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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Wedding Video

MOCKS Homeless People

10/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake
and Jessica Biel's wedding party featured a video that openly made fun of homeless people in L.A. -- this according to reports.

Gawker just posted the video -- reportedly made by Timberlake's real estate agent friend Justin Huchel -- which depicts what appears to be REAL homeless people on the streets of L.A., acting as Justin and Jessica's friends who couldn't make it to the ceremony.

The homeless people in the clip -- one toothless, the other shirtless -- wish the ultra-rich couple well on their new lives together ... saying things like, "I hope the wedding goes fine for you. My gift is in the mail."

The video's an obvious dig at Justin and Jessica's ridiculous wealth -- juxtaposed against the destitute poverty displayed in the clip. The video also features a transvestite.

Huchel -- who once dated Amanda Seyfried -- has already threatened to sue Gawker over the video, claiming it was shot as "a private joke" without Timberlake's knowledge ... and demanding it be taken off the web ASAP.

Calls to Justin and Jessica's camps were not returned.


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Janet Durham    

This is one of the most shameful things that could have been done. Having volunteered for over 55 years with the homeless people, obviously, I can see you know nothing about them. Most of them are trying to get off the streets. Might I suggest you make a large donation to Lord of the Streets and Community of the Streets Church in Houston, Texas, or come and visit them and volunteer to help them. Shame on you for this video.

736 days ago


1%ers and liberals on top of that. isn't that a total contradiction of terms? Will OWS be picketing the honeymoon and throwing away their Ipads now?

736 days ago


Now just what did you expect from a self absorbed, narcissistic, turn coat?
Run Jessica RUN...........................................

736 days ago

Uncle Bob    

There are some truly good people who can become homeless and there are some truly pieces of crap who choose to be homeless.

736 days ago


My mom always said "be careful who you hang out with. You're only as good as the company you keep. So, in my opinion, even the fact that Justin and Jessica have a friend such as "Huch" who clearly has zero compassion for the less fortunate, tells me everything I need to know about them. Celebs get married for publicity. Period. I give them 3 years.

736 days ago



736 days ago


Homeless are homeless because the choose not to do whats necessary NOT to be homeless. Like staying in school, getting a good job, working hard. I have no sympathy for these lazy leeches. And as far as this video goes, WHOGAS!!! Lighten up it wasn't offensive.

736 days ago


exceedingly poor taste - having money obviously has nothing to do with class.

736 days ago

I Hate Nancy Grace    

Seriously ... who gives a crap. What really bothers me is the frickin' ad covering my comment box.
Who's genius idea was that?
Harvey, how much are you getting per click through to Sherwin Willaims? Geeez.

736 days ago


Refuse to see any of their movies or buy any of their music. The only reason these fools are wealthy is because of stupid people like us to pay for their work.

736 days ago

Carlena Harris    

Guys, its their wedding. If that's what they wanted to do then so be it. I don't find it mean or cruel in anyway.. its a shame that because of who they are, they can't even be creative in how they choose to celebrate.. Goodness!

736 days ago


There's a scripture in the Bible about inviting the poor, the homeless to a banquet. It's nobody's business how a couple wants their wedding. Simple as that.

736 days ago


stiletto: I think you don't realize that most of the homeless are vets or are mentally ill. They need plaes to go. They use alcohol or drugs to self medicate.
You must be young, because what you don't know is that there were no homeless people until Reagan closed (quit funding) the mental hospitals.

736 days ago


Okay, I think people seem to forget that the bride and groom had nothing to do with the video. Let's stop the "oh they're rich pretending to care" because frankly it was that real estate d bag. He should issue an apology.

736 days ago


Homeless are homeless because they have chosen NOT to do whats necessary NT to be homeless, like staying in school, getting a good job, working hard. The lazy leeches will not get any sympathy from me. They are one of the causes for our economy going in th toilet. As for the video, ighten up, its not offensive, its funny.

736 days ago
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