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Lindsay Lohan's Siblings

Our Dad Is a Liar

10/21/2012 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Lohan
's OTHER children have a clear message for their dad -- he needs to stop spreading lies about Lindsay and their family ... because they want nothing to do with him.

TMZ spoke to Michael Jr., Ali and Cody Lohan about their father's recent antics, specifically his LiLo "intervention" -- and they tell us, it's just a desperate attempt to destroy their family.

Michael Jr. says, "I think it's unfortunate that the public had to be unwittingly invited into the lives of my family members due to my father's lies" -- then adds he and his siblings no longer associate with their dad.

Ali tells us ... Michael's recent attacks against Dina Lohan were the last straw, saying "Please stop waging your own personal war against my family.  We don't need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years."

Cody added "I have no good memories of my so called father.  He has never been part of my life, he needs to leave my family alone."

From the mouths of babes.


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Every single time Lindsay gets in REAL trouble, she calls her Dad and then she turns on him once Dina gets wind of it. It has happened over and over. Dina is a disgusting coke head. She is the last thing Lindsay needs or the others, for that matter! Child protective svs. should take all the kids from Dina.

729 days ago

Leslie Wilson    

This whole family is very sick.

729 days ago


Shucks, I must have missed the statement the kiddies made criticizing Blo for her raving maniac rant in the limo bitching to daddy about the coke-fueled Dina. And daddy "unwittingly invited the public into your lives" with his bs? All of them are old enough to know that if you're a Lohan, you're a liar reputation is justified daily by the whole bunch of these repulsive grifters. If they didn't create this drama, Blohan would have nothing and neither would they.

729 days ago


HINT. There is an easy way to tell is a Lohan is lying.
Their mouth is moving.

729 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

enablers all of them

729 days ago


we all heard Lindsay say her mom was on drug ... and Lindsay didnt have to say anything you can tell by looking at Dina that shes on drugs and alcohol ...their mom is the biggest liar of them all ... she messed them all up ... Dina isnt little Ms Innocent she smelt strongly of alcohol at the premier of Lindsays legging line in NC ... honestly if Lindsay is gonna keep calling her dad a liar maybe she should stop calling him everytime mommy fu**s up or goes crazy on her .... and honestly its both Lindsays parents that made Lindsay think its ok to lie so much .. and @ PHREAKY your right ...

729 days ago


TMZ this family is annoying, can we ban them from your site! They all seem very ccccrrazy to me! Lindsay has them all on her payroll!

729 days ago


Well, all the info that's just been released would indicate that they are the liars, not Michael. You really have to wonder what Dina is holding over them, in order to get them to lie. I mean, just look at how fast Lindsay changed her story about her mom attacking her and doing coke. Michael is starting to seem like the only sane one, which is a little scary.

729 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

From which side of the fam did they get the Cro-Magnon browline? WTF?
Lindz screwed her pooch again by running to Daddy when she "needed" him.
Kinda disempowers her argument against him now.
Even one of the old, fat dudes from "The Sopranos" looks embarrassed to be near her! lol
But the guy in back of her looks ready to pay the $50 for "around the world" with her.

729 days ago


Sorry Cody, but what you do NOT have is a "family".

729 days ago


This whole family is a bunch of liars.

729 days ago


That father is not "trying to destroy the family". How completely ridiculous. Michael is obviously trying to save an addicts life. The rest of the Lohans are as delusional as Lindsey. At some point Lindsey will be forced to stop blaming the world for her problems, either death or jail will be the wake up call. My positive thoughts are with you Michael.

729 days ago

Miz Val    

This whole family needs rehab. I don't believe how many times this chick has been given a pass. Most of us would be in jail or the looney bin for the behavior that has been displayed by this bunch in the last 2 weeks

729 days ago

david 183    


729 days ago

Sherri McFadden    

You know I always thought that while her siblings look like their father, only Lindsey looks like her mother. She doesn't look anything like her dad. Hmmmmmmmm?

729 days ago
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