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Tom Cruise

Files $50 Mil Lawsuit

Over Mag Claiming He Abandoned Suri

10/24/2012 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Tom Cruise just filed a $50 million lawsuit against Life & Style and In Touch magazines, claiming the mags defamed him by reporting he had abandoned 6-year-old Suri.

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. federal court, Tom takes issue with the July 30th cover of Life & Style, which reads, "SURI IN TEARS, ABANDONED BY HER DAD" -- as well as the October 1st cover of In Touch, which shows a picture of Suri above the headline, "ABANDONED BY DADDY."

According to the suit, Tom claims the mags' headlines are FALSE -- insisting, he "loves his daughter dearly and would never abandon her."

Tom is suing for $50 million plus punitive damages for defamation and invasion of privacy. 

In Touch and Life & Style are sister magazines owned by the same publishing company Bauer Publishing.

Cruise's lawyer, Bert Fields says:

"Tom is a caring father who dearly loves Suri.  She's a vital part of his life and always will be.  To say he has 'abandoned' her is a vicious lie.  To say it in lurid headlines with a tearful picture of Suri is reprehensible."

Fields goes on:  "Tom doesn't go around suing people.  He's not a litigious guy.  But when these sleaze peddlers try to make money with disgusting lies about his relationship with his child, you bet he's going to sue."

Fields goes on to bash the mags, saying, "These serial defamers are foreign owned companies with their global headquarters in Hamburg.  They take money from unsuspecting Americans by selling their malicious garbage.   Having to pay a libel judgment may slow them down."

Fields says any money Tom gets from the mags will go to charity.



No Avatar


tom come on your in the public eye you should be able to ignore these things and second you people always try to use your money as a weapon always sueing why cant you ignore these things

695 days ago


Oh please. Tom Cruise sues because the sun rises in the east. No one believes the tabloids, and I'd like to see Tommy Boy prove his damages. Why doesn't he take the time and energy he's spending on this lawsuit and go visit his daughter?
Tom do us all a favor and please just go away.

695 days ago

judge judy    

How about worrying about something that matters instead, like quit parading that kid in the media constantly in the first place and be embarrassed about being in a nutjob cult.

695 days ago


Jack Reacher wouldn't do that.

695 days ago


Seem's like Tom Cruise get's a lot of disrespect just because he believes in a religion other than the one most people in America believe in. I think that no matter what your belief's, as long as your a productive member of society and your not committing crimes, more power to you. The last time i checked, this man earned his million's by successfully entertaining people around the world and hasn't committed any crimes. I think he get's unfair backlash because of his religious belief's by people on this comment section and by the media. If a rag mag were to print that you guy's were being horrible parent's and left your son and daughter, most of you would move heaven and earth to make them pay. To me, that's what his doing as a parent. So why is he still getting disrespect for the same thing you would do as a parent????

695 days ago


Just in time to be part of early PR for his new movie.

695 days ago


Very unprofessional way to sell a magazine, even putting feelings aside.

695 days ago


Tom Cruise loves suing people. #Allegedly #PleaseDontSueMe #HashTag

695 days ago

some guy    

His lawyer is full of crap. Tom would file a lawsuit if someone even thought he was gay.

695 days ago


Not a litigious guy? Hmmm maybe not but that lawyer of his sure seems to be.....

Its like someone wearing a t-shirt that says "Im not gay but my boyfriend is"...Tom probably has a collection in all the colors of the rainbow

695 days ago



I think this is going to blow-up in Cruise’s face big-time and is a major mistake move by his PR machine…. I feel he was put up to this as some kind of positive spin/damage limitation before his Reacher movie premiere. I get the idea that he/they somehow regard the success of this movie as crucial to his standing in Hollywood and poor opening night figures would put an end to his leading man status. This was plain to see in the ridiculous blanket coverage the non-story of “Tom Cruise considering leaving scientology”…. I’ve never seen such a story reach outlets from India, New Zealand, to even The Philippines so simultaneously – 100% PR guff, guaranteed!! I made a point of saying this on as many of these sites as I could.

So, BANG… PR ActII – “Katie Holmes considering taking Cruise back if he gives up scientology” …. what’s interesting here is that only a few sites bothered to print this but it did reach India, New Zealand outlets again…. We now have a PR company head realising that the last bit of damage control (distance their client from the cult – make him appear normal) didn’t work….. You now start panicking and for some godforsaken reason you think suing an obscure tabloid for saying he’s abandoning his kid is a good idea.

But, boy – they didn’t think this one through at all!

I mentioned the dreaded D word on TMZ as soon as the post hit the net…. yes DISCONNECTION!!

All the tabloids lawyers have to do is to keep bringing that word…. I mean there’s so much bloody proof out there of parents being disconnected from their children that Bert Fields would start eating his own ass before he could legitimately deny this policy didn’t exist.

They could argue that it is in fact church policy and Cruise, as the No 2 leader of the cult, is only following the rules. We have another delightful damned if one does, damned if one doesn’t situation.

If he says he hasn’t abandoned Suri then they can say he no longer follows scientology as that is what he was supposed to do and they were only reporting well do***ented church doctrine. So what is it Mr Cruise, are we reporting you following standard church policy or not?

If he denies such a disconnection policy exists [probably crucial to even considering winning this] then their lawyers can call upon dozens of witnesses who can attest to the fact it does! [see the Tommy David video proof in above comments].

It’s a WIN-WIN for the tabloid and a LOSE-LOSE for the church.

As I said – they didn’t think this one through and this a major F*CK-UP by Cruise.

…. and just imagine all the other tabloids frothing at the mouth for another cult bashing…. they’re starting to get quite good at it now!

695 days ago

nevets driab    

"Dad, Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet"! I need some help.
Stan Maesh

695 days ago


Why did it take him 3 months to sue if the story was in July and he is just now filing in October. Come up he should have said something as soon as it happened now wait 3 months.

695 days ago


If Tom "isn't litigious", then why did his rep say he's donated settlement judgments to charity before?

People are gonna believe what they're gonna believe, Tom, and tabloids are gonna continue to print bogus crap.

695 days ago


I remember seeing those two mags on the stands and thinking that it was wrong of them to say that he had abadonned his child. thats not fair to Suri and its not fair to Tom. I quietly HOPED he would sue them! Go for it Tom! These magazines need to learn that they just cant report whatever they want to report as "truth" without knowing what theyre talking about!

695 days ago
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