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LeVar Burton

PBS Will Triumph ...

Romney or No Romney

11/6/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Big Bird
is safe for now -- at least according to Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton, who tells TMZ, he's confident PBS will survive after the election ... no matter who wins ... despite Mitt Romney threatening to cut funding to the network if he's elected.

Burton had just cast his vote in L.A. -- take a wild guess for who -- and we asked if he was optimistic about PBS' survival next year post-election (in light of Romney's infamous anti-Big Bird agenda).

Burton replied, "I am. In my heart, I absolutely am."

He said,  "A lot depends on what happens this evening. But no matter what happens, PBS needs to reorganize its way of being effective."

Burton -- who has already expressed his outrage over Romney's anti-PBS stance -- added, "A lot of people need to acknowledge that the world is changing, and we got to change with it or get left behind."

Puppet power.


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Cheryl A.    

A friend of our family is the Chief Engineer at the Savannah, GA TV station and radio station and he makes $2000 a WEEK. If the station goes down, he repairs it, otherwise he is alone in his office, watches TV, cooks what he wants to in his full kitchen and leaves usually after watching The Price Is Right (noon) They have MORE then enough money from private grants (Ford, Robert Mondovi wines, cooking lines etc) and PERSONAL donations that they can get along without the 9% the government throws in.

723 days ago


With all the money Seasame Street makes on merchandise in a year they could keep PBS afloat on there pocket change.

723 days ago


it is changing... changing so that we shouldn't have to keep carrying all the moochers in this country. Its ok to help, but when many abuse the system, then its wrong.

PBS will be fine. Stop making an issue. The amount of money Sesame Street makes could fund that show for years.

723 days ago


My local PBS always says something like, "And thank you for making shows like this possible". If the donation drives mostly fund it, why worry about government spending.

723 days ago

BB not bb    

The reason that I support PBS is that you can see tangible results from the money. It is something that nearly everyone can use and enjoy. That makes it a good value. So much tax payer money doens't bet anyone but a few.

723 days ago

Pudding Tang    

PBS will be fine...... In the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal !

723 days ago


Look at the bright side -- you can always design Kim Kardashian's bedpan, like Brad Pitt's doing.

723 days ago


I'm Romneys daughter

723 days ago


"A lot depends on what happens this evening. But no matter what happens, PBS needs to reorganize its way of being effective."

How many more of mine and your tax dollars is it going to take? Whether Romney is elected or not, I am damn sure glad he brought attention to this issue. It is just one of many ways we could save money.

723 days ago


I am glad they can survive because Uncle Sam's pockets can no longer be raided like giving these companies money - they should be self sufficient. We have bigger things to worry about - like feeding people than these corporate raiders of Uncle's pockets.

723 days ago


Seriously TMZ STFU. I am so sick of you writing every damn political story to make Romney look bad. How we you guys didn't say anything about Benghazi and how Obama denied help? Bigbirds the bigger story right?

723 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

My favorite PBS show is NOVA. I think it could easily survive outside of PBS without government funding.

723 days ago


$450,000,000 is alot of money to be taking from the tax payers especially at a time when we have seen our national debt triple. PBS is a billion dollar corporation and they really don't need your money!

723 days ago


PBS has HUGE cash reserves, they are very inefficiently run, they make millions upon millions of dollars a year, they are a not for profit, why do they also need government funding? THEY DON'T it's just easier suckling on the teat of Government handouts.

723 days ago


Sure PBS will be fine. They're rich and don't need taxpayer's money.
Why are moms and dads who are struggling to shelter and feed their kids, forced to give PBS their money through taxes?
PBS programming is more valuable to a child
Kid's shows are more valuable to kids than...shelter over their heads?
PBS are a bunch of rich folks getting richer from taxpayers.
While taxpaying parents are worried sick how they're going to support their kids, rich PBS folks are taking a portion of those parent's money and driving their BMW's an Audi's, owning huge luxurious homes and living rich.

723 days ago
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