'Sandy' Tragedies Parents Will Likely Steer Clear of Name

The name "Sandy" is not likely to appear on many birth certificates for at least several years -- given 2 enormous recent tragedies with Sandy front and center -- but the reality is the name hasn't been popular for decades.

The evidence is compelling and also pretty obvious -- parents shy away from giving their children names associated with death and destruction, and in 2012, with Hurricane Sandy and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the name conjures up those images.

Take Katrina -- immediately before the storm hit, the name was listed as the 281st most popular baby name for girls. The year following the hurricane it dropped to 379th and in 2010 it plunged further to 865.

But here's the thing with Sandy. It's a name whose popularity peaked in the 60s, and has failed to make the list of top 1,000 baby names since 2005. Sandra ranked somewhat higher, but still a relatively unpopular 614 last year.

Pamela Satran from Nameberry tells TMZ,"The mass murder at Sandy Hook is so horrible that we think parents will avoid Sandy as a name for a long time."

Pauly D Angelina Should Have Been Invited to Sandy Telethon

MTV might not have wanted former "Jersey Shore" cast member Angelina Pivarnick for its Hurricane Sandy clean-up benefit "Restore the Shore" -- but count Pauly D among those who thought she should have invited.

As TMZ first reported, Angelina reached out to MTV to be a part of the show, but MTV wasn't having it.

But when we caught up with DJ Pauly D in Manhattan yesterday, he told us everyone should have been welcome because it's for a good cause.

Pauly D is also helping out by partnering with the ASPCA to raise awareness about the pets that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

He's a guido with a heart of gold.

Angelina from 'Jersey Shore' Guido Non Grata at MTV's 'Restore Shore' Cleanup

Today's shocker ... MTV wants nothing to do with disgraced "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick for its Hurricane Sandy clean-up benefit "Restore the Shore" -- even though the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast has been invited.

Angelina tells TMZ, she's reached out multiple times to participate in the "Restore the Shore" effort -- which airs live today -- because her friends and neighbors were badly affected by the recent storm and she wants to help ... but MTV has blown her off.

Angelina says she's already volunteered with local business owners and the Red Cross ... and she believes "Restore the Shore" is a great cause -- but tells TMZ, "I remain uninvited to participate ... even after attempts to contact the organizers by my management team."

Angelina calls the rebuff a "sore reminder of how I have been treated in the past" -- and adds, "This is a time where they should suck it up and stand on one side of the room and let me be there. I am very hurt by this."

Calls to MTV were not returned.

Whoopi on Hurricane 'I'm Just Trying to Get My S**t Rebuilt'

Like most east-coasters, Whoopi Goldberg is trying to rebuild her life after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy ... but yesterday ... she was more concerned about the well-being of OUR CAMERA GUY?!

Whoopi was leaving her hotel in NYC ... when we asked how she was doing in the wake of the storm ...and she bluntly told us, "I'm just trying to get my s**t rebuilt."

But instead of harping on her own problems, Whoopi seemed genuinely concerned about our photog -- whose car was totaled in the flooding.

"Oh baby, sorry," Whoopi said ... adding, "I'm glad you're safe."

Fun Fact -- It's Whoopi's birthday today ... so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Justin Timberlake Volunteers for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Justin Timberlake helped unload boxes full of supplies to help Hurricane Sandy victims in Far Rockaway, NY yesterday.

There were no d*cks in the box.

Marc Jacobs Hurricane Sandy DESTROYED My Apartment

Designer Marc Jacobs was among the hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy last weekend -- telling TMZ, he completely lost his Manhattan apartment due to flooding ... and now, he's looking for a new place to live.

Marc was out walking his dog Friday in New York -- and he told us, he had to move uptown temporarily because Sandy completely destroyed his West Village apartment.

Marc says it's so bad, he hasn't even been able to go back to try to salvage some of his belongings.

Sucks ... but something tells us he'll be just fine.

Ricky Martin SUPPORTS NYC Marathon 'The Show Must Go On!'

2:30 PM PT -- So much for that. According to new reports, the NYC marathon will not take place this weekend as originally planned. It's unclear if it will be rescheduled, or if it has been canceled entirely.

Thousands are up in arms over Mayor Bloomberg's decision to move forward with the NYC marathon this weekend in the wake of Hurricane Sandy -- but NOT Ricky Martin!!!

Ricky was out in NYC earlier today when we asked for his thoughts on conducting the marathon when so many New Yorkers are still without power -- and some even without their homes -- and the singer replied, "The show must go on."

As for himself, Ricky says he's not suffering too much after the natural disaster, telling us, "Everything is fine. I live in a bunker. But it's horrible what's going on in New Jersey."

A native Puerto Rican, Ricky says he's used to tropical storms. Unfortunately, we wish we could say the same for the rest of the tri-state area.

'Jersey Shore' House Unscathed by Hurricane Sandy Beatdown

Even Hurricane Sandy doesn't want to mess with the "Jersey Shore" ... because the infamous Seaside Heights home that housed Snooki and the gang survived "virtually untouched" by the massive storm that ravaged the East Coast this week.

We're told other than losing a few shingles, the only damage to the home was to the boards and lumber underneath the house. Amazingly, all of the windows remained intact ... no broken glass.

The house is located behind the boardwalk t-shirt store where the cast worked -- that store was crushed by Sandy's wrath.

If the house can survive the smush room, it's indestructible.

Coco's Breasts Defeat Hurricane Sandy

If there was one bright spot in the chaos of Hurricane Sandy ... it was the strength and resolve of Coco Austin ... who braved rain and winds to make sure the masses would still get the opportunity to ogle her breasts.

Coco played the role of weather girl last night ... giving a play-by-play of the storm from her balcony in New Jersey.

Like a true pro, Coco stayed focused ... and refused to let the wind blow her jacket over her boobs during her report.

Bravo, Coco ... bravo.

Donnie Wahlberg Hurricane Sandy FLOODED My Entire Apt

Donnie Wahlberg's cereal bowl was floating across his kitchen last night ... after his apartment flooded due to Hurricane Sandy ... and he documented the entire situation on camera.

Wahlberg shot footage of himself sloshing his way through his flooded apartment ... a situation that became very common across the East Coast yesterday.

The New Kids on the Block member tweeted, "My entire building is under a foot of water. Awesome neighbors all banding together to help each other! Stay safe!"

A short time later, Wahlberg posted an update -- "Safe & Sound on Higher Ground! Don't worry about me. Material things are meaningless. Check in with those you know in the storm!"

Currently, an estimated 7 million people are still without electricity ... 168 people are stranded throughout NYC ... and at least 16 people have died as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

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