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Uppercut Bus Driver


You Broke the Rules

11/6/2012 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The Cleveland bus driver who fired back at an aggressive female passenger with a FEROCIOUS uppercut to the face ... has been fired by his bus company.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has announced ... Artis Hughes was terminated from his job ... for not following policy after he was assaulted by the passenger back in September.

In a statement, the RTA explains ...  "Mr. Hughes claims that his actions were in self-defense. The evidence does not support that claim."

"We expect our employees to diffuse any potential situation. We do not believe that Mr. Hughes took the proper steps to diffuse this situation."

"The proper procedure would have been to pull over and stop the bus, then call Transit Police for assistance."

However, RTA does say ... "The customer was out of line and charges have been filed against her."

Moments after the driver smacked the woman, he told her, "She wanna be a man, I'm gonna treat you like a man."

So far, no comment from the bus driver.


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Ozzie X    

Seen the video before and the loud mouth deserved it.

686 days ago


Fired? He should have gotten a raise and promoted to "training supervisor"!! I was taught the same thing though I never used it, If a girl acts like a man and hits you then you have the right to hit her back!!

686 days ago


She sure wasn't acting like a woman. She was acting like a B I A T C H. He had the right to protect himself and the passengers on that bus.

686 days ago


She forgot her meds that day!

BTW Here in California, if someone hits you, its called mutual combat and should not hit back. The person would be cuffed and sent directly to jail.

Now if you hit the other person, you're going to jail too.

Be Wise and Think Smart!

686 days ago


That stupid female set the African American race back 20 years. Nothing more than a mindless savage.

686 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I swear to God if I had my own company I would hire that bus driver in a New York SECOND! Hire first, background check later. Bet his is clean and hers is as filthy as a broken public toilet. Everytime I see that video it never gets old. Not only does he knock her the F*** OUT, he throws her off the bus like the bag of garbage she is, then all her crap after that. AWESOME! Mr. Hughes, may you find a job that pays TRIPLE what you earned for Cleveland, and not one penny to that angry bitter skank in a civil case.

686 days ago


The bus driver should NOT have been fired. He may have had to endure assault charges from the "female" but he should file against her as well. She deserved what she got. She endangered everyone on that bus by distracting the driver and right before he stopped the bus and stood up, she stepped up to him - clearly a threat to him. There was no way that animal was going to "go quietly" even if the police were called. Pathetic - let her walk wherever she wants to go from now on. The bus driver should be given an award for just shutting her up!!

686 days ago


When did Chris Brown start driving a bus?

686 days ago

small asian penis    

They call him the Bus Driver cause he took that b!tch to school !

- You're welcome.

686 days ago


FINALLY!! These damn loud mouth women want to act like a man so get punched like a man and shut up...

686 days ago


Artis Hughes please come to my city and be a bus driver. We have too many savages like that stupid female on our buses as well. Disrespectful classless fools like female have no place in society.

686 days ago


Oh here's the biach:


686 days ago


Here's the skank:

Ick! Great display she's put on for her daughter to see.

686 days ago


HAHAHA !!!! too damn funny. Bitch deserved it . Wanna act like she all big and bad when she ain't ****.

686 days ago


See? She took advantage of the fact that she's a "girl", and that this man probably won't hit a girl. She should have just shut the hell up and got off the bus. She thought she was tough acting like that. You don't know who's crazy enough out there to hurt you. She deserved it.

686 days ago
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