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Ben Stein


By NY's Response to Sandy

11/1/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Simmons
should pipe down -- at least according to Ben Stein, who tells TMZ, he's "very impressed" with Mayor Bloomberg's response to Hurricane Sandy in NYC ... even considering the homeless situation.

We posted a video of Simmons early yesterday, in which the hip hop mogul criticized Bloomberg for overlooking homeless people in the Sandy relief efforts -- saying NYC's homeless were "f**ked" after the storm ravaged the city.

But later yesterday, Stein told us, NYC seems to be "incredibly well-prepared. I'm very impressed frankly. I think they've done quite a good job."

When we asked about Simmons' comments regarding NYC's homeless -- Stein replied, "I didn't think about that, but considering the magnitude of the disaster they're doing fine." 


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I'm blown away by Kim K.'s response to being peed on by Ray J — effortlessly catapult from that into a empty career of nothing by trading on her increasingly diminishing looks and 'plumpness'.

723 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass what Ben Stein thinks of anything?

I am blown away daily by the amount of face time TMZ gives to people like Stein. What has he contributed to society for his opinion to be of value?

723 days ago


'blown away'...what an interesting choice of words seeing as much of the east coast was 'blown away' by Hurricane Sandy...

723 days ago


Ben when did you see Lindsay when Sally hit?

723 days ago


Ben Stein is a douchebag who doesn't care about anyone but himself. Please take him off TMZ, we don't care about what he has to say, he's full of hatred for the common man.

723 days ago


I am Blown away by all the heart ache those poor people have to go threw...and it really hurts my heart that I dont have the money to help the ones in sorry u guys had to go though this and I hope it gets better for ur guys real soon.

723 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I still want your money Ben Stein.
Phishie from Philly

723 days ago


Just the response one can expect from Willard's followers.
Too involved with their fortunes and how they can make more.
No thoughts of other people.
The homeless, anywhere, are not even a blip on their radar.

723 days ago

Joe Smith    

Al Gore talked about NY under water years ago in AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH because of Global Warming. Mayor Bloomberg didn't heed the warning. Hopefully he will now. If NY had listened to the scientists' consensus about Global Warming they would have built a Sea Wall / levee to withstand Superstorm Sandy. And if people were really smart they should never rebuild so close to the ocean again. Insurance companies should threaten witholding insurance to those who do. There should be a massive change in our efforts to build up renewable energy to make us self sufficient & off the grid- solar wind & biofuel, & off course better for our environment.

723 days ago


This proof of wealthy response to poor and homeless people not giving a damn about them .ohh they are fine ...Bloomberg is an idiot an so is stien another millionare ...

723 days ago

That's Right    

Oh okay you didn't think about the homeless like Russell did? You didn't think about them not having a shelter to protect them from the high winds and the flood areas where they sleep, because you rich folks have options when stroms hit. You didn't think about how cold they are, and how dangerous it is for the homeless to be stuck outside during a strom. Thanks to those who did think about the homeless and did something about it.

723 days ago


Russell Simmons has money and I'm sure many homes. Why didn't he take care of them?

723 days ago


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723 days ago


STOP with the comments people and send money to the RED CROSS!!!!!

723 days ago


Ben Stein said he "didn't think about" the homeless, but then speculated they were fine.

How would he know?

723 days ago
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