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Kim Zolciak's Dad

'Kim is a Pathological Liar'

11/19/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

2:15 AM PT -- Kim's lawyer issued a statement to TMZ ... saying the reality star is "heartbroken and saddened by the derogatory and spiteful statements made by her mother and father, Karen and Joe Zolciak."

Zolciak's lawyer adds, "[Kim] cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to humiliate their grandchildren's mother in such a public display of hatred and fabrications."

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak has a serious problem with the truth ... because she's a pathological liar ... this according to her own father.

It's the latest shot in the nasty family feud between Kim and her parents ... that started when Kim's folks told a Georgia court that Kim was unfairly blocking them from visiting her children.

Kim had fired back in court docs of her own ... claiming her mom and dad are bad grandparents and disrespectful people.

But Kim's dad Joe Zolciak tells TMZ his daughter is full of crap -- "Kim is a pathological liar PERIOD."

"I will not tolerate her trying to make a mockery of my wife or our family any further. We are completely humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media."

In fact, Joe says Kim is an unstable parent and a bad role model -- "She has been married twice and has three different fathers of her four children. Let's face the facts."

A judge has yet to decide on whether Kim's grandparents should have visitation rights.


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I think its funny that people that don't even know Joe and Karen Zolciak are commenting about them. They seemed to be caring,etc.etc. People,wake the hell up and realize you have never met Joe and Karen Zolciak and wouldn't know them except from what you saw on TV. Everyone has a comment or a theory as to what is going on or what kind of people they are. Look at yourself in a mirror and reflect on your own pathetic life before throwing stones.

674 days ago


Oh kim, mom, and dad can we all just get along? Come on kiss and hug it out your family for Goodness sakes. I'm not pointing the finger at anyone because i don't know them but i do know that when the cameras are gone and your 15 mins are up and nobody gives a crap about you anymore all you'll have is each other(FAMILY).

674 days ago


Zolciak's lawyer adds, "[Kim] cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to humiliate their grandchildren's mother in such a public display of hatred and fabrications."

Dear Kim, Allow me to wield the clue-bat the rest of the natural world has possession of.. including but not limited to apparently |: Your parents.

You have humiliated your folks in the following way:
1. Really bad wigs. I don't care how much hair you fork out in front, tired of the crappy wigs.
2. Puffer fish lips. While I understand the need to look like a blow up doll for your latest sugar daddy, (including the sweet idiot you managed to marry) it's disgusting to see suspicious glisten slavered all over them week after week.
3. Publicly proud of spreading it for married men. Seriously. If it walks like a ho, spreads like a ho.. it's a ho.
4. Singing. Mother of all that's holy that's got to be top of the humiliation list. If my child, (and 32 my ass) was delusional on the scale of your fantasy about singing, I'd get them serious help. I'd certainly protect the world from the warbling.
5. Greed. It's shameful. Holy cow there's a ton of greed on reality show, but you certainly win the tin tiara.
6. This is possibly the worst offense for a mother... your child on national TV with her workout pants consistantly so far up her butt the entire world knows if she's had a brazilian.

Yep, I'm firmly on the side of your folks. I'd have knocked you off your self carved pedastal with a mama slap to the back of the head years ago. You would not humiliate *my* family with even one of those stunts.

Have a lovely turkey day. No doubt you'll be digging thru the stuffed bird looking for the egg sized diamond you've been hinting/begging/blackmailing what's his name for.

674 days ago


Her parents proved her right by being outspoken in the media. Kim has two daughters by two men who see the girls. It happens. Kim is devoted to her kids and they all love her present husband. I thought her dad and her were close.

673 days ago


Why does Kim think it is ok for her to humilitate her parents, but when her parents fight back she is confused....seriously? Kim and her parents really need to grow up

673 days ago


She looks Very Manly....

673 days ago


Daddy calls it like he sees it, guess the truth hurts. The fact of the matter is the facts speak for themself, Kim is so fake she wears wigs that make her look stupid and trashy when her own hair is nice, that's how fake she is. Don't punish you children by denying them their grandparents, no matter how you feel about the situation, that only hurts the children.

673 days ago


QUOTE: Zolciak's lawyer adds, "[Kim] cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to humiliate their grandchildren's mother in such a public display of hatred and fabrications. :ENDQUOTE

Ummm what? "their grandchildren's mother"? Isn't that "their daughter". How crapbaggish of the Atty and that ditz to word the statement that way!

673 days ago


My understanding of the court system is that grandparents have NO legal right's when it comes to visitation of they're own grandchildren. Now I think that loving involved grandparents who have been supportive of their children & grandchildren since birth should ABSOLUTELY have some rights and access to them. If Kim is being honorary and spiteful to her parents then she will live to regret it! I mean who does that (Bars grams & pa,pa)from the lives of babes??

672 days ago


Everything was okay as long as the mother was getting screen time and being treated special. Once it was made clear that she wasn't the star, that's when things went south - or that is how it looks to the public. Even the grandchildren don't want anything to do with the grandparents. Your grandkids hate you- I think that should tell you to shut up and go away.

672 days ago


Kim Z. is trailer trash point, blank, period. All her parents need to do is take some of those RHOA episodes where Kim is talking about sex and other inappropriate subjects and let the judge see them. Just a few weeks ago she was talking to Sweetie about giving her husband blow jobs. This woman is disgusting and I bet her in-laws HATE their son has involved this POS to their family tree.

670 days ago


It shows what a waste of space you are when your own parents can't find anything good to say about you. Your 15 mins are up. PLEASE GO AWAY

670 days ago


Kim is so disrespectful to her parents I hope she realize that she will get it back one day through her own kids. And at least the dad was telling the truth lol

669 days ago


Kim is truly disrespectful to er parents I hope she knows about karma

669 days ago


Its bad when even your parents have nothing good to say about you. Listen up Kim, your 15 mins are up. PLEASE GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

667 days ago
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