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Bristol Palin


in Bar Heckler Lawsuit

11/3/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1103-bristol-palin-tmzA judge has tossed out a defamation lawsuit filed by the man who famously heckled Bristol Palin on her reality show … and even ordered him to pay her attorneys fees … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported, Stephen Hanks filed a lawsuit against Palin and A&E (parent company of Lifetime) following his encounter with Palin in a Hollywood bar that aired as part of her show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

During the confrontation, Hanks called Bristol's mom Sarah "evil" and a "whore" and Bristol said the man was gay ... saying she could "tell" by the way he looked.

Hanks went after Bristol and A&E on several levels. First, he claimed he never signed a waiver to appear on the show. Second, he claimed the show invaded his privacy by airing Bristol's comments about Hanks being gay. And third, he claimed Bristol damaged his reputation when she later gave an interview saying that Hanks' hurtful comments are what caused her leave Los Angeles and move back to Alaska.

But a judge ruled in favor of Bristol and A&E on every count -- saying the show was protected by the First Amendment and that Hanks did not have his privacy violated because no unknown facts about him were disclosed (A&E had argued that Hanks is out as a gay man on his social media accounts).

The judge also ruled that Hanks has to cover Palin's attorney's fees.


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Spencer B in MD    

This is GREAT news! I am so "GLAAD" (snicker) this helmet-headed Stephen Hanks trollop has to pay Bristol's attorney's fees!! That is totally AWESOME! Hey Stephen - "Hanks" for the money! Without the money, you will have to beg for f@gs to smoke!

718 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

I hope Stephen Hanks pays out his @ss. I hear Stephen Hanks @ss has held many deposits.. lol.

718 days ago


You better not pick on Bristol,MaMa whore,OOPS, bear will come get you.

718 days ago


Who honestly gives a crap about Bristol Palin? She’s a spoiled, self-centered brat who has done absolutely nothing but have a kid out of wedlock and plastered that indiscretion all over the place to make money

718 days ago


Who honestly gives a crap about Bristol Palin? She’s a spoiled, self-centered brat who has done absolutely nothing but have a kid out of wedlock and plastered that indiscretion all over the place to make money

718 days ago


Good for her!

718 days ago


Steven.... this is one of the dumber things I have seen you do. You were totally OUT way before now. You're at Saddle EVERY day picking up on guys. The bigger question is who DIDN'T know. I'm genuinely embarrassed for you that you ruined your life over this. Isn't it time to put down the bottle? Funny how I never see you try this **** with a guy. But with a little girl? You're gross. You need therapy. ASAP. **** ain't funny at your age. You picked a fight and you lost. How would you like it if you had a kid and someone harassed him because his father was gay? GET HELP!!!

718 days ago


You stepped up and insulted the machine that you resent, without realizing that the same machine would be your arbitrator. Loose Lips Sink Ships.

718 days ago


This girl is hardly more than a more "mature"(?) - chronologically only, Honey Boo Boo. In fact, I have SO much more respect for HBB and Mama June than this whiny little **** and her mother. She is still so steaming tween the thighs hot for Levi, that it does show. Don't blame her, he is H.O.T. If she and her mother had not "gone Hollywood" on him, I do think he might have stepped up to the plate. Even though he is spreading his seed again and has matched Bristol and Sarah's publicity antics one for one, (he looked FAR BETTER in his Playgirl spread than either of them looked or sounded in any media venue) I still have more respect for him than the females. I keep hearing about how non-intellectual he is - HELLO, he never claimed to be. Sarah Palin and Bristol are, again, HBB's with just a little more INSINCERE polish and spin doctoring. Get Bristol and her mother out of our faces. I would love to look at more Levi. He's got "proof" that he's not abstaining, harder for him. Bristol, IF you are truly taking a vow of celibacy, fine, but what's in your nightstand drawer? I can only imagine that if you've had Levi ONCE (at least) you'd certainly want more.

718 days ago


bristol pistol whatever she has fallen and please don't get up, you will never be a star stay in alaska and hunt moose with your pistol packing mom. by the way i am glad she handled her business and won, the apple don't fall far from the tree.

718 days ago

Michael W    

I'm 47 and regardless of my political views if I see someone of my own age talking **** to someone's daughter like that - he'd have sucked some floor tile when his head bounced off of it! Thanks for sharing his entire name too!

718 days ago


Don't know who she is but I thought she handled herself very well. Not sure I could keep that calm in that situation.

718 days ago


well her stupid show is cancelled, and I think she harassed the guy first, because she wanted the publicity for her show. The show was so stupid, first she wanted her son not to learn about guns, but she took him shopping in a gun store, how about toys r us or Macys.

718 days ago


Wow, a lot of support for Bristol Palin! It’s nice to know that some people can look beyond their dislike/hate for the Palin’s and condemn this guy for verbally attacking Bristol in that bar. There’s hope for humanity yet.

717 days ago


the real culprit here is whoever was operating the mechanical bull

717 days ago
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