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Lindsay Lohan

Will Be Charged With

Lying to Cops

11/6/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

10:59AM PDT: 
Sources at the L.A. City Attorney's Office tell TMZ ... they were unaware the Santa Monica City Attorney was going to file criminal charges against Lindsay until they read our post this morning.  They are "gathering information" but so far no decision has been made regarding a possible probation violation in Lindsay's jewelry heist case.


Lindsay Lohan
will be charged with the crime of lying to police after her car accident in June on Pacific Coast Highway ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lohan told cops she was NOT behind the wheel of her Porsche when it slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler.  Fact is she was -- according to multiple witnesses.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the case will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney ... possibly this week.

The charge could spell huge trouble for Lindsay, because she's currently on probation for the jewelry heist.  The criminal filing could trigger a probation violation, and Judge Stephanie Sautner -- the jewelry judge -- could send her to the slammer for a long, long time.

And law enforcement sources tell us ... cops found prescription pills in her purse after the crash.  Witnesses tell us pills were also scattered in her trunk.  Our sources say authorities were prepared to charge LiLo with drug crimes, but Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, gave cops documentations from Lindsay's doctor, saying the pills were properly prescribed.  Authorities then backed off that charge.

As for the charge of lying to cops, Lindsay almost dodged that bullet.  You may recall, after the accident, Lindsay went to the hospital where she was interviewed by cops, and that's when she told them she wasn't behind the wheel.  Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, made a mad dash for the hospital to muzzle her client (see video), but she was a few minutes too late.

Comedy and crime -- it's all about timing.



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It is time for Linsdey to go away and learn life lesson, if this was anyone else we would all ready be in jail, it just goes to show that money can buy freedom how sad. I am so tried of hearing about her send her away for a long long time!!!!!!!

682 days ago


They have witnesses that she was behind the wheel, well this is Lilo were dealing with, she will say they are all lying. Took 5 months to finally charge her, if that was you or me, it might take a week. Next, if they throw her in jail she will be out in less than a day cuz of over crowding. She will never learn.

682 days ago


HA HA HA HA...I hope she actually goes to jail this time, and I hope she actually gets clean...and maybe become a somewhat normal person again...she had so much potential!!! Please, please, PLEASE lock her up!!!!

682 days ago


It's ABOUT F**KING TIME! Why did this take 5 months? Any 'regular' person would have bee charged within a few weeks, tops.
I only hope & pray the judge has had enough and gives her some JAIL TIME! NO MORE HOME ARREST!
And she had more than just prescription pills in that car. Why did the cops not search it & her on the spot - after reports that her/her assistant 'cleaned up' the car inside before the cops arrived?

682 days ago


I hope these enablers don't have kids and hold Blowhan up to be a "role model" to them.

682 days ago


The way Lindsey lies, she should never get out of Jail. Every accident she has had, she lied to the Police and Judges.

682 days ago


Did Blo get this news as she was flying back to CA to VOTE??

682 days ago


More house arrest partys for BLO, cause they dont want her in JAIL!!!....CALIFORNIA JUDICIAL SYSTEM SUKS!!!!!

682 days ago

Joan K    

KMZ, it is so obvious that you aren't getting much of a reaction with the Trashians right now so you are jumping on the next best, or should I say worse thing, Lohans. This broad is a loser too and we all know she will squeeze through this one with a little slap on the wrist, so what is the news?

682 days ago


Next she'll try and off herself (or make it look like that is what she was trying to do) in a bid to get out patient psych care in lieu of jail time. Her low-life lawyer is likely the one coming up with all the excuses for her behavior so our favorite loser slut just figures that no matter what happens her high-priced mouthpiece will make it all go away. Wait until her lawyer quits when she realizes that coke-for-brains isn't going to pay her legal bills; every sleaze ball with a law license will come to the rescue of what they think is their next meal ticket, only to find that they too will be stiffed by the no talent has been that never was.
Dear Lindsay, please die.
Everyone who is so sick of you and your antics that they could puke.

682 days ago


Oh wait, lindsay does not own a house...lmfao the cheatau marmont is the house....BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA

682 days ago


Why not wait until she IS charged, TMZ?

682 days ago


This is great news. As one of the many New Yorkers who are disgusted by her mocking the hurricane on her twitter account (great to be back here by the way) I am delighted by this news.

I hope the cops use her statement on TMZ where she yet again lied about not driving the car. Lindsay is a pill poper, she likes to pop adderal. I bet she got some real quack to give er scripts. SHe was prob high on pills like a f*king kite and thats why she lied. Why else would she?

Too bad Sautner has a hard on for Lindsay or she could actually go to jail for this. She wont.

682 days ago


Think about how many times she has lied to the police...the black kid was driving...those aren't my pants, etc. And she is STILL lying to them. She hasn't learned a thing!!!

Or is she just perpetually 'confused'???

682 days ago


This go-a-round she'll do hard time in the Green Room at Fox News...if the Judge really wants to make an impression on her.

682 days ago
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