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UCLA Lights Up USC

(with F-Bomb)

in Student Rivalry

11/14/2012 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's rivalry week ... and last night, a bunch of UCLA students used one of the Bruin dorms to send a message to their enemies across the city ... and it was hilarious. 

Of course, things get nasty between UCLA and USC this week -- in fact, USC has already taken steps to protect their iconic Tommy Trojan statue ... which has been famously violated by the Bruins several times over the years.

UCLA's Bruin Bear statue is also under DEFCON 1 levels of security -- that thing's seen its share of abuse as well.

The two schools square off on Saturday -- winner goes to the PAC-12 championship game.

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Phishie from Philly    

That's awesome they do that. It must be so much fun. Of course here comes the conservative complainers.
Phishie from Philly

707 days ago


"....DEFCON 5...." i don't think that means what you think it means..... also, camping out to protect your mascot before a rivalry game is done in hundreds of places each year (for me it was protecting the sparty statue at michigan state). slow news day? new writer showing their chops?

707 days ago


Way to keep it CLASSY UCLA!! Can't wait to watch the game!!

707 days ago



707 days ago


Have to admit,....pretty clever. School pranks and rivalries have come a long way,....

707 days ago


And to think America's future is in the hands of these morons.

707 days ago

Jay W.     

Predictions anyone... ?

707 days ago

Red Lily    

As a Bruin Alumus, I couldn't be prouder! Go Bruins, beat $C!

707 days ago

Osterhagen Key    

Ummmm...DEFCON 5 is Peace - DEFCON 1 is war. DEFCON is an acronym for Defense Condition. How can I rely on you for factual information when you get simple things like this wrong?

706 days ago


UCLA recently complained about a USC 30+yr old tradition where Tommy Trojan Stabs the spray pained bruin on the grass and asked USC to stop it. lol i think its hillarious because they are stabbing the grass not the stuffed bear or a real bear.
Then UCLA does this and doesnt expect USC to retaliate?!?! hmm
Ive been a student at both campuses the pranks are hillarious at times... ex. one year USC put red dye and soap inside their fountain systems. funny as heck cuz for weeks you would see UCLA students with dye spots on their faces and all over their clothes and book bags.
another year USC contracted a helicopter that droppped a ton of cow maneur onto the UCLA bear which is why they box the bear this time of year. (the bear has 24/7 cameras on him all year long too)
and last but not least UCLA students went painting one night and painted Tommy Trojan with UCLA colors which was not easy to come off.

Overall its all in fun, but dont ask for a seize fire if you keep firing.

706 days ago


Umm, Defcon 5 is the least serious. Defcon 1 is the most serious. Not that I expect tremendous knowledge on the topic from TMZ...

Just sayin'

706 days ago


The TMZ office must be filled with public school graduates. Please stop deleting comments made that do not favor those in Westwood...just sayin'

706 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

While I completely understand the whole School-rivalry angle, this is -yet another- scathing indictment
on the COMPLETE failure of the U.S. System of "Higher Education".

While mediocrity, inexcusably, permeates our
Society -especially our Economy- the mega-industry
of Colleges and University churns-out lackluster
"Graduates", and consequently citizens.
With, untold BILLIONS of Tax-payer dollars
funding this scam. Think: For every Gates or Jobs,
are thousands, upon thousands of near-Average
Joes/Janes. Be sure, this four-letter-word "Innovation", might be very impressive - to a fourth-grader.
College.....High-School for rich kids.

The House of David 20Twelve:

706 days ago


What's with you guys deleting my comments TMZ? didnt say anything offensive or disrespectful! what the plop?

706 days ago


How typical that those who cry bully when it suits them, find this awesome.

706 days ago
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