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I Think My Mail Lady

Is Spying on Me!

10/20/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_octomom_03Octomom believes her mail lady isn't just delivering the mail ... she's delivering information about her to other people ... and Octo wants her fired for it!

Octo's rep tells TMZ her security caught the mail lady snapping pics of Nadya's car and home on Thursday. She says security confronted her and she claimed she was taking pics of the car because she wanted one for herself.

Octo and her security team didn't buy the woman's story, so Octo filed a complaint with the Palmdale Postmater for violation of privacy. Octo tells TMZ she believes the mail lady has been giving out her address and says she's noticed an increase in traffic in her neighborhood as of late.

Octo tells us, "I am so shocked by the behavior of the USPS, now I know how people have been getting my address. It is very disturbing that this woman is handling my personal mail and possibly taking pictures of that as well. I certainly hope they are going to take this situation seriously. It is disgusting."

Octo says the Postmaster told her they are investigating the situation.


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Don't flatter yourself.

731 days ago


Wah wah wah no one cares for you, Nadya.

731 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...sleazy for sure...but this is her life now....why doesn't she just move too some quiet rural area in another state and no one will look for her anymore??????????....cause she loves the focus on her...= don't grumble gurl!

731 days ago


Yes, it is disgusting, just like you

731 days ago


That's some serious stuff if the postman is taking pictures of your home and car. Wouldn't be a reach to believe that she is also taking photos of your mail o looking who Nadya is sending mail to and from trying to make some extra bucks.

731 days ago


Everyone is entitled to their privacy! Even Nadya, the USPS needs to investigate this mail person!

731 days ago


Was she taking pictures of her expired tags?

731 days ago


It probably Child Protective Services. Hopefully it is, and they are gathering evidence to save those kids. Or Octo has mental issues ,in either way the kids need parents. And she needs to stop spunging off the kids money. How come someone does not step in and open an account for each of the kids so that Octo does not spend the kids money?

731 days ago


If this is happening the mailperson needs to be fired, and see if this is a chargeable offense.

731 days ago


Security team? Is that what her father does now? I thought he was the grocery shopper and chauffeur.

731 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Uh, huh. Somebody is phucking with me, so what do I do? Why, I call up TMZ, of course, my horse.

731 days ago


wow! really?? you are shocked by her behavior???

731 days ago

Rico Suavy    

Nadia should come outside so the mail lady can put the mail in her box, that includes large packages.

731 days ago


Oh you batsh*t crazy dingbat....nobody gives a damn about you or your mail. And since when can she pay for a security team?? That money would be better spent on that herd of kids. Paraniod much???

731 days ago


(I'm her mail lady)..x

731 days ago
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