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Dina Lohan's Neighborhood


By Hurricane Sandy

10/31/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karma's a windy, rainy bitch -- just two days after Lindsay Lohan tweeted a message minimizing Hurricane Sandy ... the tropical storm ripped through her mother's Long Island neighborhood, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

TMZ has obtained a photo of the havoc Sandy wreaked on Dina's NY neighborhood Tuesday -- showing freakin' BOATS the storm dumped on people's lawns.

It's pretty ironic, considering Lindsay's tweet on Sunday about Hurricane "Sally" -- when she wrote, "WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity!"

Turns out people were panicking for a reason -- in fact, Dina tells TMZ, a tree was uprooted on her own property and ripped a gash through her roof on its way down ... before landing over the family pool.

Dina says she was at home with her kids Cody and Ali when the storm hit. Lindsay and Michael Jr. were stranded in Manhattan because of bridge and tunnel closures, but are expected home shortly.

Thankfully, everyone is okay. The lesson: don't mess with Mother Nature.


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Lindsay Lohan News: Reveals Her Sex Toys to Locksmith

Embattled starlet Lindsay Lohan revealed her sex toys to a locksmith out of nervousness, said media reports.

Lohan, who is in middle of several controversies, set the tongue of gossipmongers wagging, after few media reports suggested that she opened a trunk in her bedroom and displayed her sex toys much to the surprise of a locksmith.

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"It's an open secret that Lindsay has a locked trunk in her bedroom that's full of sex toys. One day she lost the key and had to call the locksmith. She freaked out and was so worked up when it was finally opened that she showed him some of her playthings out of nervousness. The guy cracked a joke and quickly left," US magazine OK! quoted a source as saying, according to The Sun Daily.

Meanwhile, the "Mean Girls" star is believed to be desperately looking for a publicist to fill in her ex-mouthpiece Steve Honig. She is out to find a rep, who can possibly revive her troubled brand. However, reportedly none of the high-profile reps are ready to take up dealings with the starlet.

Read: Lindsay Lohan's Rep Confirms Resignation: What Pushed Steve Honig to Quit?

Ironically, it's said that some of the top-notch reps are afraid that Lohan could cause harm to their credibility in building a brand-value for stars.

"Anyone who represents her is taking a risk because she flies off the handle, she's uncontrollable and she gets in her own way," Daily News quoted prominent New York public relations exec who's dealt with Lohan.

Honig called it quits last week under suspicious cir***stances. It is still unclear what made the long-time rep of Lohan to quit his job. Meanwhile, he also declined to make any comments on the reason for breaking up his professional relationship with the actress.

Hi all

Hope all of you on the eastern seaboard are safe and well.

659 days ago


It's still standing, what a shame.

659 days ago



659 days ago


Now that Halloween is over, little Red Cloudy Boo Boo can put his regular clown makeup and suit back on and get back to his usual activities – sniffing the benches at Chuck E. Cheese and rummaging through trash cans looking for discarded panties that he pretends Lindsay Lohan sent to him.
Poor little thing.

659 days ago


Battered and tore up but still there....just have to do what we always do and rebuild and repair again....let the rest of the coast seem to be consentrated on the northern part of the banks this time....I know one thing that one remaining beach house that was in front on tthe dunes up at Corolla is no longer their as well as a lot of the dunes....

659 days ago


The tree should of fell on her atleast we would have gotten rid of one a-hole. Good try "Sandy" maybe the next one will get them. Since you were not enough for Princess Crackhead. Lindsey do the world a favor just OD already and take your train wreck of a mother with you.

659 days ago

Red Cloud    


20Clear Vote .
She retweeted this information as an afterthought that someone probably told her to do for damage control. I believe most people were very concerned long before your Lindsay gave it a thought.
17 minutes ago

The Red Cross tweet was BEFORE her poorly worded tweet. Lindsay is often guilty of using a bad choice of words to express herself. She is guilty of not knowing how blind and ridiculous haters can be. She assumed that people would clearly see the Red Cross tweet and certainly not think she's being insensitive. And more than enough know she's not insensitive. She's actually guilty of misjudging haters. She thinks haters think.

659 days ago


It truly is amazing how RC spins Blohans 'Sally' tweet and attempts deflection with the afterthought of the Red Cross tweet. The rest of us see it for what it really was, a thoughtless, insensitive, asinine tweet. Give it a rest already!

659 days ago

Red Cloud    


The Red Cross tweet was at 3:13 PM on 10/28 and the badly worded tweet was at 6:02 PM on 10/28.
very gone................

659 days ago



For the 2,044th consecutive night. Obviously, Linds isn't too concerned with the "catastrophic damage" to DUIna's lean-to or she would've sent her the stretch-helicopter instead of buying another pound of pure.

659 days ago


Too bad it didnt wash the whole family with the house out to sea. :(

659 days ago


Windsay Wohan?
It’s me Windsay Wohan, Wed Cwoudy Boo Boo
Windsay Wohan? I wove when wandom guys put stuff in you. I just pwetend it’s me. I can be a wesbian to you Windsay Wohan. And guess what Windsay Wohan, I can wead youew mind. We is two pees in a pod Windsay Wohan.
Youew fwiend and wesbian,
Cloudy Boo Boo.

659 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay has learned the importance of preparing for natural disasters? Her tweets that minimized the super storm are just further proof of this woman's ignorance.

Many east coasters have to go through inspection, clean-up, and repairs; some may need to start all over again. Good luck to them all.

659 days ago


What browser are you all using? I wonder why you can't open the links? I'll try one later with only the link. I use Firefox.

659 days ago


There is a rumor that her "friendly" interview for Liz and Dick will be with Vanity Fair.

Also, that Logan works for Vanity Fair.

659 days ago
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