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Dina Lohan's Neighborhood


By Hurricane Sandy

10/31/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karma's a windy, rainy bitch -- just two days after Lindsay Lohan tweeted a message minimizing Hurricane Sandy ... the tropical storm ripped through her mother's Long Island neighborhood, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

TMZ has obtained a photo of the havoc Sandy wreaked on Dina's NY neighborhood Tuesday -- showing freakin' BOATS the storm dumped on people's lawns.

It's pretty ironic, considering Lindsay's tweet on Sunday about Hurricane "Sally" -- when she wrote, "WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity!"

Turns out people were panicking for a reason -- in fact, Dina tells TMZ, a tree was uprooted on her own property and ripped a gash through her roof on its way down ... before landing over the family pool.

Dina says she was at home with her kids Cody and Ali when the storm hit. Lindsay and Michael Jr. were stranded in Manhattan because of bridge and tunnel closures, but are expected home shortly.

Thankfully, everyone is okay. The lesson: don't mess with Mother Nature.


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Maybe its just me but I don't see an 'uprooted' TREE, I see large branches on top of the pool cover. The weight of a tree trunk would tear that cover easily and the tree would be in the pool. No pics of the 'gashed' roof either. Gee, a 'Lohan' LYING for press and a quick check from tmz, whats this world coming too? Say it aint so . . .

668 days ago


Guess Lohan is going to try and scam the insurance company.

668 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Next story will be Lindsay partying in Manhattan for Halloween, while Mom's pool cover is scratched.

668 days ago

Armand Winter    

Lindsay wanted to pay a 13% tax rate like Romney too.

668 days ago


Idiot woman. The BIGGEST wreck is your own daughter. You never saw THAT either, did you?

668 days ago


OH LINDSAY.............I NEED MORE MONEY!!! I AM A USELESS HUMAN BEING, that cannot make my own money to support myself....HELP ME MOMMY LINDSAY.....LOL WHAT A BUNCH OF ****TARDS!!!!

668 days ago


too bad dina and her whore kids didnt get blown away with the rest of the trash! would have made a great gift to america!

668 days ago


Hurricane Sassy......To DiLO.....wham bam thank you maam

668 days ago


stupid **** using this for pitty and attention.**** that she is the only one to be effected by the storm millions more were effected worse than she was.yet she goes out taking pics and sending them to tmz for a pitty party.

668 days ago


Wow TMZ, nice one...

Karma huh? You do realize there are more people living in that neighbourhood than Dina Lohan & clan, right? Pretty sure these neighbours who suffered damage don't deserve to have tmz rub a very unfortunate situation in their face by having you make idiotic statements about how it was "karma" because of an ignorant tweet made on LL's part. So people the storm ripped right through this particular neighbourhood simply over a dumb a** tweet, this is what you've determined? Must have been a very long, grueling, and complex analytical process for you. Real sensitive of you, btw.

668 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

This is what I can tell you, that druged out drunk sent her son out to take pictures of the neighborhood so she can play the woo woo I am a victim game to make money off sending in these pics to TMZ.

Dina is a lowlife piece of sht. Hated by the whole town of Merrick

668 days ago


Hey Lindsay why don't you donate some of that money that you made recently from your male friends and give to those that lost everything. Give a little or give a lot, whatever floats your boat....

668 days ago


whaaaaaaa her roof and pool got hit by a tree..meanwhile a whole neighborhood burned to the ground.stupid **** bitch using something like this to sell and make money and gain attention.

668 days ago


I feel bad for everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy....except for the Lohans,what a stupid, insensitive tweet Lindsay put out.Is she too stoned to remember what happened to New Orleans and the rest of the gulf coast from Hurricane Katrina? What a moron,I wish her family washed away with the tide from Hurricane Sandy....

668 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Its Halloween, Is Dina going to throw eggs at her house like she did last year and say her house got egged?
The way Dinas house is set back you can not reach the front of the house without going up her driveway. Even if you were in the school parking lot, you would have to have a amazing throw with a nice right turn to reach the front of her house, like she claimed last year. Those eggs on her house came from HER!!

Yes maybe her mailbox got egged, but Dina did the inside work, just to sell the pics to TMZ and again to be the victim.

Karma wasn't Lying Lindsays tweet. Karma is what awaits Dina and Lindsay both.

668 days ago
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