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Mitt Romney

Judge UNSEALS Docs,

Allred Gets Shut Down

10/25/2012 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Mitt Romney's testimony in his friend's divorce case -- in which he's accused of lying under oath to screw over his friend's ex-wife -- will be unsealed today and released to the Boston Globe ... the judge has ruled. 

As we first reported, Mitt testified in the divorce of Staples' founder Tom Stemberg -- and Tom's ex-wife Maureen claims Mitt lied under oath, falsely undervaluing Staples' stock in order to shaft her in the divorce.

Mitt's people have already said the Presidential hopeful doesn't care if the testimony is released -- he has nothing to hide.

Things didn't fare so well for Gloria Allred -- her request to ungag her client was shut down by the hot judge ... because Gloria never submitted an official motion to the court.

Gloria was grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to get the judge to cut her a break -- but she was shot down, hard.

The transcripts will be released to the Globe any minute.

8:30 AM PT -- Gloria denied accusations she's a "surrogate" for the Democratic party ... who's only representing Stemberg in order to wreak havoc on the Romney campaign.

8:20 AM PT  --
During a news conference, Gloria accused the Boston Globe of pulling a "double-cross" because she says the paper abandoned its motion to have the gag order against Maureen Sullivan Stemberg lifted.


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Gloria Allred and one of the most liberal "news" sources in the country are involved? Showing your true colors, TMZ. Hope the judge tells Allred to shove it.

730 days ago


Why don't you report on Obama lies EVERYDAY to the American people? I'll tell you why tmz is so democratic slanted its rediculas , go back to journalist school

730 days ago


The public won't hear anything until after the election. You watch.

730 days ago


WOW TMZ, You Want Obama to get Re elected Soo bad that you will try and make up crap to try and Sway a Few Morons? I thought this was an Entertainment Rag? Funny that I never see anything about the Failure Obama. Only Seem to have Romney Ryan Stories. OBAMA is a Mess that WILL be Voted out! Get your head out of LA LA LAND! And Who Said Romeny Lied????

730 days ago


She got $500,000 shares of Staples out of the divorce, and she cashed out half of that before Staples went public. That's on her. And what I want to know -- we wouldn't find out until after the election and the campaign takes out the garbage -- is if Allred and the ex-wife tried to extort millions from Romney to keep any mention of the case out of the news. (Because with a sealed case, he can't defend himself against whatever charge Allred wants to make and knows it and waited until two weeks before the election to pimp TMZ to whore for her.)

730 days ago


Warning to anyone who has to give testimony..

730 days ago


What! A politician lie... That is a stretch TMZ, they just dont do that!

730 days ago


Allred doesn't actually want the case unsealed because she doesn't want it resolved, she wants to smear Mitt Romney without him being able to refute whatever allegations she wants to make -- as insinuations and "exclusives" that TMZ reports straight from her mouth. TMZ reporters and editors are idiots with no clue how the political machine works or what a tool they are.

730 days ago


This is silly. Staples had not gone public yet. It was expanding during that time and was borrowing money for that expansion. It is possible that the p/e ratio was inflated..that happens with stocks, causing the value of the stock to be overvalued. Whatever the case, if there was impropriety, she could have taken him to court years ago. He was not saying the stock was worthless. Understand what overvalued means.

730 days ago


And we wonder what is wrong with this country??
So worried about a "lie" in court under oath...
Didn't 44 take an oath to this country?
Did it ever cross your mind that he did not want to talk about Benghazi until AFTER elections but got busted? What is wrong with you people?

730 days ago


Publicity for Gloria at everyone's expense.

730 days ago


I really wish Harvey would stop pushing his own agenda and who he wants in. by most of the responses most here have seen that Obama is a lair and a cheat. Also, funny enough. Harvey doesn't read his own website.

730 days ago


Even if it's true that's not as bad as lying under oath for the last four years screwing over the American people. Just Saying...!!!

730 days ago


is there such a thing as C classes? as in how to be the biggest C? if so, GA and Npelosi must be their biggest C lients.

730 days ago


First sounds like a woman scourned, the millions she got obviously wasn't enough..poor thing. Secondly, you choose to follow this, but when it comes to the government lying about Fast and Furious.. no one seems to be around. Which seems way more serious since the drugs lords of Mexico have guns we sent them. Hello..TMZ.. Wake up.

730 days ago
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