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Diane Sawyer

Drunk, Tired or Flustered?

11/7/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Diane Sawyer
was the toast of ABC last night. The question -- was she toasted?

A wacky Sawyer, slurring her words and rambling on about nothing, spoke haltingly as she tried to navigate the election returns.

Lots of viewers turned off their TV sets wondering if Sawyer was anchoring with a .12 blood alcohol level -- i.e., she seemed really drunk.

One thing's for sure ... Something very different was going on with her as she clumsily threw to reporters in the field.

Watch the video and judge for yourself. 


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Good for her if she was. This has been a long drawn out election. If I was a drinker I would have gottin' toasted myself.

623 days ago


She could have been drunk. Then again I have seen anxiety pills do this also. If she takes or just started taking Xanax or Valium or anything like that. It would only take 1 pill withOUT any alcohol to have this effect, Depending on the strength and how long she has been taking them. Those pills can really throw you for a huge loop.

623 days ago


Diane made this years election night fun and memorable, priceless...SNL will have a heyday with this one!

623 days ago

O-C Guy    

ABC' s Diane Sawyer was the best entertainment show - if not the only - on T.V. last night. Hopefully, ABC, Inc. will pick-up Diane's bar tab so she can continue to entertain us while reading the nightly news.

623 days ago


Personally- I believe Diane Sawyer is on a downward spiral. After I saw her "interview" those completely-in-shock parents, in real-time after the Colorado Movie Theater incident, I wrote her off as a total and utter Hack. ABC should can her.

623 days ago


Sounds to me that she has the flu and took too much medication! her voice sounds harsh like a cold or flu!

623 days ago


noticed diane slurring and then thought it was odd that barbara walters never spoke. i am thinking they both went out for dinner and drinks before the big election night show. barbara sat there in a stooper hoping no one would call her and diane just rambled. way to go ladies!

623 days ago


Just another one of these "seizure" episodes of late....

Nothing to see here folks, move along.......

623 days ago


I don't think she was drunk. Maybe I'm wrong, I think she was probably tired from reporting all day & all night long. Anyhow, who cares??????? Our beloved President has been re-elected, and I for one am sooooo HAPPY>>>>>YESSSSSSSSSSS>>>I wish he was our President FOREVER. America hit it right again.

623 days ago


Sawyer was a disgrace, how do you act like that on the biggest night for our country. Yea she was tired...right. What an embarassment she was last night, I'm sure people think it was cute being drunk on the job.
She should be fired! Not too good being on the other side is it Diane?

623 days ago


She was faded as hell.

623 days ago


Diane Sawyer sure sounds drunk! But I wonder if the rest of the liberal media drinks too much. That's the only thing that explains their slanted view of the election. Four more years of Obama....America is in so much trouble!!!!!

623 days ago


Could it be medication? She's obviously impaired by something. I don't think it's sleep deprivation.

623 days ago


You don't think she was drunk? Are you mad? Of course she was drunk. Can't you see the look of condemnation on the faces of her co-workers, who are no doubt milling over in their minds how many millions of dollars, more than them, that she gets paid, and then she does something dumb like this.

623 days ago


good times! chug-a-lug gurl

623 days ago
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