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Charlie Sheen

Angus Is Acting Cult-ish

... 'Men' is Cursed

11/27/2012 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Charlie Sheen thinks Angus T. Jones is acting like a crazy cult member ... and believes he's melting down as a result of a "Two and a Half Men" curse.

Sheen finally broke his silence on his former co-star's videotaped verbal assault on the sitcom today ... telling, "With Angus's Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed."

Charlie's Hale-Bopp comment is an obvious reference to the Heaven's Gate religious cult ... which committed mass suicide in 1997 because they believed death was the only way to gain access to an alien ship that was following the Hale-Bopp comet.

Can't argue with logic.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Is that the same curse that forced Charlie to give 100 large to a Meth Addict?

606 days ago


pot?? kettle??

606 days ago


I so remember the cult that cut their privates off and thought they had to die to join the comet/ship. I hope someone takes him away from California.

606 days ago

Kevin Ellison    

Charlie Sheen is correct the show is Cursed and it SUCKS since they tried to replace him with a looser like the women sorry man the was on that 70's Show which sucked too!

606 days ago


This 'kid' is having his mind played with by religious idiot! Take his ungrateful azz off the show! He's not cute anymore and he can't act! So sick of his bs

606 days ago


I agree that Angus is being brainwaished. Let's chalk this up to yet another case of a child star tragedy. Where are Angus's parents/family/friends?

606 days ago


Blame the black guy..OW

606 days ago


All is alright in the world when Charlie Sheen becomes the voice of reason.

606 days ago


Anus & Chevy r 2 ungrateful fvckers.

606 days ago


Angus please just go ahead, pass Go, collect $200, and join Scientology cause it's heading that way!

606 days ago


Spoiled brat. Goofy looking, useless, won the lottery by getting on 2.5 men and this is how he thanks them. It's unfortunate he's turned into a religious nut job.

606 days ago


These guys who promote conspiracy theories have carved out a huge growing niche that will keep on growing example look how popular Ron Paul and 9/11 truth are. It's ridicules how many people think satanic jews and freemasons run the movies, tv shows, music business heck even the world. Angus has been brainwashed without even knowing it but no one will be able to tell that to him because he think's he has superior knowledge and is awake or the people telling him he's wrong are against him and sheep. I will say he's right tv does dumb down people and too many people of people care about watching the next american idiol instead of doing something more constructive.

Read more:

606 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I liked the show because Jon Cryer is great on it. I'll miss him. Funny Charlie would mention Heaven's Gate. Paul Ryan reminded me of the leader of Heaven's Gate named Marshall Applewhite. Seriously.

606 days ago


I thought everyone knew 2.5 men was cursed when they had to sink to new lows when they hired kelso!!

606 days ago


The show wasn't cursed when Chuck fell off the wagon a little too hard and held a knife to his then-wife's throat. It still wasn't cursed when he spiraled out of control freebasing cocaine and alienating everyone else on the set.

What's going on with Angus isn't a curse. It's a young person looking for some sense and guidance in his life and unfortunately with no one else seeming to step to the plate he found it in a leader with extremist viewpoints.

It's not a curse but it IS sad.

606 days ago
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