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Barbara Walters

Lindsay's Leno Interview

Is a Slap in the Face

11/12/2012 9:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Barbara Walters
is straight-up insulted that Lindsay Lohan canceled an interview with her to chat with Jay Leno instead -- claiming Lindsay's people didn't even have the courtesy to explain why she pulled out.

Barbara spoke out on "The View" this morning, saying, "If they'd said to me 'You know, Barbara, she isn't up to the kinds of questions that you might ask' ... If they had told me that, I wouldn't feel quite as disappointed as I do today."

Lindsay had previously been scheduled to do an interview with Walters on "20/20" but the actress canceled -- and Barbara claims Lindsay's people gave her a BS excuse ... that LiLo just wasn't feeling "up to it."

Next thing Barbara knew, Lindsay's people had booked her on Leno instead -- and she's insinuating ... it's because Leno won't ask the hard-hitting questions Barbara wanted to. 

Lindsay's Leno interview is supposed to air next week.

She refused to talk to Barbara -- but you'll recall, Lindsay opened up about her family problems on TMZ Live just last month. The interview was explosive.



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Funny a year ago she could completely relate to being Marlyn Monroe. Now that that ship has sailed, she got so much in common with Liz Taylor. Flavor of the day for her trying to get money.

678 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay Lohan is so negatively branded that she is and always will just be LINDSAY LOHAN. I could never buy her in a serious role, only joke roles where we know we are watching Lindsay Lohan.
She can make money playing Lindsay Lohan, but don't ever try to stuff her down my throat as anyone other than LINDSAY LOHAN.
No matter how slick Liz and Dick is it will not be Liz and Dick, it will be Lindsay Lohan playing dress up between drunks.

678 days ago

help this young woman    

Samantha Swetra ‏@SamanthaSwetra 20m
Goodluck today on Fallon @lindsaylohan #loveyou #missyou

678 days ago


I watched The canyons trailer and it is as bad as I thought it would be, maybe even worse. The Canyons will be widely viewed as one of the worst films ever made.

678 days ago


Remember Liz and Dick barely even getting off the ground because of her. She kept bitching about who plays Dick and thought she was important enough to have final say. With all of her baggage and piss poor attitude, no real roles are coming her way. I'll bet the mortgage on it.

678 days ago


Dina says that Lindsay lied:

678 days ago


YAWN.....Blo was on Fallon NINE months ago talking about, you guessed it, Liz&Dick.

Stunted "career" much?

678 days ago


Thanks Luv.

Dina: I'm Proud Lindsay Came Clean After Lying
November 14, 2012
Did Lindsay Lohan lie about her mother having an alleged cocaine problem? Dina Lohan sets the record straight for ET's Christina McLarty.
Pics: Time and Time Again -- Lindsay Lohan Court Timeline
"Absolutely lied. We were having an argument, it escalated," explains Dina of their October altercation which was recorded by her father, Michael Lohan. "She just wanted to hurt me at that moment. You know, mothers [and] daughters, we fight."
Dina tells Christina that it pained her to see that private family moment "go public and viral." As for accusations that she uses cocaine, Dina replies, "I hate cocaine. I don't do cocaine."
Lindsay Lohan Shocks in Tawdry 'Canyons' Trailer
After Lindsay proclaimed that she was not being truthful about her accusations against her mother about cocaine use, Dina says, "I'm so proud of her for telling the truth because it destroyed me. I mean, I cried for weeks. It just hurt me so bad and she knew how horrible that was, and she came clean and told the truth that she lied. I'm very proud of her for that, which is very difficult to have to do."
Dina adds, "There's so much more to the story than the public sees, and it takes its toll on my children and myself, and we're just trying to move forward."
Watch ET for more with our exclusive Dina Lohan interview.

678 days ago

Suzy Q     

What's this BS story out about how Lindsay is looking for love (sob?)

She finds love everytime she sticks a straw in her nose and sees herself in the mirror.

PS: Is anyone else having a lot of trouble posting one dmn comment? It's sad how many hysterically witty comments I haven't been able to post. :)

678 days ago


She was rapping on a mic according to this page:

678 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Milo is on ROL, collecting child support money

678 days ago


All this BS HYPE has turned me off...I wouldnt watch her funeral right now..
not even curious..after SNL I wouldnt care if she was in the olypics

678 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Grant is going to be on Wendy Williams tomorrow, its gonna be fun to watch him lie about Lindsay while his body langauge will say different.

678 days ago

Suzy Q     

What? Fallon" Nooooooooooooooooo!!

I thought she was just on Leno! Does anyone know?

678 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Lindsay Lohan's Liz & Dick Producer: "It Was a Challenge"

by Shawna Malcom Today 1:15 PM PST

Jack Zeman/Lifetime

To says there was some drama involved with Lindsay Lohan's upcoming Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick would be an understatement. A big one.

"Producing a movie with Lindsay is not for the faint of heart," executive producer Larry Thompson told reporters during a Wednesday morning conference call. "I turned 50 shades of white actually during the production."

Even before the film—in which Lohan stars as Elizabeth Taylor—started shooting last summer, though, Thompson acknowledged that hiring the troubled actress came with several strings.

"We had serious challenges to deal with due to her probation and her history," said Thompson. "Therefore we had to make a deal where there were pages and pages of ‘what if' clauses. There never was a ‘what if she can act' clause. It was about, ‘What if there is a car accident? What if there is a violation of her probation [and she's] incarcerated?' Those ‘what ifs' were plenty. She might be the most insured actress who ever walked on a soundstage. We tried to insure ourselves against things that could and, in fact, did happen."

Lindsay canceled a scheduled sit down with Barbara Walters

When Lohan was involved in a well-publicized car accident last June while filming Liz & Dick, the production was forced to take an insurance day. "I was financially at risk myself," said the producer, who added that Lohan was apologetic. "It was a challenge."

Still, the veteran producer had only kind words to say about the actress' performance, which he called "truly riveting." "Overall, my gosh, relative to the performance we got and the movie we were able to make because of her, the pain was worth the pleasure. And the audience is going to benefit from the risk we took and the reward that was gained."

In fact, he believes that Lohan's performance will remind people why she became a star in the first place. "I know there are a lot of people out there who are naysayers," Thompson said, "And I think they're gonna be shocked—and people who have believed in her, their belief is gonna be vindicated."

Watch the Liz and Dick trailer

"People will see that Grant Bowler as Richard Burton just steals your heart and Lindsay Lohan breaks it," added the producer. "I'm guardedly optimistic that the public will like the movie very much. I believe if everybody takes a deep breath and focuses on her artistry instead of her antics, they will enjoy a pretty riveting movie."

Liz & Dick premieres Sunday, November 25, at 9 PM on Lifetime.

678 days ago
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