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Lindsay Lohan

I'm No 'Gypsy' Puncher

12/2/2012 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130_lindsay_tiffany_splashLindsay Lohan is adamant ... she did NOT punch that fortune teller at a NYC nightclub this week -- but she did call her the g-word ... because the fortune teller's buddies tried to steal Lindsay's purse.

Lindsay's telling friends ... Tiffany Mitchell approached her inside the club Avenue early Thursday morning to do a reading, but Lindsay turned her down -- then noticed Tiffany's friends crowding around her purse at a nearby table.

When Lindsay returned to her table, the people in Lindsay's group informed her that Tiffany's friends had swiped the purse -- a super expensive black leather Celine -- so Lindsay angrily confronted the fortune teller.

Lindsay has admitted calling Tiffany a "gypsy" but says she did not know the word is considered a slur.

As for hitting Tiffany -- Lindsay's totally denying that ... and feels she's the victim of yet another setup.


No Avatar


No one stole anything.Linds is having a case of tweeker paranoia,thats all.

661 days ago


i am sure the staff told the truth thats why Lielo was arrested

661 days ago


Lets see you are out with friends, someone tries to steal your purse, I am assuming your friends did not allow this to happen. OK so then instead off finding security you tell the bitch and instead of the bitch reporting the incident to security, the bitch starts a fight. Sure Lindsay it makes perfect sense-you are a victim of a set up yet again.What I have found is that when I am home in bed at 4 am I never have anyone trying to steal anything from me-what am I doing wrong?

661 days ago


I was thinking the same thing..she is off the chain hot

661 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

Yes Lindsay, it is all a massive conspiracy.
Never mind the fact that the incident occurred at a club with many eyewitnesses and probably a security tape.
She really must think that people are stupid if they actually believe her. Those people defending her actions.....Lindsay laughs at you.

661 days ago


Ok, so Lindsay's crew sat around and watched the gypsy's friends steal her bag and waited until Lindsay returned to tell her? Lmaoo. I mean damn, her own crew doesn't even like her, lmao. So she then confronted the gypsy but what happened to the Purse? She didn't call security? It's a club, where can they hide the purse? We know Lindsay carries big purses for her "water" bottle and drugs. You know what, lets pretend this story is true, she has lied so much that no one will ever believe a word she says. That's sad. And most thieves doesn't like to be stole from. A taste of her own medicine? Lol.

661 days ago


There was only one person arrested for this incident, and that is all we know is the truth. I think you have your answer there...

The police don't arrest people willy-nilly. They had to have a good reason to arrest her.

661 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Why would Lindsay s "friends" just sit there and watch her purse get stolen?

Why would Lindsay s "friends" wait until she returned to their table to tell her her purse was just stolen?

What kind of "friends" just sit there and watch your purse being stolen?

661 days ago


when gloria alred gets involved it usually is a rip off case...I feel sorry for Lindsey but she needs to stay out of clubs and go to an AA room instead...she needs to work on her sobriety and become credible again..

661 days ago


Dear Lilo,

If you want to stop being a "victim" of these so called "set ups," then STOP GOING OUT IN PUBLIC. There are many real stars who live their lives in relative obscurity by not living in NYC or LA. Find a small place in Arkansas or Indiana or some place where no one really goes and keep your head down, you dumb dolt.

661 days ago


Ummmm... IF someone took her purse while she was away from the table, you're telling me said people didn't LEAVE the club with the purse. They stayed there with the purse and continued to party? Yep, that makes sense. When Lindsay steals things, she leaves immediately with stolen goods. That's why she's pictured with said stolen goods...

661 days ago


Poor Gavin went and bailed her out..and she booted him from the car...
she is universally hated

661 days ago


The world was ready to support her, crimes and all to beat her demons and make a "comeback". You don't get that to many times in life. Sad.

661 days ago


Send her ass to jail already - And I don't mean a celebrity hotel either where she'll be out in 12 hours.

661 days ago


My conclusion: NOBODY could remember what happened since everyone at the bar (it WAS 4am) was WASTED, so Linds' attorney had to make something up. Quickly. Why not throw in a fake robbery story? Everything else was fabricated, so why not add this in the mix? Wow. Hollywood really is fairy tale land if anyone falls for this! 👍

661 days ago
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