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Lindsay Lohan

Don't Believe

My Criminal Dad!

10/22/2012 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says it's no surprise her dad Michael Lohan claims she's doing drugs and abusing alcohol ... she says convicted criminals tend to lie when their family cuts them off.

Lindsay is telling close friends ... she laughed off our story that Michael is trying to get a conservatorship for her, claiming "No judge would buy it." Lindsay goes on, "They would have a hard time believing the claims of someone who was investigated for insider trading, arrested for domestic violence multiple times, arrested for assault, has a drunk driving arrest, and has been in and out of jail and prison for years."

Lindsay says her dad's failed intervention attempt and his move for a conservatorship were triggered by HER decision to cut off all contact with him. She's particularly pissed off at the emails between Michael and her management team about Lindsay using cocaine and guzzling alcohol ... claiming it's all lies.

Lindsay says she and her family are working up papers to get an order of protection against Michael.

Stay tuned.


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Let's see: drunk driving, assalt, domestic violence, just add drugs & theft, (but I guess not insider trading as I'm not sure she can even fathom finances) to put her inside jail on many occastions .... WOW .... she sure IS her father's daughter!!!!!

694 days ago


Well, you know the old saying...when a Lohan denies, you know it's a lie.

694 days ago


Was she describing herself???? (wait: insider trading? nah -- don't think she's smart enough for that!). But she forgot to add: drugs and kidnapping. Sure sounds like she's her father's daughter!

694 days ago


The entire Lohan family needs to be under conservatorship!!
The Looney Lohans!

694 days ago


This is all Dina manipulating Lindsay. Dina has Lindsay back on drugs and booze to control her and is trying to cut Michael out because he is, in his twisted way, trying to look out for her.

This is going to end very badly for Lindsay, she's estranging the only person in her family who wants to help her.

694 days ago

James B    

Well....... all I can say is this is about as predictable as night follows day. Look Lindsay, nobody minds you going out and getting a bit blasted with your mates, doing a few lines once in a while etc. It's when your hotel room has furniture covered in coke residue and the maids are trucking your Vodka bottles out by the trolley load that anyone with half a brain cell would fess up and admit things might have gone too far. And when your management team and lawyers are saying this it's rather pointless to deny, deny, deny. If you want confirmation, I suggest you look at yourself in the mirror. The reason your face's so bloated is because you're chugging too much booze, babe! You say you want to rebuild your acting career. Please explain how exactly rumours of relapses and the histrionics of your less than pleasant parents in the media are going to help? Studio bosses and investors have limits to their patience and you can only fool some of the people some of the time. Eventually, your brand becomes like Chernobyl and you will be unemployable, for good. Grow up. Get yourself away from LA, NY and "the scene" and get yourself clean, sober and sane.
Cut your family lose for a while. Then if you want to make a comeback, whatever. But you'll have to live like a nun to get the press of your back love! But just take some responsibility and sort it out, FFS!

694 days ago


once again the lohan's are using the media to communicate, passive/aggressive?

694 days ago


I love all these Lawyers Draining the Miniscule amount of money they have left..
If they are not breaking the law and draining the court systems..they are pouring money into their hate for each other.

694 days ago


STOP WITH THE LOHAN NEWS! They are dysfunctional and LOVE the attention their bad behavior gets in the press. Maybe if you STOP reporting on them, they will go away and get the professional help they need. The parents need to get their acts together before the kids can get better.

694 days ago


Lindsay, who are you kidding? Almost every night she was in NYC she was trashed. I am whiteness to two accounts, where she would pick up other people's drinks and was asking around for coke.

694 days ago


Is she aware of the fact that she's a convicted criminal too...

694 days ago


maybe Britney's dad is available to take on a second conservatorship. he seems to have the first one under control.

694 days ago


Lindsay I am laughing right now. Were you reading my mind? The judge told homeboy to not even dream of visiting Kate and he goes over there right away, does coke( acording to Kate"s testimony MiLO can't drink without doing coke). Jumps off a thirty foot balcony to avoid police( a sure sign of drug use)................Lot's of billboards of Liz and Dick on Venice blvd and Ventura Blvd, seven foot tall pictures of Lindsay on bus stops all around town, he can't help but come to LA and cause a scene.

694 days ago


I for one believe the convicted security trader and dead beat dad over the skank known as LieHo and her enabler, DUIna.

694 days ago


Lindsay is a liar and I am over her DRAMA!

694 days ago
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