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Lindsay Lohan


Wanted Intervention

10/22/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
was NOT ALONE in orchestrating an emergency intervention on Lindsay Friday -- and TMZ has seen emails proving that her ENTIRE team, including her lawyers and her manager ... were 100% on board.

The emails are between Michael, Evan Hainey (LiLo's manager) Dave Feldman (entertainment lawyer) and Shawn Holley (criminal defense lawyer). The emails were sent between Sept. 23rd and Oct. 18th (the day before Michael's intervention).

Michael emailed Evan and Shawn on Sept. 23rd, claiming he had been informed by several people Lindsay was "drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day" adding, "I have seen the empty bottles and even cocaine in her room at Chateau."

Michael continues, "She is AGAIN, taking pills to keep her up and to sleep (adderall)!! I even know that she is and was drinking during work as far back as Liz and Dick!"

Michael then pleads, "I am asking you to PLEASE PLEASE find a way to get her to LA toward the end of the first week of October or the beginning of the second so we can do an intervention and FINALLY end this madness!"

LiLo's manager Evan responds the same day to Michael and Shawn, "I am hearing the same things." Evan continues, Lindsay will fly back to L.A. Oct 15th -- and they should plan an intervention for that week.

Lindsay's lawyer Shawn responds unequivocally, "Let's do it."

On Oct. 12th Michael and LiLo's entertainment lawyer, Dave, sent multiple emails to each other -- planning a conference call with a well-known interventionist, named Earl Hightower.

Then on Oct. 18th (the day before the intervention) Michael sent an email to Evan ... revealing a plan to confront LiLo at her Bev Hills home.

According to text messages from Oct 19th, which we have also seen, the group decided Michael would confront LiLo FIRST ... and everyone else would show up afterwards.

TMZ broke the story ... the emergency intervention floundered -- Michael showed up to Lindsay's pad, but she turned him away and called the cops ... which put a kabosh on the whole thing.



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Actress Lindsay Lohan is in the middle of a major falling out with her father, Michael Lohan, and now siblings Mike, Ali and Dakota are showing their support for the “Liz & Dick” star. “Extra” has statements from all three family members.

Sister Ali pleaded, "Take this as your other daughter 's plea to an absent father. I have always tried to stay out of the press because it hurts me to see how you malign my mother. But in this instance, I am breaking my silence. Please stop waging your own personal war against my family. We don't need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years.”

LiLo’s younger brother Michael Jr. added, "I think it's unfortunate that the public had to be unwittingly invited into the lives of my family members due to my father's lies. That being said, I think everyone can understand and see why my sisters, brother, mother and I do not associate with him anymore."

Dakota also weighed in, saying, "I have no good memories of my so called father. He has never been part of my life, and needs to leave my family alone!"

697 days ago


Doesn't EVERYONE have to show up for an intervention to work? I am under the impression that only MiLo and the cops showed up. Where was everyone else?

697 days ago

david 183    

She doesn't have much time left.

697 days ago


Is she really a prostitute that has no other income?

697 days ago


Slow day??

Let it go TMZ..your starting to look desperate.

697 days ago


Lindsay doesn't spend one second of her day thinking about the lives of the people who don't like her.
But they spend every day thinking about her.
Lindsay owns her foes, her mere existence controls their daily thoughts, while they can't control one thing in her life...hence their anger and outbursts ;D

697 days ago


To bad we can't just put people like her, down.

697 days ago


I do believe that Lindsay's entire team was on board with the is intervention. Of course Dina was not on board since she is in complete denial and neither were her siblings since they have to do whatever Dina says. It was the wrong decision to have Michael show up first. They probably should have had everyone show up at the same time or have Shawn Holley, her lawyer show up first since she would have been a lot less likely to call the cops. Dina and her siblings can keep being in denial because it is obvious that she is on drugs and drinking since she did not show up for the voiceover work of her new movie and she is going to clubs with her mother when they are both alcoholics and drug addicts. IF EVERYONE THAT IS CLOSE TO HER DOESN'T DO SOMETHING FAST SHE WILL DIE OF AN OVERDOSE.

697 days ago


Honestly, she's lucky at this point that anyone cares.... I certainly don't.

697 days ago


Say all the bad stuff you want about her father, but he genuinely cares about her.

697 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

If any of this is true, it is the worst intervention EVER!!!
So let me get this straight - a group of professionals decided that the best possible way to run this was to get a sleazeballl man, a man who Lilo spoke of just a few days before with incredible contempt, who has been selling her private conversations to show up at a private home along with a crew from TMZ.
Do you really think that Lohan will ever trust again her manager, or her lawyer, or anyone connected with this cluster fuque?
I don't particularly like Lindsay Lohan - actually that's an incredible understatement, but what TMZ and these leaches are now doing is really disgusting.
Exactly who in her life now can she trust?

697 days ago


If this is true, DINA wake up, do you want to bury your daughter when you could of done something about it? What's more important your daughter hating you for a little while and you getting no money or her being 6 FT under and you getting no money??!

697 days ago


It's amazing that this loser still apparently has enough cash to have a "team."

697 days ago

Cheryl A.    

She is less then half my age but looks about a hundred years old. I wonder what her liver looks like.

697 days ago


I believe TMZ and am sure they checked to see if the e-mails were real and would have not posted it if they were not and also naming names and those people can sue TMZ if they are wrong. I believe her mother does not care about Lindsay knowing what she is doing. If she is doing all they say she is she will be in the hospital soon with a overdose. When you go off the wagon its worse then when you were before. I think her dad did all he can do and now its up to her

697 days ago
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