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Ricky Martin


'The Show Must Go On!'

11/2/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2:30 PM PT -- So much for that. According to new reports, the NYC marathon will not take place this weekend as originally planned. It's unclear if it will be rescheduled, or if it has been canceled entirely.

Thousands are up in arms over Mayor Bloomberg's decision to move forward with the NYC marathon this weekend in the wake of Hurricane Sandy -- but NOT Ricky Martin!!!

Ricky was out in NYC earlier today when we asked for his thoughts on conducting the marathon when so many New Yorkers are still without power -- and some even without their homes -- and the singer replied, "The show must go on."

As for himself, Ricky says he's not suffering too much after the natural disaster, telling us, "Everything is fine. I live in a bunker. But it's horrible what's going on in New Jersey."

A native Puerto Rican, Ricky says he's used to tropical storms. Unfortunately, we wish we could say the same for the rest of the tri-state area.


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I say those that are there for the marathon should take the time, if only a few hours, to volunteer and help those in need.

683 days ago

R. Cortez    

No way ! The East Coast region needs all the cops and emergency teams they can get. Instead of running why not help those that need it ? It seems indulgent to run while people still need urgent help.

683 days ago


hey rickie.this isn't show biz..rescuers are still searching for missing people,so if you runners need to let off some energy get your asses to statan island and start working...

683 days ago


KnuckleDragger you're calling people illiterate for a typo eh? I just went through your profile douche bag and found a few misspelling how retarded are you calling people illiterate. LOL you're such a troll

683 days ago


You know if it was Puerto Rico, he would be all over cancelling THAT! Ugh.

683 days ago


SCREW this has been..who care what he has to say?

683 days ago

Sir Boo    

How can he say he's used to tropical storms since he's lived in the USA most of his life?

683 days ago


NYC would be much better off in this crisis if Rudy Giuliani were in office instead of Bloomberg.

683 days ago


Canceling NYC marathon is BAD idea.

683 days ago


TMZ why don't you offer KnuckleDragger a job this loser is on here 24/7 he has no life. His life is sitting on a stinky chair and trolling around on TMZ's web site. WHAT a fckin loser lol

683 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

The marathon should never have even been considered. This is entirely different than a couple of NY ballgames after September 11th. This is 27 miles of city streets and bridges being tied up for a bunch of self-aggrandizing runners who couldn't care less what's going on around them other than their own cheering section, all protestations to the contrary. There is already footage of officers blocking off streets (before the cancellation announcement), so how could there have been no divergence of resources? These people would be flouncing through boroughs where all the bodies haven't even been recovered yet. Not like at a stadium or arena, where it's self-contained, self-sufficient (maybe one or two traffic cops) and people can choose to go see it or not. The right decision was made ABSOLUTELY, but it should have been made immediately after the storm.

683 days ago

Just Thinking    

He looks like a total ass!

683 days ago


Ricky Martin is an arsehole.

683 days ago


i Hear He is BiSexual...

683 days ago


Ricky Martin the guy with the third grade education tells the world the marathon must be run? Wow this world is really screwed up...somebody needs to tell Ricky the birdbrain mayor Bloomberg finally grew some balls and canceled the stupid marathon this Sunday...Bloomy was afraid the citizens in NYC were going to riot if he held his marathon, gave out food and water to the runners while people who live in NYC look for there next meal in the dumpsters.

683 days ago
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