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Stacey Dash

Epic 1,344 Word Rant

About Election Depression

11/7/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stacey Dash is really bummed out that Mitt Romney is NOT the next President of These United States ... and we know she's bummed out because she sent us a 1,344 word essay about it.

In her statement, Dash touches on sleeping, hanging chads, her baby, her DNA, Osama Bin Laden ... and she also refers to herself in the 3rd person. 

As we previously reported, Dash took a whole lotta heat for being one of the only black people in Hollywood to not support Barack Obama.

But at the end of her paper, Dash does say, "I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives."

Stacey Dash everyone ... she was in "Clueless" once.


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Reading the comments on here are exactly what I expected from the "tolerant" left.. Calling her the B word or words that rhyme with it...And you guys supposedly care about women's rights? Give me a break.


Mrs Dash understands what you do not.. That this country NEEDS both political parties..and preferably both parties working TOGETHER for the good of our country..


Do you guys really think things through before you post? Do you want a dictatorship like Cuba, Venezuela, and Iraq? Is that seriously how people want to live? With one party ruling the land? Go visit Venezuela.. or talk to people from Cuba... and see how they like living that way... But if it were up to some of you guys we'd live in a Democratic Dictatorship...

717 days ago


She talks to much.! She should of just left it at I didn't vote for Obama and that's it. Move on with your clueless life now.

717 days ago


Did those of you with the rude, negative comments actually take the time to read her entire letter? Kudos to Miss Dash for putting her personal thoughts regarding the election to paper. She has obviously spent a great deal of time considering the current position of our country. Agree or disagree with her, but at least she's taking a stance in something she believes in, and isn't afraid to voice her opinion. Isn't that part of what makes the United States of America such a great country?

717 days ago



717 days ago


I found much to like in her letter. On balance, I still wonder why she supported Romney. In the end; she was thoughtful and articulate. Good for her. I have Republican friends who could not manage more than "I hate Obama". Stacey covered her turf and seemed sincere. TMZ exists for mindless frickwads w/no life of their own; entertaining for the fart and belch crowd I suppose.

717 days ago


JOHN 3:16


717 days ago


**** u tmz

717 days ago


I had a good laugh at "He had this kind of bi-partisan success as governor of MA" Uh I live in MA and just about every piece of legislation was passed in spite of Romney, not because of him. He issued over 800 vetoes and was overriden 95% of the time. That's not bipartisan success. He was a failure as governor of MA and didn't even attempt to run for re-election because his approval rating was so low.

717 days ago


So I guess if you're an F-list celebrity that nobody's heard from for a decade and a half all you have to do is talk crazy and back a republican politician to get on TMZ and have people talk about you again. Take note, Pauly Shore.

717 days ago


Just off yourself, please!!!

717 days ago


I think the TMZ chose a misleading title for this post and is trying to make something out of nothing. I think her letter was well thought out and seems sincere and from a concerned American and mother. I simply don't understand all the hateful comments. We all have views and opinions that others are not going to agree with, and that's great! That's what make this America. I wish we could all disagree with respect for one another. I think we could find common ground and unite and move forward.

717 days ago


When will they learn that they are no allowed to leave the plantation?

717 days ago


Still seeking attention. The election is over. Let it go Stacey! Let it go! damn

717 days ago


Obama's Re-election is an economic tragedy for American blacks - Blk. unemployment 14.3%. Blk Youth unemployment 40.5%.

717 days ago


Stacey, their are a huge amount of Americans out here today that are feeling the exact same way as you including myself. It is truly a breathe of fresh air to find an entertainer that isn't a liberal nut. And speaks about the issues and not the person who is running for office. Please keep your comments coming they are truly appreciated and a breathe of fresh air.

717 days ago
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