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Cee Lo Accuser

He Slipped Me Ecstasy

And Had Sex with Me

11/2/2012 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who filed a police report accusing Cee Lo of sexual battery secretly recorded a conversation with the singer, and sources involved in the case tell TMZ ... Cee Lo admitted slipping her a drug and then having sex with her -- something the singer denies.

The woman has told cops ... Cee Lo took her to a downtown L.A. restaurant in July. They had a drink and she says she remembers nothing after that. The woman claims the next thing she knew she was lying naked in a bed and Cee Lo was in the room.

We're told the woman, who does not live in California, almost immediately went to her local law enforcement agency and reported the incident. The matter was eventually referred to the LAPD.

Sources tell us ... LAPD detectives had the woman make a "pretext call" -- a call in which someone baits the other party into acknowledging a crime or other misdeed -- and it was recorded.

Sources involved in the case represent to TMZ ... Cee Lo is on tape, repeatedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy) -- though he does not specifically say he put it in her drink. Sources say Cee Lo told her he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together. For the record, MDMA generally does not render people unconscious.

Sources connected with Cee Lo scoff at the claim, saying if the tape contained such admissions Cee Lo would already be under arrest.

As we first reported ... detectives went to the restaurant last week to determine if employees saw anything unusual between Cee Lo and the woman.

And we're told ... LAPD detectives will refer the matter to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office when the investigation is completed.

Sources connected to Cee Lo tell us ... the accuser went to a civil lawyer BEFORE going to police and demanded money from the singer to make the whole thing go away. Other sources tell us a different story -- that her lawyer called Cee Lo's manager to find out if the singer had any communicable diseases and never made any money demands.

Our Cee Lo sources say the manager shut the lawyer down and that's when she went to cops.  Other sources say she called the cops BEFORE her lawyer called Cee Lo's manager.


No Avatar


You know damn well this is a lie because there is NO WAY Cee Lo's short chubby arms could reach to the top of the drink to put the Ecstasy in!

722 days ago


It sounds bad and true....I hope he didn't violate her. I like his music.

722 days ago

Linda McG    

I think Cee Lo is cute and Im a middle aged white chick. Dont think he'd need to drug anyone, but who knows

722 days ago


He did not give her ecstasy. That stuff does not make you blank out. However GHB does and that's what he gave, if he did anything at all. Poor Ceelo having to drug bitches just to get some booty! LOL

722 days ago


you know it's true .... how else is this fat f#@k going to get laid !

722 days ago


Wish I had a dollar for every time somebody pointed at me and said, "He Slipped Me Ecstasy And Had Sex with Me..."

722 days ago


Dear Chief Beck:

Why isn't Cee Lo Green in jail?

Your pal,

722 days ago

jenny ruby    

sounds like taco bell, boston, and a jolly rancher
to me.

722 days ago


umm.. if it was ecstasy, she wouldnt have just not known what was going on.. its not like the date rape drug where you just forget. You are actually pretty aware of what is going on but you have very heightened senses...

722 days ago

Lisa G    

There are too many ho's out there for Cee Lo to have to drug someone for sex. This whole story sounds made up.

722 days ago


Cee lo should of called a escort to keep him sexually entertained that night He wouldn't be dealing with this , but then again who knows who he did , stars think they can do things like this and get away with it ! Which he prob will . Money talks bull**** walks .

722 days ago



722 days ago


Seriously, who in their natural state would have sex with that fat azz? I keep picturing his fat gut flapping back and forth....BARF!

722 days ago


There is too much conflicting infomration for you to be running with this TMZ. If he didn't do it, it is not right to be smearing his reputation with these claims in such detail. Don't be sensationalistic just for the sake of it- this is a person who has had no hint of scandal before.

722 days ago


What I want to know is how did he find his penis?

722 days ago
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