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'Liz & Dick'

The Ratings Are In ...

It's No 'Steel Magnolias'

11/26/2012 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The ratings are in -- and Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick" did NOT get the viewers it needed to become Lifetime's most watched TV movie of 2012 ... not even close.

According to Lifetime, L&D drew 3.5 million viewers during its premiere last night -- solid, but not the earth-shattering numbers Lifetime was gunning for with all the buzz around the film.

Lifetime's "Steel Magnolias" -- the most-watched TV movie this year -- attracted 6.5 million.

The numbers make "Liz & Dick" the fourth most-watched Lifetime movie this year behind "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" (with 5.8 million viewers) and "Abducted: The Carlina White Story" (with 4.09 million viewers).

Still, Lifetime says L&D was up 40% versus other Lifetime original movies in 2012.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Mumra the Ever Living    

The question shouldn't be "Who watched this Sunday night?". The question should be "Who will watch it again?".
Lifetime didn't spend all this money to show it once. It's going to be on at least a half dozen times before Christmas.
I fear there will be nothing but ratings coal in Lifetimes stocking. What kind of stone moron would watch this a second time?

696 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hey Red Crap,



696 days ago


Just watching the snipets online made me cringe. But I can't believe I am going to say this but it is not all Bitcho's fault. What kind of director allowed this **** to ever air? Lifetime has done some great movies with great actors remember Meredith Baxter as Betty Broderick? Great role great acting. We all know that Bitcho is a train wreck but come on WTF. I would not want my name on this horrible piece of garbage. It seems like the director and everyone else involved are as delusional as Bitcho.Really no sympathy for Lindsay but considering her limitations they should have gotten a better director or a better actress or just not made the movie.

696 days ago


Lifetime knew Lindsay would suck, but they did it for ratings. They may have dressed her up to look like taylor (bearly), but the biggest mistake of all was that they did not fix her raspy Long Island voice. Lindsay is NO Dame Elizabeth Taylor (heaven forbid). There was no chemistry at all between her and poor Grant Bowler, who did look like Richard Burton, but he had a hard actor to work with. Lindsay can't act anymore. She is washed up after this, and the best she can do is a reality series. To say she could identify with Elizabeth is horrible. Elizabeth did not get arrested like Lindsay has nearly every other month. The voice truly killed the whole show. They should have gotten a British actress in there to portray Elizabeth if they truly wanted to do her life justice. Very very sad.

696 days ago



Drew Peterson won out over Liz & Dick???

696 days ago

Suzy Q     

Do I look more like a fat faced Smurf or a blueberry muffin in my Cleo garb?

Will my Cleopatra look be next year's most wanted Halloween costume?

696 days ago


"We'll put you in a wig and you'll say words. No acting. By the way, here's a lozenge." - Liz & Dick producer's pitch to LL

696 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


696 days ago


I would love to see the difference between last night and tonights ratings

696 days ago


I tried to watch but I felt so embarrassed for her. Just couldn't watch. It was a mess and hard to follow or even remember who the movie was about. I hope it all doesn't make her feel worse. I mean how much failure can one person handle?

696 days ago


She was hoping to get an award for her role.

She'll definetly get one.


What a farce.

696 days ago

delusional much LL?    

it could have had huge ratings what would it add up to?
no producer is gonna hire her just to get another horrible performance in hopes people will tune in again to see how bad she is.
just as with 'snl' they could have had her host again the following week and it wouldn't have gotten the same ratings.
these are one-offs and that's it.
lowhan needs to stick to her media personaliy as a hollywood trainwreck she's no actress that's for sure.
older 'harry potter' movies on sunday nights pull in more viewers.
beat out by 'drew peterson' . must be an awful day in delusionville for lowhan.
at least she's given all her victims a reason to smile today. that's karma for ya.

696 days ago


I thought it would garner better ratings than that. Think about all the Liz Taylor fans that watched it! Add in the few Lindsay fans, and then those that wanted to see a trainwreck, and I thought it would at least be the best watched movie of this year. Not in the lifetime of Lifetime...but at least this year.

That's a lot of people to watch Lindsay fail, though. Add in the social media that ripped her to shreds, and I don't see her having much of an acting career in the near future...

Better stick to modeling Lindsay, too bad you ruined your looks!

696 days ago


15% think this crapfest is 'awesome'? RC has been busy since this poll came out I see . . . .

696 days ago


I want the Neilssen ratings for the full two hour movie, not what they got in the first ten minutes before everyone shut the Tube off. This rating on the t.v. garbage is so overrated to try and make the producers, director and rest of the cast look good. Just because you watch a few minutes to see how the train wreck does shouldn't apply to the entire show. Someone let me know when she's nominated for a night time Emmy for her performance, COUGHCOUGH.

696 days ago
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