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Ariel Winter's Mom

I Called Attorney "Moron" Because ...

11/9/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chrystal Workman is defending the verbal lashing she gave an attorney as a gut reaction to her daughter Ariel Winter being taken from her ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... during a guardianship hearing for the "Modern Family" star last month ... Chrystal yelled at Ariel's guardianship attorney and called her a "moron."

Sources close to the family tell us Chrystal was very upset because she felt like lies were being spewed in court about her parenting and she was fed up ... as she claims any mother would be.

As one source put it, "If someone were trying to take your child that you loved more than anything else away from you, wouldn't you react in a similar way?"

We're told Chrystal apologized in court shortly after the outburst.

As for why Chrystal waited 2 weeks to notify the Sheriff's Department -- about allegedly catching 14-year-old Ariel and the boyfriend in a sexual situation ... we're told she thought she could handle it privately like any other parent.

But we're told she thought she had no other choice after the guardianship hearing ... because she felt like Ariel -- and her older daughter Shanelle -- had ambushed her in court.

As we previously reported ... Shanelle now has temporary guardianship of Ariel.


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This woman needs to STOP with the media. Apparently, we went 1 month without hearing a single thing about it until her mother got hooked up with TMZ and Radar over this. This family can and should be keeping all the details of this case private.

Chrystal, you are only making yourself look worse by going to the media and making up these excuses. The more I hear about this story, the more I believe that you did in fact abuse your daughter.

711 days ago


Ariels teeth in photo: Braces or Meth use?

711 days ago

탑 TOP    


711 days ago


Lindsay 2.0. Where is the daddy? I'm guessing he will be crawling out of his cave in 10, 9, 8 ...

711 days ago


Sure stick to your story ! Even when no one believes you lol this lady looks and sounds like a bad mother !

711 days ago

Wow ...    

Although I understand the mother being upset in court, I do not understand her choices. She called the atty of her child, who wants the best interest of the child, a moron? What the heck does she do at home, with same minor child, behind closed doors - when no one is watching.

711 days ago

its a fact    

Sounds like she's pissed that she wont be getting a handout anymore...that is all!

711 days ago


If these girls truly loved their mother they wouldnt want this to happen and they would want her to have nice things etc..., so my theory is this "mother" is a big beyootch who doesnt deserve any of her daughters money.

711 days ago


The fact that she even lost control on an attorney in court or whatever, just makes you wonder what she does with her daughters? Look at how much she is going to the media, speaking so much bull**** and takes no responsibility and points the finger at everyone else. I believe the daughters, this bitch has a huge mouth and is as defensive as Dina. Hope that girl doesn't have to go back to her mom and no, I don't approve of the boyfriend either.

711 days ago


this woman is making herself look even more guilty spewing accusations all over the place. I believe she's a liar as well as the person who I believe was her brother saying his mom isn't abusive. Maybe not to him. I bet shes jealous of her daughter's looks and success and wanted to live off of her cash. NICE! Reminds me of McCauley Culkin's Dad.

711 days ago


Uh if I were having my kids taken away from me (ex hubby tried) I wouldn't be namecalling him nor anyone involved. Keep trying to make yourself sound like your a good mother when clearly you're not.

711 days ago

Pixie Gypsylove    

I think someone needs a good switch to the backside....seems way too much of a case of teenage rebellion, wanna be a slut, won't listen to rules and her mother. Calling a mother abusive when she is trying to control her child is a disgusting accusation and letting Ariel play the 'victim' because she is on a stupid tv show is doing nothing but showing her it is ok to lie about her mom to get what she wants. Ariel needs to give up the dick and worry about being a kid. If the mother loses control of this situation, I'm placing ALL bets that Ariel will be a addicted mess of a whore like Lindsey Lohan..sooner than later.

711 days ago


It would be funny that she is so oblivious about what her outburst says about her coping skills, if it didn't send such a bad message about what her daughter has probably gone through.

711 days ago


I do NOT trust the MUCH older sister's agenda. Maybe Arial is a spoiled little brat who believes that it is ok for her to be sexing with her 18 year old boy friend....maybe she thinks she is "all that" because of he talent and YES she is amazingly talented and adorable on that show BUT her Mom deserves a chance to explain her side of the story.IF it were me I would be crushed that my daughter no longer wanted to reside with me:( Time will tell I suppose.

710 days ago


Why does Ariel have braces in this picture? She hasn't had braces in 2 years. Trying to make her seem even younger for the sake of the gossip?

707 days ago
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