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Hollywood Collectively Orgasms

11/6/2012 8:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


4 MORE YEARS ... of George Clooney in the White House ... 'cause his BFF Barack Obama has defeated Mitt Romney and will serve another term as the President of the United States.

According to multiple news outlets ... Obama locked up most of the swing states ... including Ohio, Nevada and Florida .. and has earned enough electoral votes to remain the Commander in Chief.

As soon as the victory was announced, the stars went to Twitter in droves ... click here to read the celeb reactions.

9:55 PM -- Mitt Romney just delivered a speech congratulating Obama on the victory.

"I wish all of them well, but particularly the President, the First Lady and their daughters."

He continued, "I pray that the President will be successful in guiding our nation."



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The market crashed and 38 of 50 top US companies announced layoffs.

But...Putin, Chavez and Castro are elated.

Nice goin, tards.

723 days ago


Ok people we are ALL citizens of this country. This country has spoken TWICE. Get with the program and lets all get together and play nice. The Republicans were waiting for this and now they have the answer Barack Obama won so now they better start working with the President instead of against him. This country needs to move Forward for all our sakes. I suggest everyone in this country go out this week to a restaurant, a department store, hardware store or whatever floats your boat and BUY something. Instilling confidence into the retailers will go a long way in helping everyone. We need to PULL TOGETHER as a country so we can remain the best country in the world. The people have spoken.

723 days ago


If Obama was white with the record he has, he'd have been impeached let alone not reelected. Jobless rates increase, welfare recipients increasing, people looking for handouts ridiculously high, no one being self sufficient, no one wanting to be successful, small businesses are closing, people are going to lose insurance coverage since businesses find the reported fines cheaper than Obama approved coverage, so they will be on their own... our deficit skyrocketed, our DOW is dropping, and Obama plans on doing more of the same by his own admission the next 4 years. Can someone say how this is a good thing considering how "successful" he has been the first 4?

723 days ago


I can' t believe how stupidddddddd the youth of America is. Especially the college grads! If I were them I would ask for a refund from the school they attended because they are dumber now then they were 4 years ago. Hollywood is a joke and so is this once proud nation. I'd rather move back to Canada but first I will stop by the White House and watch Obama play a celebrity basketball game with Beyonce singing in the background while wearing her Obama earrings

723 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Thats what Hollywood and NOW the White House is all about---ORGAZMS - Thats the only thing that our young people are interested in anymore-It wont be long before we have a liquor store, a "POT" outlet, and a Whore House on every corner of any block in the country- In fact, wont be long before they DEMAND to close every church in town and convert them to Singles Nude Bars-

723 days ago

In Depth News    

State Run Celebrity & Media -- Wins : A Brave New Era ?

(Note: The terrible response to hurricane Sandy & the incredible Benghazi cover up (blaming a video) was never really pointed out by the media)

The Statists Celebrities & Media become infused with the State . This is the end of an individual creative celebrity or entertainment culture . There needs to be an independent celebrity or entertainment culture, based on individual creativity and Not one based on a liberal fascist culture (via the current one where millionaires celebs like alec baldwin, katy perry, dictator supporter sean penn, chris rock , etc always get the good jobs).

Divisive President Barack Obama is like Progressive Woodrow Wilson , Only, both were or are for collective control . People try to play the race card (like democrat Spielberg) when they say he might be like republican Lincoln who was for individual liberty.

President Obama and the militant unions won be pitting group against group and bus people to the stations (vote early & vote often).

President Obama said he will seek Revenge against the political dissent (republicans or indep supporters) and with the new control laws it will make those supporters into 2nd class citizens.

723 days ago


BREAKING NEWS--- OBAMA WINS !!!!! America loses.

723 days ago


Let us hope that Obama get's America out of debt- like he should be doing!

723 days ago

Throwback kid    

I still believe when all is said and done about the four Americans murdered in Benghazi, it will end Hillary Clinton's career and Obama may face impeachment. It is that serious, they lied to the American people

723 days ago


Stock market down 300+!!! And its not even noon!
Thanks Obama

723 days ago

Obama is an Idiot    

screw Obama and everyone who voted for him.. You should have your voting right revoked!!! Just goes to show most of americans are dumb as sh*!..

723 days ago


I hope these Hollywood stars pay 80% in Federal income tax. They wanted him they can pay for him.

723 days ago


Wonderful, 71% Latinos voted for OBAMA, majority single young women voted for Obama, gays.....etc

723 days ago

Wow ...    

Good grief, the comments show just how awful American's are. We might not be happy with the elections, or we might be celebrating...but the time has come for us to work together. To set aside partisanship, to find a way to get the work done. Compromise people, regardless of what party you belong too. The time is here, now.

723 days ago


America got it right again!!!

723 days ago
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