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Halle Berry

I'm Taking NO Chances

11/24/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1124_halle_berry_x17Halle Berry is taking the Thanksgiving fracas that went down at her house VERY seriously -- she's now rolling with a security guard who is packing heat.

Halle was spotted at her West Hollywood home yesterday, accompanied by an armed security guard.

As TMZ previously reported, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Halle's baby daddy, Gabriel Aubrey, following a Thanksgiving Day brawl between him and Halle's fiance, Olivier Martinez. Aubrey is required to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.


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So her Plan C is to shoot Nahla's dad on the next drop off? Hope the kid is fitted with a little bulletproof vest.

605 days ago


WoW, Really??

605 days ago


What a damn drama queen! I hope you and your ugly fiance are sued... The SMART people know damn well it was a set up and you orchestrated it wonderfullyby letting your child watch some of it go down... Any mother in her right mind who is going thru a bitter custody battle keeps the current boyfriend out of it, but you aren't really thinking of your daughter are you? I've lost all respect for you and I'm glad your movie with Tom Hanks bombed because you need to eat some humble pie Miss Berry...

605 days ago


Just using the Cory system and that new man may start beating her stupid behind..

605 days ago


**Yawns** Why is it all the pretty woman have men issues. ex: Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian Stacey Dash Lisa Raye Madonna Jennifer Aniston ects. They can never keep a stable good man

605 days ago



605 days ago


If I was the judge I will remove the child from both parties

605 days ago


What I REALLY want to know is what went down in Halle Berry's relationship with her OWN father that makes her think that fathers are disposable?

605 days ago


The hand off between parents should be just that. There was no reason for her boyfriend to have been anywhere near the situation. Halle is responsible for the problem period!

605 days ago


HB's dolt, BFF, confronts Gabriel, when all he was doing was dropping off his daughter, and HB takes it to this extreme ! OMG, they are better actors than we thought.

If Olver minded his own friggen business, and didnt start mouthng off to GA, this never would have happened.

Halle, and Oliver both, clearly instigated, and provoked this, as Halles last ditch effort to keep GAs dauther away from him.

Does Oliver have any clue at all, that if HB wins this final bid, that she will kick him to the curb, because Oliver is only a pawn for her ?

Besides, aside from seeing HB and OM walking next to eachother, and acting like buddies for red carpet photo ops, these two are obviously not a couple.

Man, I hope GA can right this wrong (in throwin the first punch), and hope that a judge tells HB to keep her little minion away from her afairs with her and GA.

This is none of Olivers business, and he had no place even speaking to Gabriel. None !

605 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Hallie Berry is so F@KED up. She's trying to move this guys kid out of the country! And no less to France because her new boyfriends whole family is there. What the eff this THAT. Why do you think Gabriel is so heated, you would be TOO! She's wack

605 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Gabriel Aubry met Hallie here in the U.S. She has never been a resident or lived in France period. He met her and had a child with her in the U.S. The relationship ended and she is now dating a new man with roots in France, that is so insulting to Gabriel Aubry that this woman would even attempt to legally remove his child from this country, and she's legit trying to in a court of Law. Hallie Berry is a selfish B*

605 days ago



She is showing how mentally ill she is.

Paranoid, paranoid, paranoid.

What lengths she will go for attention, to get what she wants, etc...

Please, get her, is it lithium ???

605 days ago


It seems halle is trying to do everythn in her power to keep gabriel from his daughter. U can't keep a child from his dad no matter how u feel about him..halle thinks her status n money will make her get her way..its not going to happen..

605 days ago


Why should Gabriel have any say so in Where Nahla lives. He doesn't have a job to help support her. So it would be Halle money that fly her back to US to see the deadbeat anyway. He should use all that negative energy to look for work.

605 days ago
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