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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Hiring

a Private Investigator!

12/2/2012 3:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1023_lindsay_lohanLindsay Lohan is not just going to sit around and wait for Tiffany Mitchell to sue her ... so she's hired a private investigator to dig in to the life of the woman who accused LiLo of assault ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported, Mitchell has hired the omnipotent Gloria Allred to represent her following an alleged altercation with Lindsay in a New York nightclub.

But sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ the "Liz & Dick" star feels Mitchell just made up the story about Lindsay punching her to score a quick payday.

We're told Lindsay feels Mitchell is just another in a long line of people who see Lindsay as an opportunity to make a buck off her ... and the fact that Mitchell hired Allred of all people just proves that.

According to our sources, Lindsay has hired a P.I. to look into Mitchell and see if she has any criminal past or if she's done anything like this before. We're told Lindsay wants to dig up as much info on Mitchell as she can so she's ready should Mitchell pursue the case in civil court.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is telling friends she did not hit Mitchell and only confronted her because she thought Mitchell and her friends swiped her purse.


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Stephanie Pelley ‏@StephaniePelley search for her career? RT @TMZ Lindsay Lohan -- I'm Hiring a Private Investigator

688 days ago


So damn funny Mitchell doesn't have to hire a private dick for LoLo,!!!!! Her dirt is all public record. Doesn't matter what Mitchell did in the past, LILO laid her hands on someone, their must have been some type of physical evidence otherwise I don't think they would have arrested her.

688 days ago


Lindsay didn't punch anyone, this woman is a gypsy scammer just like her husband.

TMZ can you post about someone else for a change? even I'm bored with all this BS from sources.GO LINDSAY

688 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

you are so full of chit, you li'l skidmark.

688 days ago


The woman could have a bad reputation in Florida.
So what of it?
Once punched by Lindsay in that nightclub at 4 AM, that's an assault.

688 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

I'd rather see bitch hire a private investigator to delve into the life and dealings of Gloria Undead.

688 days ago


So Lindsay is claiming - once again - that someone is making up stories against her so that they can get money out of her.
Lindsay - why do these things ONLY happen to you? Why is it always YOU who is being arrested for assault, theft, reckless driving and so on? You don't hear about other young actresses who constantly have these accusations levelled at them, do you? Do you honestly think that everyone is out to get you?

688 days ago


LMAO - Blohan is SOOO delusional! She really can't distinguish reality from lies anymore. She won't be here much longer as bad as she is. She'll drink herself to death soon.

688 days ago


Hiring a PI? With what, good looks or buttons?

688 days ago


Oh please, she tried to pull the same crap on James Johnson the fruck driver she slammed into him. When she tried to blame him for the acccident. That backfired on her big time and got 3 charges filed for it.

What is this going to get her another defimation lawsuite. She's a mean nasty drunk.

688 days ago


Morons, Lindsay was arrested because of the accusation! thats what they do in NY. They did the same thing when the cook scammer said Lindsay hit him with her car. The video said otherwise, no charges.

688 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

So, she can smear her victim. But, hey, is turnabout not fair play? If Linds tries to air Tiffany's laundry, Tiff ought to hire a PI and air Lindsay's less public laundry, and you know it's worse than we even imagine...

688 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Do private investigators work for blow jobs, low quality Meth, and Vodka?
How is she going to help the PI from her holding cell in California?
Doesn't it bother Lohan to look at the front of the long line of people trying to get money off of her and see her mother and father right at the front?
Is she also going to "pay" the PI to find proof that Gavin was driving?
Will he take an expensive watch for payment?
Do the copy writers burst out into gales of laughter when the write the word "star" after the words "Liz and Dick"?
How many knobs will she polish tonight in her quest for a flop for the night?
Well that's REALLY it this time. Off to challenge lady luck and a shoe full of cards.

688 days ago


Lindsay would be smart to carry a steno pad in that damn purse of hers and do***ent everything she says, like a journal, so she can keep her lies straight.

688 days ago


Lock up! ---- akon

688 days ago
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