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'Price is Right'


In Pregnant Model Lawsuit

11/22/2012 5:26 AM PST UPDATED: 11/22/2012 8:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jury that found a former "Price Is Right" model was fired because she got knocked up just gave the beauty a huge parting gift ... $7 MILLION in punitive damages.

Brandi Cochran sued the show for allegedly harassing her and ultimately giving her the boot when she got pregnant. She claimed she was called names including "wide load."

Earlier this week the jury awarded Brandi $775,000 in damages, but then heard testimony about possible punitive damages, which serve as punishment for intentional wrongdoing.

Let's just say ... the jury found PLENTY of wrongdoing, because it just smacked the show with punitives to the tune of $7,763,440.

Maybe they'll change the end of the show and say, "Remember to spay and neuter your models."

PIR Executive Producer Mike Richards released a statement on the show's website, calling yesterday "a tough day for The Price Is Right and its staff."

In the show's defense, Mike describes one model who went through two pregnancies on the show -- and writes, "If we don't like pregnant models, we sure have a funny way of showing it."


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Bossy Potato    

Amazing! Serves them right. Just shows you can't get away with firing someone for having a baby! A completly natural thing! Idiots.

670 days ago


Good! Since when is it okay to fire someone for being pregnant? Would it really be a big deal to see a pregnant model on the show? No one would think twice about it!

670 days ago


this should be illegal. 7 MILLION DOLLARS EXTRA?! on top of her damages? juries like this are the reason everyone's insurance is so high

670 days ago


One business that is not affected by the recession is the lawyer business ....all I ever hear nowadays is somebody suing...nobody is tough enough to say FU and keep going..

670 days ago

charlei harper    

even the ol' horn dog Bob Barker didn't cost the production that much when he had that little "indiscretion" with Dianne Parkinson...

670 days ago


omfg why won't you guys fix this damn website? i haven't been able to "like" something for a week now....

670 days ago


WOW $7 million huh? Bet the Price is Right crew will never utter the words "wide load" again on set.

670 days ago


Shouldn't celebrate yet. The network will surley file endless legal appeals to stall payment and amount might be lowered substantially.

670 days ago


This woman would sue her own mother and child. Scanless bimbo just does not want to work. She got away with this but I think she will be like those lottery winners whose life goes out of control. In fact she is a lottery winner. She does not deserve over 7 million dollars for this. She is probably banging the judge.

670 days ago


Humm, not totally surprising. But I thought The Price was a little beyond this by now. Since the 1950's they have been in a perpetual, but kind of endearing time warp with Bob Barker, up until he retired recently. The models were kind of like home kitchen in fantasy land of what every housewife wanted to look like and what every husband wanted to come home to. It worked for a long, long time. But not now. Gotta pay up. Times have changed.

670 days ago


That's a bulls^t decision. I hope they do not pay her a penny.

670 days ago

nipples mugee    

What ? Was the entire jury pregnant. I hope she never receives a dime of this award. I really hope the Price Is Right appeals this verdict and overturns the punitive damages amount. I have seen people paralyzed by drunk drivers receive no monetary awards from the courts. And because someone called her a name she deserves this !!! Damn jury , you stupid.

670 days ago

scooter 27    

could care less about firing 7 million dollars is absurd. this country sucks when we allow stuff like this to happen on a regular basis. she should be compisated you know maybe to the tune of unemployment check like the rest of the world

670 days ago

This seems really messed up on so many levels it's hard to sort out. Why would the show care that much about a pregnant model? By the way, this is a job where she was ONLY hired for her looks so I can appreciate their concern......BUT it's a temporary thing. Why care so much? BUT how in the h*ll is this worth $7mm??? Come on, that is a ridiculous amount!! The world is literally upside down......

670 days ago

scooter 27    

7 million dollars wow. this country sucks when crap like this happens.. i agree she should be compisated with a unemployment check like the rest of the world.

670 days ago
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