


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I want to fling this entire gene pool into the sun.

736 days ago


Hopefully Tuesday's court date means they revoke her probation and then jail time for Herpes Whorehan.

735 days ago


I will assume this story is a lie...considering Dina has admitted publicly that Lindsay is still drinking, her good friend Claus has admitted publicly that she is still drinking AND she's been pictured with a martini gass in her hand, besides all the other pictures with bottles of alcohol.

It's obvious Lindsay still drinks. To say she's not is ridiculous.

735 days ago


as much as i don't like lindsay, girl, you have the worst parents...

735 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Didn't you know, Lindsay is MAGIC...she can think it and make it so!!!
Yep, still competing with the Brit stories, lol.
Lindsay, your whole FAMILY is full of it AND needs rehab!!!

735 days ago


This is starting to look like a big promotional scam to get people to watching Lindsay's upcoming Liz & Dick piece o' crap ... Lindsay & her dad aren't fooling anyone.

735 days ago


we all agree with you and you have never stolen anything in your life. You are straight edge, so glad your clean and you never lie.

Who is she kidding? This chick is a mess.She thinks she has 9 lives but will end up like Brittany Murphy, Amy Whinehouse and etc. Well those two had talent unlike this pathological liar and a kleptomaniac.

735 days ago


Classic addict behavior. "I don't have a problem." I forgot she has Chanel, Herpes, and diamonds. What a sickening piece of work she is.

735 days ago

Fletch F Fletch    

Ok, how bout this. You wait til Friday to run all the Lohan stories on one day.

735 days ago


Is this soap opera ever going to end? Geez. I know it will end one day ,with the predictable tragic outcome of course. Why the fvck are these people relevant?

735 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Like grains of cocaine in a coke grinder, so are the days of LieLo.

735 days ago


So pathetic and so predictable...doesn't she realize that the entire universe knows she's a user and an abuser? I hate her dad, too, but at least he's not doing coke off the limo's mini-bar with her...

735 days ago


Yeah.. she's not drinking or doing drugs. That's why she's out at clubs until 4am with her drunk coked up Mother and why she snatches people's phones out of their hands to delete pictures of her with booze in her hands. She's so f*cking stupid.
It's pretty sad when Michael Lohan is the "good" parent out of the two you have.
She'll OD before she's 30. On the bright side and least we won't have to hear her bullsh!t anymore.

735 days ago


TMZ, Please, the only thing about this former actress/singer that should is that she either A) has a hit movie, B) has a hit song, C) tested for drugs and is clean or D) has passed away. Her career is in the toilet and the only thing she has going for is her family drama which shouldn't even be aired out.

735 days ago


Because I know this worthless narcissist reads all the comments on TMZ, let me just say, Michael, you are one ugly mofo. Please, stop showing your ugly mug to the media. You are a sad, pathetic little man.

735 days ago
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