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Lindsay Lohan

I Want An Order of

Protection Against My Dad

10/21/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is royally pissed at Michael Lohan and his "intervention" attempt -- and now she's 100% on board with obtaining an order of protection against him ... just like her mom wanted all along.

We broke the story ... MiLo showed up to her house Friday -- then refused to leave -- and that was the last straw.  Lindsay feels the ONLY way to stop her dad from pulling his crazy stunts is to get a judge involved ... and she knows a lot of judges.

We're told LiLo will fly to NYC this week to meet with the rest of her family -- and they'll figure out how to get the stay away order.


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kanye east    

Mrs. AA Aliana Lufti says she doesn't care one way or the other about her Lohan grifter family anymore. "I have my own family now", says the fourth-world supermodel, rumored to have given birth to some babies while in Sri Lanka. "I never liked Linds anyway, but the loot was too good to pass up, and she always got the best French cocaine, but I have my own money now. Who needs that skank?" Asked about her relationship with DUIna, she mostly demurred, quipping "I'm not gettin' into that, but I will say that it's down to 25%, and by the time my new Christmas album "Merry Christmas To A Friend" comes out, I'll cut her off completely. Family first.... MY family!!!"

696 days ago


The person she needs an order of protection against is DINA LOHAN. Dina is a drug addict, horrible mother and puts all the money Lindsay LOANS her up her nose. She fuels all of the trouble and drug addict inclinations. Good God, mama wouldn't give her the time of day if she didn't have money to give her.

Say what you want about Michael but he's called it correctly all along. Lindsay has an almost untreatable drug habit.

696 days ago


New thread.

696 days ago


Completely disagree with Delmar!
Go look at their twitter accounts. Go look at the interviews Ali has given. Look at the pics of Cody in the surf shop, on those set up photo ops. Please, the whole family is made up of media wh*res, some worse than others, but every single one of them, none the less!

695 days ago


Mental illness runs rampant in this family. All this drama is an indication that there are serious problems. It's too bad they won't get the help they need before there is a real tragedy. Instead of continually blaming one another they should each take a good look in the mirror and get professional help asap!

695 days ago


I think it's funny how when Lindsay and her mother have a huge blow out where the cops get called, she calls it normal and that's it. Yet, when her father tries to help her with her alleged substance abuse, she wants a protection order. While neither parent is a good role model, she's got it all mixed up.

695 days ago


What did your father do that was wrong? In other words, what would you do if your child behaved the way you are behaving?

695 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

No, Lindz, what you REALLY want is an "order of protection" against SOBRIETY...but you already kinda have one of those, don'tcha?

695 days ago


I don't think it would be that easy for her to obtain one for the fact that her team was in on the intervention. and they weren't brainwashed by her dad, they had their own sources. so no, she probably won't be able to get one against him....or that easily. don't forget, the judge who approves RO's/ROP's has to read through the evidence they are given and decided to approve the RO or not. hopefully the judge won't because of the fact that her team was in on it. and my guess is her anger against him has to do with someone else, maybe him knocking up his on/off girl friend and she resents him for that?

695 days ago


Does a restraining order mean they won't attend the baby shower for the latest Lohan spawn??

If all these clowns are in one little clown car, I hope Blohan is driving!

695 days ago


This family is one big train wreck! that being said, both her parents are insane and they are both the reason she is always in trouble..... I feel for Lindsey but when is she going to WAKE UP? I see her ending up like Anna Nicole Smith, seems like she doesn't have anyone solid in her life....

695 days ago

Sitting Bull    


657 days ago
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