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Gabriel Aubry

DROPS Restraining Order

Against Olivier Martinez

11/30/2012 5:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's pretty remarkable, but a week after nuclear war at Halle Berry's house which left Gabriel Aubry's face a bloody mess, they have figured out a path to peace ... and the clearest evidence is that Gabriel's lawyer just went to court and dropped his restraining order against Olivier Martinez.

It happened just a few minutes ago. Shawn Holley, Gabriel's lawyer, told the judge her client no longer needed to keep Olivier away from him.

As TMZ first reported ... the parties struck an agreement Thursday to end their mega-dispute, which revolves around 4-year-old Nahla.

The remaining issue ... Olivier made a citizen's arrest after the fight and the case is going to the L.A. City Attorney for review.  We're told it's "highly unlikely" Gabriel will be prosecuted.

If Halle can do it, maybe there's hope for Middle East peace.


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This is just sad,I am sure only did this because they were going to take his daughter away from him. I have lost all respect for Halle

671 days ago


Its just a small truce while people continue to blast off on Halle. Her PR team most likely adviced her to drop it, and play nice. Or she'll be a nobody before x-mas rolls around. Companies won't want to associate themselves with someone like her. If she continues to act like this. There are pictures of her dropping off her girl. She's all smiles. She normally has a pernament frown on her face when in front of the paps.

In a couple of months Halle will start up again wth her BS. These "inside sources" aka: halle's staff will start to bad mouth him again. They've already pulled the racial names assult charge on him. Then (or was it before) he was a threat to Nahla. Now the managed to get him arrested. I guess his beating was a consolation for being denied a move to France. Then she tried (and was successful?!?!) at getting him bared from seeing his daughter over a fight between two grown men. It wasn't exactly about Nahla. Its was a fight between two men who hate each other. This woman will continue to throw acusation at him until one sticks.

671 days ago


Send Halle to jail and these two guys would be best friends.

671 days ago


"(...) maybe there's hope for Middle East peace."

The Israeli so-called government is too extremist and childish for that hope.

671 days ago


TMZ is BANNING my IP address so I can't comment. All I did was stick up for Gabriel Aubry. Anyone else being banned?

671 days ago


Gabriel is unfortunately proof of the saying "if you lie down with dogs you get fleas." He seems like a nice and good person, but being involved with Halle caused a smear campaign from her team. It is amazing how the wrong choice in companions can bring you down to their level. I certainly hope he gets out of this mess. I think at the core, Halle is angry that he didn't propose and jealous that he looks better than Olive.

As for the restraining order, the custody arrangements bar Olivier from being present. But I hope that Olivier doesn't take advantage of Gabe's kindness and beat him up in the street. He's a small, ring-wearing punk who sucker punched a model. What s***! Halle has allegedly dated abusive men, and she is making a huge mistake with Olivier.

As for people saying Halle had nothing to do with Olive, she spent her own 3 million defending him.

671 days ago


I reckon Halle and Olivier have had to pay Gabriel a huge amount of money to make this go away.

Halle and Olivier suck big time....

671 days ago


Now, Now, Now!!! These adults have worked out their differences to "THEIR" satisfaction!!! Quite frankly, it's about time because now "all parties" can "MOVE ON" and put the "legal dramas" aside. Everyone should just wish them the best and be done with it. PEACE!!!

671 days ago


HB & OM should thank their lucky stars that GA really really loves his daughter and keep it on a down low. If GA had a girlfriend and she bit the **** out of Halle Berry she will be all over all the talk shows and media crying the victim and begin her character assassination. We only got to hear the side of GA when legal do***ents were filed in court with his explanation. Boo HB, you are so dunzo.

671 days ago


I think Halle is a true Diva piece of work, she cannot hold on to a man, and she must be the biggest pain in the arse...Rid her of men for a couple of years and just maybe she might learn to respect them instead of having them treat her like the Queen of Sheba...She needs a reality check...!!!!

671 days ago


I sure hope that Gabriel got one huge settlement after the beating that he was subjected to! I will never buy into the crap the LAPD came up with- 'Mutual Combat' my ass! That investigator should have his ass handed to him next! Team GA!

671 days ago


If Halle had any sense she would put her daughter first and drop that creep, how can she be with someone that beats up her daughters father ugh

671 days ago


I hope Gabriel Aubry didn't agree to let his daughter go to France...not even for a don't know the laws over there, he might not be able to get her back if they decide to pull a fast one and stay there. I think actress Kelly Rutherford's ex husband took their kids over there and she can't get them she has to fly there if she wants to see them...SHAME. I wondering this because Halle Berry just put her house up for sale.....hmmm

671 days ago



671 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

WHAT are the DEETS of the DEAL?!!!

(C'mon Harvey, Shawn is a friend of yours. What'd they agree to?)

671 days ago
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