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Michael Lohan

I'm Gettin' Conservatorship

For Lindsay

10/22/2012 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
will go to court in an attempt to get a conservatorship for his daughter, Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.

Michael has told an attorney, his daughter is in the danger zone ... a substance abuser, he says, who is hanging with the wrong group of people, including Dina Lohan.

Michael will meet with lawyers early this week, and there's one thing he does want -- he will NOT become Lindsay's conservator, because he doesn't want to run her finances so people will pass it off as a money grab.  We're told Michael wants the judge to decide who to appoint conservator, but he says it CAN'T be Dina.

Michael told the lawyer the first thing he will do if there's a conservatorship is convince the conservator to send Lindsay to rehab, without the influence of the other people in her life.  Michael says every time Lindsay has been to rehab -- including at Cirque Lodge and Betty Ford -- "She went in dirty and didn't come out clean," and he blames it on the people in her life who helped fuel her addiction.

Michael also told the lawyer he wants the conservator to somehow convince Dina that they need family therapy.  He says Dina has always refused it in the past, and it has been a big stumbling block in Lindsay's recovery. 

We broke the story ... Lindsay's entire management team, including her lawyers, were all involved in Michael's attempted intervention Friday.  Turns out ... it wasn't just his idea.  People are alarmed.



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lindsay is not a britney lilo will go bananas you will have to stick her with horse tranquilizers to accomplish the conservatorship here fellas

731 days ago

kanye east    

You're doing it wrong, stupid. It's supposed to be *fake heart attack* next. Pay attention - your sequencing blows. Talk to DUIna - she's better at it.

731 days ago


Good luck with that. The entire family needs to be under conservatorship or in prison, either way.

731 days ago


Please stop paying this family for stories, you are only buying them even more coke to blow.

731 days ago


Wellll...this will surely go over like a turd in a punchbowl! :O

731 days ago


Another 1 a.m. Lohan story, so predictable, it's like you guys have this family on a loop.

731 days ago


Can't he shut his fame whore mouth for one day? No one is buying that helping your child is your intent. You just need TMZs paycheck to buy your steroids. **** off dick face.

731 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

MiLo "wants someone ELSE appointed as conservator"?
Yeah, R-I-G-H-T!!!
Conservator of what? LiLo isn't exactly Britney in the $$$ dept.!
Plus, LiLo will NOT "go quietly into this good conservatorship" like Brit; and frankly I doubt she's bad enough off to qualify.
It may push her further into her addictions.
Nice job, MiLo; I know all Blohans have a gene for which publicity is like crack!

731 days ago


just like last time he threatened this, lindsay doesn't qualify to get a conservatorship. then again, just like last time, it's just a threat and scare tactic and he won't do anything, this time lindsay doesn't need rehab and will fight back. let him try, he'll be laughed out of court.

731 days ago


There's like zero chance of this happening, Jamie barely got a cons over Britney and half the time she didn't even know who the hell she was. Lindsay's an addict but she's not mentally unstable or incapable of taking care of herself.

731 days ago


by the way harvey, you could have saved some time and just used the exact same conservatorship story that you did in 2010 that never happened

731 days ago


Even though it would probably be for the best, it'll never happen in this case. Britney has a mental disorder that keeps her from being able to make life decisions. Lindsay is just a junkie. Plus, Dina clearly enables Lindsay and constantly plays the deny game. Kind of makes me think Lindsay has a life insurance policy with Dina as the sole beneficiary. I know she's a major coke head herself but she's been enabling her daughter far too long and is clearly the worse parent of the two.
It's pretty bad when your "good" parent is Michael Lohan. LOL

731 days ago

Sexy Hitler    

Lindsay will overdose before she's 30.

Actually, TMZ should have a contest where people can vote for the month/year when she'll overdose and then those that guess correctly have a chance to win an iPad.

731 days ago


It will never happen. Conservatorships aren't for drug users unless they are so far gone that they can't function and even then, it's gray area. He may mean well but he's as crazy as the rest of family.

731 days ago


If she gets a conservership, it would be good even to stop her from giving all her money away to her mum and others.

I personally think she is a lost cause but if it helps her its a good thing

731 days ago
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