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I Think My Mail Lady

Is Spying on Me!

10/20/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_octomom_03Octomom believes her mail lady isn't just delivering the mail ... she's delivering information about her to other people ... and Octo wants her fired for it!

Octo's rep tells TMZ her security caught the mail lady snapping pics of Nadya's car and home on Thursday. She says security confronted her and she claimed she was taking pics of the car because she wanted one for herself.

Octo and her security team didn't buy the woman's story, so Octo filed a complaint with the Palmdale Postmater for violation of privacy. Octo tells TMZ she believes the mail lady has been giving out her address and says she's noticed an increase in traffic in her neighborhood as of late.

Octo tells us, "I am so shocked by the behavior of the USPS, now I know how people have been getting my address. It is very disturbing that this woman is handling my personal mail and possibly taking pictures of that as well. I certainly hope they are going to take this situation seriously. It is disgusting."

Octo says the Postmaster told her they are investigating the situation.


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Then get the BLeep out of my city you ugly *** stinky homer......We dont want you here either

702 days ago


GO!!!!!! AWAY!!!!!!!!

702 days ago


Yeah, the most disgusting thing to Octomom is that this mail lady could end up making some money off this, without having to pay off Octo :D

702 days ago


And how exactly is this obvious publicity stunt lie going to make you more welcome in a place that seems to be a lot less than thrilled that you've crawled out from under a rock and into their hometown?

And will be a whole lot less so when they find out just how you get the money for your utility bills---It is a whole lot more obscene than porn.Someone else needs to tell it. You thieving soulless grifter.
Good luck pulling that again in Palmdale.

And then there is the mail lady. Just how do you think the neighbors are going to feel about you smearing someone they probably have known for a long time and likely has been a member of the community for a while.

Gina doesn't have to live out the consequences of her bad ideas but you do, you skanky skidmark.

And you are on a very short term lease. With the kind of landlords who probably are preparing the paperwork now for the very first day that rent is late.

There are no bridges to burn when you live in a desert.
Wait til the community finds out how you treat those neglected octuplets and poor Aiden when the cameras aren't around.

702 days ago


No one cares

702 days ago


Wow! Can this woman even blink without people publically stoning her!? Sure shes not right in the head. Of course that many kids is nuts. But you guys scream at her for getting aid THEN scream at her for working! Try screaming at the doctor for implanting all those embryos into her. Hes the one that should have his wallet open! I bet the mail worker IS being inappropriate and should be fired.

702 days ago


Somebody needs to tell Amy, and even more to let TMZ know, about exactly how Octoskidmark might have got the $995 to pay her electric bill.

And you thought just her porn was obscene....

702 days ago

Spicy mag    

She delivered more babies than they delivered mail.

702 days ago

just because    

security?!? or the mexican you are banging?

702 days ago


You get all the traffic because everyone can hear all of your kids destroying the house. And your lips flapping as you talk. Any mail person delivering your mail is only delivering your welfare check every month.

702 days ago


Get a job u got to much time on you hands. Oh maybe you can raising you own kids let the nanny go You won't have time to count cars? Poor kids they should get half that attention from you.

702 days ago

Rick LaChapelle    

Why does this skank need security? Who's paying for it? Why is TMZ keeping her in the news?

702 days ago


This may be the one and ONLY time I agree with this trash compactor. That is.. IF the mail lady was actually doing these things. I mean, they need to prove that these things are true in order to punish her, so they just need to check her camera... evidence will be there. I'm sorry, I don't like Nads at all and I think she's a horrible mother, but NO ONE should have their privacy violated like that. Esp someone who has access to what could be very private info (mail). Just saying.

702 days ago


She's going through bankruptsy, just had a house forclosed upon, is on government assistance, yet she has a security team? WTF? This is how our hard earned money is being spent?

702 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Giants play Redskins at 1pm est.This will be a very good game.GO SKINS!

702 days ago
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