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Christina Aguilera

Too Big for Sizey

Girls' Dating Site

10/22/2012 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera has the chance to pump up a dating site that caters to BBWs ... and the men who love 'em -- all she's gotta do is accept one really, really BIG offer.

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awful easy 3,000,000.

729 days ago


Leave her alone! She is not 18 years old anymore so her body is gonna change. She has a beautiful voice and she is a beautiful person :)

729 days ago


The video clip was funny, but I still don't think this is a serious offer. She's probably not a size 2 right now, but nowhere near plus-size.

729 days ago

just because    

hey have you seen that B movie Branded 2012

729 days ago


I would call that site as a scam pos. Why can't they use none celebs? If i was a man...there's no where i would spend a single $ on that site unless i was gonna screw her. But ofc some men are plain idiots or visuals.

729 days ago


She may have gained weight, but plus sized? Look at those arms in that pic, she is no where near plus sized, she is just normal now and not thin.

729 days ago


She is fat period!

729 days ago


I'd offer her $2.53 cents and hope I can get my monies worth.

729 days ago


I don't consider a person "fat" until they're at least 50 lbs over weight and she is NOT there yet. She is plump, curvy and still attractive.
If she lost just 20 lbs she'd look fantastic, but at some point in life, most people get tired of always trying to look fantastic and just go with 'normal'.
She looks fine to me, and happy.

729 days ago


Christina Aguilera is NOT a plus-sized woman. She may be a few pounds overweight, but she definitely doesn't fit the criteria of a BBW. The only thing wrong with Christina's weight in my opinion are the outfits she wears. Girl, you've gained some weight, it's time you dressed like it. She's 160... lbs dressing like she weighs 115. Come on now. If she actually wore some clothes that fit her, no one would think she was all that big.

729 days ago


I don't think that she is as big as she looks in most pictures. The issue she has is that, yes, she's gained some weight, BUT, she's still trying to dress like she did 5 years ago. You can't gain weight and not change the way you dress. I think that if she wore clothes that were less skin tight and form fitting and wore stuff that more suited for her new figure, she'd look just fine.

729 days ago

BB not bb    

Big is not the same as fat. Someone women might be large boned or muscular and they look okay with that. If they tried to weight what a thin person weighs, they would look sickly. There are women who are naturally small boned and thin. It is not fair to call these women names and say they are mentally ill and force feed them into being overweight for their size.

Then there is this concept of the new normal and new beautiful which is overweight. This is just brainwashing. It is not normal or good to be fat. That is a sign of gluttony which is a sin.

If somene is so thin that they are emaciated or so fat that they are winded from normal activity, there is something wrong. Other than that, women fall into a range of styles and shapes.

729 days ago


Did you see her ass jiggle in that dress? YEah, Christina can get it

729 days ago


Christina is Beautiful. Not in the least overweight! Still smokin!

729 days ago


She doesn't have a toned booty that seems to be the fad/fetish these days. It's not like Jlo's, Kim K's or Nikki Minaj's. it's wide and flat. Therefore, there is no reason on earth for her to call attention to it, or pose with her ass to the camera, looking back for a reaction that isn't going to come. It's just not sexy.

729 days ago
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