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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Wedding Video

MOCKS Homeless People

10/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake
and Jessica Biel's wedding party featured a video that openly made fun of homeless people in L.A. -- this according to reports.

Gawker just posted the video -- reportedly made by Timberlake's real estate agent friend Justin Huchel -- which depicts what appears to be REAL homeless people on the streets of L.A., acting as Justin and Jessica's friends who couldn't make it to the ceremony.

The homeless people in the clip -- one toothless, the other shirtless -- wish the ultra-rich couple well on their new lives together ... saying things like, "I hope the wedding goes fine for you. My gift is in the mail."

The video's an obvious dig at Justin and Jessica's ridiculous wealth -- juxtaposed against the destitute poverty displayed in the clip. The video also features a transvestite.

Huchel -- who once dated Amanda Seyfried -- has already threatened to sue Gawker over the video, claiming it was shot as "a private joke" without Timberlake's knowledge ... and demanding it be taken off the web ASAP.

Calls to Justin and Jessica's camps were not returned.


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I'm not surprised at all, a-holes. But as long as they gave each homeless person a wad of cash for doing this for them, i'm not too upset. But still, not classy at all.

706 days ago


If I saw Justin and Jessica on the street outside my house...I would pull the shades down.

706 days ago


Oh boo hoo, we are mocking homeless people. Too bad for them. So f'cking what!

706 days ago


I think the ideal was they are public and wouldn't it be funny if even the homeless knew about their wedding. They didn't disgrace these people they just weren't thinking about being respectful to their plight.The disconnect of the super rich and the poor is a growing problem.

706 days ago


He is a ***** and moms boy

706 days ago


He is a ***** and mommas boy

706 days ago


I think its absurd for them to even think the public(including the Homeless)reallt care to see a Dockumentary about their wedding. William and Kate they are not! And yes it did nt come across as cute or funny that they put these poor hpomeless people in it to amuse people. They are both mediocore talents to begin with, who cares about their wedding. Statisics say they will divorce within five years anyways. Cheers. Blah.

706 days ago


Who care about a do***etary of their wedding. William and Kate they are NOT! They are both mediorce entertainers to say the least. And I doubt 70% of the pobulation(including the Homeless) give a rats ass about their wedding or not. Blah, they suck.

706 days ago


Imagine, being so filthy rich, you can afford to waste so much money on one event in your life that will be
forgotten in a few short years. Everybody in that party
has so much money to waste. Then, while having the
party, lets be entertained by watching the desperate actions of some people much less fortunate than we are. Ah, the idle rich. Aren't we all fascinated!?!?!?
Justin, Who? Who cares! Now read about the nanny who murdered the two children she was supposed to be taking care of. The mother who came home with the surviving child who discovered the unspeakable crime. The family completely
destroyed over this. What a wonderful world we
live in! - gregg in Sarasota, FL

706 days ago


It has also been reported that this video is 8 minutes long. I hope that someone sues that guy for filming/exploiting those poor homeless people like that. None of that is funny at all. Why would that video even be funny unless you are trying to make fun of someone.

706 days ago


They are so completely homely. I guess making fun of homeless people is all they can do to find other people more homely looking than they are. No class.

706 days ago

always amazed    

Well that shows the attitude of the friends they hang out with so im sure they think the same way. Maybe when there fans drop them the homeless people they are mocking will find it in there hearts to lend them a card bord box to live in. I lost all respect for jessica when i heard her tell an interviewer she was so beuatiful she could not get work. I do not think shes all that and now with this, hope she never works again.

706 days ago


Cmom we have only seen 20 seconds of an 8 minute video maybe not smart with living in a fishbowl however I am sure nothing bad was met by it and I am sure if anyone takes the time to find Timberlakes charities he has given alot to the homeless and many other groups.. lighten up.

706 days ago


Is it bad that I think this is pretty funny? Clearly the people were okay with being in the video, they wouldn't have agreed to it if they weren't. People just need to calm down.

706 days ago


I think it's pretty funny. :D The people obviously agreed to be in the video or they wouldn't have made the jokes.

706 days ago
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