'GMA' and 'Today' AT WAR Over Lindsay Interview

11/17/2012 6:30 AM PST

Lindsay Lohan -- 'GMA' and 'Today' at War Over Interview

Lindsay Lohan has triggered a broadcast war, with the folks at "Today" accusing "Good Morning America" of whoring themselves out to score an interview with the actress.

GMA insists they did not agree to all but declare personal questions off limits during Lindsay's interview on Friday ... despite multiple reports to the contrary. And they not-so-obtusely accuse "Today" -- aka the "desperate competitor" -- of leaking the story.

"Today" producers have fired back ... saying the interview was "weak" and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Truth be told ... Rogers and Cowan, Lindsay's P.R. flack, and most other publicists get these shows to limit questions in return for big interviews, even though everyone denies it.

But here's the problem for GMA. They say they did not agree to any conditions and asked the questions they wanted to ask.

Well, the way we see it, that would make them crappy interviewers, because the only personal question they asked Lindsay about was her newly-discovered half-sister. There are a few other questions on the table -- e.g., how do you feel about the fact that you're about to be prosecuted for yet another crime and you'll probably go to jail?