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Katt Williams Slap Victim


Over the Incident

12/4/2012 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


11:22 AM PT -- A Target spokesperson confirms Forrest has been fired from the store ... but explains, "His departure was unrelated to the video footage that has appeared online."

The rep adds, "Out of respect for the privacy of this individual, we cannot discuss the reasons for his departure."

The Target employee who was PIMP SLAPPED in the face by Katt Williams says he's been FIRED from his job ...even though HE was the one who was attacked.

TMZ broke the story ... Forrest Liebenberg was having a calm conversation with the comic in the Northern California store when Katt slapped him in the face for no apparent reason.  Liebenberg didn't strike back ... instead he pulled out his phone and called for help.

After the incident, Forrest told CBS13 he'd been terminated from his job with no explanation -- saying, “They weren’t very clear, but it is obvious to me that it was based on this incident.”

He added, "Maybe I was a little uninformed about how seriously the situation was with Target, but obviously it is pretty serious."

Forrest says he doesn't know if Target believes he's the person who leaked the security footage to TMZ. He also claims he is NOT the leaker.

We reached out to Target for comment -- so far, radio silence.



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Well, instead of relying on TMZ's "journalism", I did a little research and found on an article posted by CBS13 that this kid that got slapped did indeed work in the Security Department and the argument with Katt Williams was over Liebenberg's personal motor cycle helmet that he was trying to sell to Williams while he was on the clock and on Target property. Williams still had no cause to slap him, but Target certainly should have fired him. What retail store would not fire an employee trying to see his personal property to customers while on the clock and inside the store?

499 days ago


Will never shop at Target again. I hope Kat Williams dies in the most painful way possible.

499 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

I solemnly swear to not shop at target till this young man has an apology and his job with back pay back please join this pledge

499 days ago

two cents    

He's lying. There is NO way target would fire him and not tell him WHY he was fired!!! He has to sign papers and it has to be do***ented. Target can't fire anyone that's worked more than 90 days. Unless he's a new hire, he knows why he was termed. Now, he just needs to find some sleezy attorney and sue the hell out of them. I work retail. I HATE retail!!! LOL

499 days ago


Ah, I see, so now you get fired for NOT striking back!?!? Even if it was for "other things", as they say, Target should have had some idea of what BAD TIMING this would prove to be. But back to Kat, that little, ****y, son of a bitch deserved to be pummeled to a pulp!! So word to retail workers, if he picks on you in the future, KICK HIS ASS! You'll be fired either way . . .

499 days ago


Cross target off my list of places to shop.

499 days ago


I am tired of KATT WILLIAMS. I would have put the ankle bitter in a choke hold.

499 days ago


I was a fan of Katt Williams, but **** him. **** you too Target you piece of ****.

499 days ago


My guess is that he got fired b/c he chose to keep arguing with Little Boy Kat. He has no customers in his line, so he may have been there standing arguing with Kat, instead of walking away

499 days ago


Guess Target wanted to lose money over the holidays. I see a boycott comin' on.

499 days ago


I will not be doing any shopping at Target. I hope he gets an attorney and sues them. Target, get your checkbook ready.

499 days ago



499 days ago


That is par for the course for Target... They have a policy that states if you're involved in an altercation, all those who are involved are dismissed. It's their way of preventing harassment and future workplace violence. I worked for Target in 2008 as a service leader and I sat in on a disciplinary meeting as the female witness (the manager doing the meeting was disciplining a boyfriend/girlfriend workers who would sneak off from their departments to socialize and as a result they needed a woman there to witness the meeting... I was the only female supervisor there to sit in as it was a Sunday afternoon). The guy being disciplined freaked out when he was handed his write up and started screaming... He took a swing at the manager, who booked it to the door behind me and the guy knocked me down trying to get at the manager. When he got to the door he screamed down the front end, then looked at me and yelled something before kicking me on the way out the door. The girlfriend, who was mortified, left. The next day, I was brought in for a meeting and fired for contributing to or creating a disturbance that caused violence. I was told I was a legal liability and a customer could have been hurt. The manager was fired a few days later for the same reason... Their workplace violence policy SUCKS.

499 days ago


That is seriously messed up ! Target obviously is using some lame smoke screen for his wrongful termination !!! I hope he does sue the corp giant and or sue that looser Katt for getting him fired - lost wages - etc - poor kid !!

499 days ago


If you try to get a job at the target warehouse, they ask if you are over 40. Thought it was against the law, but they do. Application over. Target sucks.

499 days ago
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