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Former Chef Sues

They Don't Wash Their

Hands At The Palm

11/22/2012 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11/26 -- A rep for The Palm has released a statement to TMZ ... claiming the allegations against the restaurant are "quite simply, untrue."

The rep adds, "At The Palm, we take all health inspections, very seriously.  In addition to random inspections by the Health Board, we employ an independent third party quarterly auditor to assist us with conformity assessment to pre-established regulatory, industry and proprietary brand standards."

"Our West Hollywood location has always maintained the A rating by the Health Department and receives high scores by our independent auditor."

The former Executive Chef at one of the most legendary celebrity restaurants in Hollywood has filed a lawsuit, claiming the eatery is riddled with problems, including allegations of some disgusting bathroom lapses ... but the suit's a little suspicious because the health dept. has consistently given the eatery an A.

Humphrey Lansiquot claims he was fired as Exec Chef from The Palm in West Hollywood, after lodging a slew of complaints, including:

-- employees refusal and failure to wash their hands after using bathroom
-- bacteria filled cooking pots
-- live lobsters killed and pre-cooked ahead of service time and left out for 8 hours
-- constant rodent, cockroach and fly infestations
-- mold, oil and grease seeping through floor holes
-- pre-cooked crab cakes, cheeses, sauces, creamed spinich and prime rib left out at room temp for hours
-- sea foods, beef and chicken mixed on the same counters

And, the most shocking allegation of all -- "customers were unaware that steaks, lobsters, fish, crab cakes, baked potatoes and other food dishes were micro-waved."  He also claims the restaurant would pass off Strip Loin Vein Steaks as other cuts of meat.

Lansiquot claims he constantly complained about the practices to management and was told "to keep his mouth shut."  He says after he was fired, management "began replacing faulty and unsafe equipment and instituted new procedures in an attempt to cover up the issues Plaintiff complained about."

Interestingly, the suit makes no mention of Laqnsiquot ever going to the health dept. to complain.  In L.A. County restaurants are inspected without warning and graded, and the last 4 times (that's as far back as we can check), The Palm has gotten an A.

The restaurant is a fancy chain that has franchises in NYC, Washington D.C. and many other places. It's famous for the caricatures of celebs on the wall.

Fun fact:  After OJ Simpson killed Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman, there was a lot of controversy over whether OJ's caricature should be removed.  After lots of debate, it was replaced by Marcus Allen, the football player who allegedly banged Nicole Brown Simpson.


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Poppy's a little sloppy.

646 days ago

She's baaaack    

No siht?

646 days ago


There are alot of things the health dept. cant always see. Do they follow the employees into the bathroom to ensure hands are being washed? Its not a violation to cook in the microwave either. Ive worked in alot of filthy kitchens that get great marks from the state. Usually the state is only in once a year unless there is complaints.

646 days ago

w h i t e y    

Who's down for the palms for lunch??

646 days ago


Hey Harvey, did you talk to you're lawyers before you posted your little fun fact at the end of the article??? Whether you believe OJ killed Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman or not, claiming he did as you have in your "fun fact" could get you a lawsuit considering he was found "not guilty", just saying

646 days ago


"banged Nicole Brown Simpson"? people at TMZ have so much class. You could have worded that so much better and nicer but no, you had to go the immature route. Is the staff there all in 7th grade?

646 days ago

northern gypsy    

it use to be i loved eating out and not cooking at home...however...i've seen alot of staff smoking in the back of the restaurant and who knows what else (not seen by customers)...this article only confirms my phobia !!!

646 days ago


Nmif you think not washing your hands in the palm is bad? Check out the backsrabbing going on at ***** sports store. Crazy

646 days ago


Disgruntled Chef...I say call in Gordon Ramsey, he'll get their sh!t together

646 days ago


Oh, the horror, the horror.

646 days ago


I'm sure it's true. I heard somewhere that he has pictures of some of the allegations. Anyway, there are plenty of other restaurants to hit up. In-and-Out, McDonalds, Taco Bell...

646 days ago


Tmz ..after oj killed nicole n Ron..Tmz should be sued for that statement that was completely uncalled for..ur fun fact has nothing to do with the story no wonder Tmz always dayz late on news n when they do report **** its never confirmed..

646 days ago


" live lobsters killed "
are they supposed to kill 'dead' lobsters for their meals?

646 days ago

iwin online    

calm down, let's relax with IWIN ONLINE
. You'll feel happy

646 days ago


Anyone who has worked in food service can tell you there are lapses in food safety and hygiene everywhere fortunately there are managers who really are professional and won't stand for it, I would advise you to ask to see the kitchen if they won't let you eat somewhere else.

646 days ago
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