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Sam Lutfi

Brit's Ex-Nanny Is a LIAR

Meth WAS in Brit's House

10/29/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears
' ex-nanny -- who called BS on Sam Lutfi's accusation the singer hid crystal meth in her house -- is a liar and a fraud ... so says Sam Lutfi.

Sam is telling friends, there's no way Brit's ex-nanny Leah Frand could have known that the singer had crystal meth in the house ... because she was fired after only one week.

Sam's claims contradict what Leah told us last week ... that she worked for Britney for 6 months back in 2007 -- during the crazy meltdown period -- and never once saw any trace of drugs.

But Sam's saying that's not true -- telling friends Leah was quickly canned for stealing one of Britney's dresses (which she later returned) ... so her opinion counts for exactly zero.

According to sources, Sam also wants to clarify one thing -- he never said Britney did crystal meth, only that he found a stash of crystal meth in her house.

As for the Adderall accusations, Sam's saying Britney fueled herself -- taking WAY more than the recommended dosage of her (legal) Adderall prescription.


No Avatar


I believe she is lying also there is just too many unanswered questions about her employment. There is a reason Britney's lawyers did not use her they did not think she was credible also.

722 days ago

help this young woman    

Actually, he's right. There was meth - a big pile, but then Lindsay Lohan staggered in, then the pile was gone. All of it. Some diamonds, too.....

722 days ago


So who is lying, Sam or Leah?

Probably both since considering they want their 5 mins of fame to continue.

722 days ago


What difference does it make if it was there or not. She has gotten over all that. Dude needs to get a life.

722 days ago


Me like Britney...

722 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

That pic of Brit TOTES screams "meth" to me!
(Jus' sayin'.)

722 days ago


its just going back and forth with the same sh*t, nobody will ever know the truth

722 days ago


I bet she looks more like her father than her mother.

722 days ago


I clicked thinking it was a Lindsay Lohan story.

722 days ago

BB not bb    

If this guy was a professional life coach there acting in that capacity, he should be sued for ruining her life. If there were packs of meth in her house that he can't even say were hers, what good was he at managing her house? I kind of beleive the nanny that she was so scared of this bum that she locked her door at night to try to sleep.

If Britney was taking too much adderall, that would be a medical error, not a crime. What does that have to do with Sam's life anyway? He probably told her adderall was great and to take it because he was on it. Then as her drug and life coach, he did not prevent her from taking too much, so what good was he?

Why would the nanny be fired after only a week? What was she fired for? You would think he would mention that if he was tyring to discredit her. Lots of bums have delusions of grandeur once they get their hooks in someone with a life. They act like they are being abused by them, while all the while just trying to take what they have.

It sounds like what dealing with a sociopath is like, and doing that would drive anyone nuts. It is all about Sam, while he says it is all about Britney. I think that he is just making himself look worse and worse, but maybe he has nothing else better to do.

722 days ago


If there was, Sam scored it!

722 days ago


When is this human turd going away?

722 days ago


Let me see, Sam is lacking in veracity, making him unbelievable.
I am going with the nanny and think Lutfi is lying.

722 days ago


Oh, so now it is her adderall prescription? Just a week ago you said she stole yours.
Oh, now you are saying she didn't use meth? A week ago you said she shaved her head to remove evidence that she was using meth.
Try to keep your story straight.

722 days ago

Big D    

Seriously who cares that was 5 years ago. People change and so do memories.

722 days ago
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