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'Price is Right'


In Pregnant Model Lawsuit

11/22/2012 5:26 AM PST UPDATED: 11/22/2012 8:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jury that found a former "Price Is Right" model was fired because she got knocked up just gave the beauty a huge parting gift ... $7 MILLION in punitive damages.

Brandi Cochran sued the show for allegedly harassing her and ultimately giving her the boot when she got pregnant. She claimed she was called names including "wide load."

Earlier this week the jury awarded Brandi $775,000 in damages, but then heard testimony about possible punitive damages, which serve as punishment for intentional wrongdoing.

Let's just say ... the jury found PLENTY of wrongdoing, because it just smacked the show with punitives to the tune of $7,763,440.

Maybe they'll change the end of the show and say, "Remember to spay and neuter your models."

PIR Executive Producer Mike Richards released a statement on the show's website, calling yesterday "a tough day for The Price Is Right and its staff."

In the show's defense, Mike describes one model who went through two pregnancies on the show -- and writes, "If we don't like pregnant models, we sure have a funny way of showing it."


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I still think the joke is funny harvey

644 days ago

Just Me    

What a different world this would be if men could get pregnant

644 days ago


good for her! ;)

644 days ago


8 million is totally bogus! For being fired just because she got pregnant yeah she should have gotten lost wages and a fair settlement but not 8 million. As far as being called names like "wide load", grow up, that is not harassment, if they came around and followed you everywhere calling you names like that then ok it is but I'm sure this wasn't that and was just a couple comments meant to be playful joking and that's it. If people think that comments like that are harassment and deserve multi-million dollar rewards then were are the rewards for every single kid growing up today??? There isn't a single person alive that didn't get some kind of comments like that going through school. Law suits with rewards like this one for being called a name are totally ridiculous, the 775K she got was the only thing she should have gotten here, anything more is unjustified.

644 days ago


Good luck to her because people who bring these lawsuits against Hollywood producers have a way of becoming permanenty unemployable in the industry.

644 days ago


wow now that is baby insurance... now all she has to do is get divorced..get half and child support for 21 years on top of that and she will be extra set up...

644 days ago


Wasn't there a story a few years back Bob Barker was sued by one of the women .He wanted a little oral sex or something like that

644 days ago

She's baaaack    

They must have really turned it around because I think everyone on stage besides Drew Carey is pregnant right now.

644 days ago


She was fired for being a fat-ass after having her baby, not for having the baby. 99% of all model-related jobs have weight clauses. Sorry but it's true and Price is Right was in the right. And punitive damages are such crap, and one of the reasons why insurance is unaffordable for millions and store prices being what they are as companies need to maintain huge liability accounts

644 days ago


Whatever, just don't pick on Drew Carey.

644 days ago


I DONT LIKE PREGNANT MODELS! And Im who the shows ads are trying to reach. When did the producers freedom of choice become based upon weather or not some one else like it? And why does this mean you get 9 million dollars for getting made fun of?!?! If this was a man he would have ben told to grow a pair and STFU

644 days ago


Thats f-ed up. Lets face it: price is right models are suppose to be very attracitve. And pregnant woman well really doesn't fit price is right traditions of having beautiful woman. Its not like they fired her because they found out she was 8% latino or something like that. This model is a total bitch.

643 days ago


Spade or neuter your models!! Haha I love it

643 days ago


How insensitive is this producer Richards?
As much as I like Drew Carey, the show has definitely been slipping.
When you hear about Richards treating Brandi, Lanisha and the other models so poorly it's easy to see a toxic negative pattern translating to the show.
So how does Richards keep his job? Who makes these decisions?
This ship is sinking and I'm getting off the boat now.
I wish the models and remaining staff the best of luck. And Richard's wife too.

643 days ago


good for her! she deserves it!

643 days ago
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