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Mitt Romney

Judge UNSEALS Docs,

Allred Gets Shut Down

10/25/2012 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Mitt Romney's testimony in his friend's divorce case -- in which he's accused of lying under oath to screw over his friend's ex-wife -- will be unsealed today and released to the Boston Globe ... the judge has ruled. 

As we first reported, Mitt testified in the divorce of Staples' founder Tom Stemberg -- and Tom's ex-wife Maureen claims Mitt lied under oath, falsely undervaluing Staples' stock in order to shaft her in the divorce.

Mitt's people have already said the Presidential hopeful doesn't care if the testimony is released -- he has nothing to hide.

Things didn't fare so well for Gloria Allred -- her request to ungag her client was shut down by the hot judge ... because Gloria never submitted an official motion to the court.

Gloria was grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to get the judge to cut her a break -- but she was shot down, hard.

The transcripts will be released to the Globe any minute.

8:30 AM PT -- Gloria denied accusations she's a "surrogate" for the Democratic party ... who's only representing Stemberg in order to wreak havoc on the Romney campaign.

8:20 AM PT  --
During a news conference, Gloria accused the Boston Globe of pulling a "double-cross" because she says the paper abandoned its motion to have the gag order against Maureen Sullivan Stemberg lifted.


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After watching that unfold, it looks like Gloria was throwing a "Hail Mary" in hopes that the Judge would be feeling the whole "girl power" thing going on and rule for her client. I must say it was nice watching Gloria get shot down - made my day!

735 days ago

Selebraties Suck    


735 days ago


This is what chaps my hide, This is a divorce that happened 18 years ago. Now the privacy of the persons involved are being invaded by this media whore who is supposed to uphold the law. Its a sad day when we give up our rights so this whore can be famous and get revenge on her ex husband. What a sad life she has sitll can't get over her husband must get that last dig. Get a life you sad little person.

735 days ago


My mothers neighbour is working part time and averaging $9000 a month. I'm a single mum and just got my first paycheck for $6546! I still can't believe it. I tried it out cause I got really desperate and now I couldn't be happier. Heres what I do,

735 days ago


Where is the coverage on Obama and Libya? He lied and tried to cover it up big time.

735 days ago


The wife acts like she got nothing!!! She got a ton of stock and cashed it in. Why didn't her lawyers prove in court that Mitt was lying? When Mitt and his friend cashed in their stock, why wasn't he brought up on perjury charges? Because he was telling the truth. No one can know for sure about stock. Look at freaking Facebook! They make this woman out to be some feeble sickly poor woman. She could afford Gloria couldn't she? I think that the Obama campaign PAID the Boston Globe to do this. Obama doesn't want to look dirrty!

735 days ago


Allred is a money hungry attention monger. What a poor excuse of an attorney!!!! Her and Donald Trump need to get together because they both love the limelight and they think what they have to say is so important. You can only cry wolf so many times before the public realizes what you're up to and shuts you off, like I do. A bunch of idiots

735 days ago


I would think that the Obama camp lying to the public about their knowledge of the Libya Consulate attack is far more relevant than 20 year old testimony in a private divorce matter. Why should we be interested in a bitter ex wife who is complaining about not getting more millions in her divorce settlement. Our state department workers died on our watch while our leadership left them unguarded in a known hotspot. That is far more shameful than any transcript from some stupid private 20 year old divorce will ever be. TMZ got their priorities wrong this time. Biased much????

735 days ago

Porno the Clown    

The ex-wife had 18 years to seek a change to the gag order ... she waited until 12 days before the election ... and involved Allred ... this clown smells a major rat!

735 days ago


"You forgot to file your paperwork..." Signed - Roz, Monster's Inc. LOL


735 days ago


I see so many comments that I want to like....but I am unable to do so. all the comments that mention that Allread is an embarrassment to this country and is an obvious democratic supporter of Obama....who is also an embarrassment to this country!

735 days ago


Any woman who votes for Romney is either uninformed or doesn't care about women's rights. Romney and the GOP platform intend to take women's rights back to the 1950's by repealing Roe vs Wade.
Also any candidate who will not answer a simple question about supporting equal pay for women as Romney did in the 2nd debate is certainly anti women's rights should never get elected. The GOP still considers women 2nd class citizens.
Oh and BTW Romney's company, Bain Capital, is presently in the process of closing down a factory in Freeport, Illinois. The plant netted $471 million last quarter, but the plant is closing and the jobs are being shipped to China where workers will be paid $1/hour. Romney stands to make $7 million on the deal.

735 days ago


Gee Judge, you mean I have to file one of those motion thingys like, you know, a real attorney is supposed to. But I gave a press conference; isn't that like, you know, like kinda of the same thing?

735 days ago


Sounds as though someone at TMZ has a bit of a bias against a high profile attorney.

735 days ago


Libya was a big lie for Obama and you guys do not cover it and IT IS A BIG COVER UP AND 4 ARE DEAD. Gloria and Obama are one an the same. My husband was in the military for 30 years and more secrets have been told in the last 4 years. Seal team 6 should never been told. He takes credit for that - but nothing on what happened to 4 dead Americans on Sept 11

735 days ago
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