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Lindsay Lohan

I'm No 'Gypsy' Puncher

12/2/2012 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130_lindsay_tiffany_splashLindsay Lohan is adamant ... she did NOT punch that fortune teller at a NYC nightclub this week -- but she did call her the g-word ... because the fortune teller's buddies tried to steal Lindsay's purse.

Lindsay's telling friends ... Tiffany Mitchell approached her inside the club Avenue early Thursday morning to do a reading, but Lindsay turned her down -- then noticed Tiffany's friends crowding around her purse at a nearby table.

When Lindsay returned to her table, the people in Lindsay's group informed her that Tiffany's friends had swiped the purse -- a super expensive black leather Celine -- so Lindsay angrily confronted the fortune teller.

Lindsay has admitted calling Tiffany a "gypsy" but says she did not know the word is considered a slur.

As for hitting Tiffany -- Lindsay's totally denying that ... and feels she's the victim of yet another setup.


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Wow you clowns have never been to a club and u clowns have never had ur things took u stay at home moms and dads need to stfu cuz commenting like this is for young people that go out sorry old fogies

659 days ago


like not working again so to everyone a big old LIKE, Andyconda you are becoming my favorite, Majestik better watch out.

659 days ago


Smells like a setup...The word Gypsy is not a slur you morons...there is no word in the English language that some idiot might find offensive...shove your political correctness...the only thing she should feel regret is that she didn't break her your fortune telling for yourself and maybe next time you won't be sucker punched...

659 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Hi Rogue

659 days ago


Lindsay's super expensive purse? I thought she was depresssed by her lack of funds? If it was a purse from Target would she still get into a fight? Why didn't Lindsay just stay positive as though a Hurricane "Sally" was coming? So many unanswered questions. It must be hell to be Lindsay Lohan.Since she is such a victim maybe she will be able to get acting jobs through Affirmative Action.Al Sharpton were are you? Lindsay needs you.

659 days ago


was this Bar called "bubble" like the one she lives in..or "Home bodies"???

659 days ago


No one swiped her purse. I love the way Lindsay takes some time and then comes up with the best story she can.

659 days ago


30 years from now there may be a Lifetime movie where a strung out, talentless loser plays HER--"Linds gets Dicked" (by her own choices).

659 days ago


And if I see people crowding around my purse? It's screw the talking and dancing, I'd be doing hurdles to my table? Again, why didn't she call security and they'd have their bags searched, if it was a small purse. But we all know it's a big purse, you can't hide that. And if less fancy clubs have coats and bags check storage, I'm sure this club does. She couldn't do that? Then again, she is paranoid, and have a lot to hide in that bag, lol.

659 days ago


It's been asked many, many times, but never answered by the Lohan cow's supporters, why is that she and only she, is the victim of these kinds of supposed set up?. Presumably other celebs, richer ones than her, go out at night sometimes but never is anyone targeting Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore, etc. Not even Kristen Stewart--who a lot of people don't like--ever encounters anything at all like this when she goes out. Of course one reason is that none of these young women are out night after night after endless night getting themselves into highly intoxicated conditions. But even if you consider Rhianna--perhaps the one famous young female celeb who parties and gets sloppy drunk in public on anything like the epic scale the Lohan cow does--these things never happen to her. Why is that? She's a much bigger star and has way, way more money. Everyone of these women I've mentioned is prettier than the cow (at least in the state she's gotten herself these days) and has a better career so why is no one "jealous" of them but half the world is supposed to be jealous of the Lohan cow? They all have more money so why is no one trying to provoke them into fights or flat out making up stories about them for their "fifteen minutes." Honestly, can any of her supporters explain this phenomenon to me in any way that does not lead to the conclusion that it happens to the cow becasue she's a violent, messy, irresponsible, thieving drunk?

659 days ago


Damn my computer is still acting up and posted this as a reply under another thing I wrote. If this keeps up I'll just be a spectator.

The fortune teller was about to tell Lindsay that rehab won't work so don't even try that ruse. That the cops are out to get her if Lindsay slaps her upside the head. But Lindsay being Lindsay pulled a Lindsay. She was almost warned.

659 days ago


Of course she is a victim.
Who couldn't believe that?

659 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Love the Lohan Inc is insuating that Michael Lohan is somehow connected to Tiffany.

This is the equivalent to most people having a conversation with themselves........"you did it"....."no I didn't it was you" lol

659 days ago


Good One TMZ ......but be careful......Don't give Gloria a excuse to add you all to her growing list against Lindsay ...Have your ducks in a roll or hard eviddence to back your ass up.....
Because this little story just added another count of slander and defamation and the one by Lindsay Dee Lohan.......
Her PR people must have quit because other wise they would have muzzled her...this is straight Lohan Inc move......

I see the Lohan hired trolls are still here..." I don't usually post" or "I'm not usually " gives you a clue......LOL

and using the word Gypsy didn't get that girl hot I believe it was the "fu*cking part that pissed her off....and infro to Lindsay see was lucky ...all that gril did was reply with a insult ......I on the other hand .......LOL.....

Lastly .....the famed " 10,000 dollars" she always has in her purse ......Lohan's can't think in numbers smaller the 10,000 its always 10,000 or 1,000,000 or some fantasticaly high number that that supposed to impress you on how valued they are.......if she had 10 in that purse she was lucky....
So keep talking Lindsay .....Gloria is keeping account of every lie out of your mouth.....
By the way, ..."I don't usually" LOL like Gloria Aldred but this time I say......GO for it. Old Girl ..stick it to them good.....
By the way TMZ please get the victim's picture right....She his the small girl not the Big one....YOU HAVE THE WRONG ONE STUPID !

659 days ago


Lindsay and Lance: a couple of liars.

659 days ago
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